St. Louis directory :
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Great National Air-Line Route
Between St. Louis, To All
Eastern and Northern Cities,
St. Louis And Terre Haute

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☞The above offers superior inducements to the traveling public, being
The Shortest And Quickest Route Between The Atlantic And The Mississippi River!

Besides making all changes of cars at connecting points in Union Depots, thus avoiding long and tedious omnibus
rides at intermediate points

Three fast Express Trains Daily!

Omnibusses call for Passengers and Baggage Free Of Charge, at the Hotels Steamboats, Railrrod Depots and pri-
vate residencofl, and leave thu office, No. 32 Fourth Street, under the Planters' House, in connexion with each of
the above Trains.

Omnibuses Also Await The Arrival Of Each Train At E. St. Louis Depot,

Passengers On This Cheat Eastern Route Go
Through to Indianapolis without Change of Cars!

Passengers For The North Or East. Via The Northern Oil Canada Route,
Run Through To Chicago Without Chance Of Cars.

Close and Certain Connections made to and from

Louisville, Cincinnati, Lexington, Columbus. Crestline, Cleveland,
Pittsburh, Wheel!No, Butfalo, Niagara Fall?, Albany, New York,
Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore. Washington City, Chicago, Milwaukee,
Detroit. Toronto, Ruck Island, Galena. Dunleith. St. Paul,
And All The Principal Cities In The Union!

☞To add to the. comfort of Passengers,
The Celebrated State Room Und Sleeping Curs

Have been placed upion tins Route, enabling Passengers to enjoy a comfortable night's sleep whilst rapidly pursuing
the journey.

☞New York passengers have clioiee of five good Railroad Routes, viz., New York Central, New York and Erie
Pennsylvania Central, Baltimore. and Ohio, or the Chicago and Great Western Railway of Canada.

☞Baggage checked through and handled carefully fire of charge.

Fare Always As Low As By Any Othee Route!

Through Tickets can he procured at the Company's Office. No. 32 Fourth Street, curlier Planters' House,
where all information respecting the different routes will be cheerfully furnished.

James A.Raynor, , Vice President & Superintendent.

B. F.Fifield, , General Passenger Agent.

F. M.Colburn, , Ticket Agent.