St. Louis directory :
Tau 461 Tay
Correction: TAM-TAY
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Tarom, Jacob, (Taram & Meyer,) and prest. U.S.
Sav.lust., r.residence Chouteau c.corner> Tayon av
Tamm, Theodore, clk. , bds.nw.northwest c.corner> Chouteau av.avenue and
Tnvon av
Tavmm & Meyer. (Jacob, Tamra and Henry, Meyer.)
wondenware manfr? .. ns. Chouteau av.avenue nr. 22nd;
office 39 n.north Mam. (See advt.)
Tamma, George, bookkeeper , r.residence 343s.south 3d
Tammalman, Barnard, teamster , r.residence ns. Millerb. Jack-
sou and Columbus
Tammany, Hall. (George, Deagle,) 82 Pine
Tarns, John.salesman , charles, F.Baker, bds. 5th c.corner>
Washington avavenue>
Tan, Carlos, lab.laborer , c.corner> Jackson and Barry
Tandy, David C., physician , ne.c.corner> Olive aud 10th
Taner, Charlie, woodsawyer , r.residence ws. Columbus b.between Mil-
ler and Park avavenue>
Tangemann, Gerhard, drayman , al.alley bet.between 9th and 10th
nr., Biddle
Tanger, Joseph, lab.laborer , 209n. 13th
Tankenk, Antoine.lab.laborer , bds. Marquette bet.between Buena
Vista and 2ud Carondelet avavenue>
Tnliner, Anton, blacksmith. 337s.south 7th
Tanner, Henry, (Tanner, Halpin & Co.) bds.
American House
Tanner, James, steamboat captain , r.residence 94 n.north llth
Tanner, Joseph.salesman , Reed & Co.. Pine c.corner> 5th
Tanner. Halpin & Co. (Henry, Tanner, Thomas,
M.Halpin and Sylvester, keelv.) general western
directory publishers, advertising and collecting
aaents. compilers of Kennedys St. Louis General
and Business Directory. Chesnut nw.northwest c.corner> 3d
Tannes, Henrv, lab.. Webster b.between 9th and 10th
Taurath, Benjaminupholsterer , r.residence 51 spruce
Tanter, James, (cold,) boatman , r.residence Chesnut cor.
Ewing avavenue>
Taxton, Thomas, apothecary and druggist , sw.
c. 6th and Olive: bds.boards 48 n.north 7th
Tape, Elizabeth, wid.widow Henry, , tailor side Rosatti
nr. Emmet
Tape, Leonard, lab.laborer , ss. Short nr. Wood
Tapel, Frederick, shoemaker , r.residence ws. Broadway bet.between
Madison and Jellerson
Taphorn, Aiwusi, dairyman , ss. Chouteau av.avenue b.between 21st
and 22nd
Tappe-., lab.. O'Fallon nw.northwest c.corner> 9th
Tappen, Samuel M., produuedealer. bds. 351 Broad'y
Tarbox, Jerome, diesinker , bds. 144 n.north 3d
Tardrew, Thomas.local reporter St. Louis Daily aud
Weekly Express, rooms same
Targee, Sarah A., wid.widow Thomas, B.r.residence 22
Tarieton, James u.steamboat agt.. bds. 82 Pine
Tailton, James, painter , es. 15th b.between Pine and Chesnut; side Clark av.avenue b.between 21st and 22nd
Tarlton, Mariruret.wid.widow Patrick., 18th b.between O'Fallon and
Cass avavenue>
Tame!, Bamhard, cooper , rear 221 n.north 13th
Tarpy, John, iab.. ws. Buel b.between Sidney and Lynch
Tarr, William, tailor. 50 Almond
Taschcr, Georgre, brewer , r.residence es. 2nd Carondelet av.avenue nr.
Lafayette avavenue>
Tasker, Andiew.bookkeeper. Mckay & Hood , bds.
American House
Tasker, William H.gaslittcr. 59 Olive and 107 n.north 3d:
r 45 n.north 8th
Tate, Robert, steamboat engineer , r.residence al.alley
Tatum, John A., east e.east Clark av.avenue and Pratte avavenue>
Tatum, Sophia.wid.widow David, , r.residence sc.c.corner> Clark av.avenue and
Pratte avavenue>
Tatum &. Co. , (William, Ii.Anderson and John, E.
Collins.) emu.mers.. 160 n.north 2nd
Tauer, John G.. sawyer. 197 Carr
Tausch, Nicholas, 429 Carondelet avavenue>
Tausend, Charles, cardnver. 201s.south 5th
TaussigCharles, Sr., (Bush Taussig & Co.) r.residence s. 8th bet.between
Barry and Marion
Taussig, Charles.(Abeles, Taussig & Co.) r.residence 4 Caron-
delet avavenue>
Taussig, James, lawyer . 2 P.O.bldg.building ; r.residence ws.west side
Decatur b.between Marion and Carroll
Taussig, Johu L., bookkeeper , Abeles, Taussig & Co. ,
r.7th b.between Park av.avenue and Barry
Taussig, Marcus A., grocer , ne.c.corner> Lafayette and Buel
Taussig, Morris, (Abeles, Taussig & Co.) r.residence 14 Caron-
delet avavenue>
Taussig, Seligman, clk. , Abeles, Taussig & Co. , 392
s. 7th
Tavis, Henry, lab.laborer , ws. llth nr. Angelrodt
Taylian, Thomas, lab.laborer , 18th b.between Davis and Cass avavenue>
Taylor, Adam, (col'd,) teamster , r.residence Poplar c.corner> 16th
Taylor, Alexander, machinist , bds. 11 Collins
Taylor, Alexander, metermaker , r.residence ss. Clark av.avenue bet.between
Adolph and Mercer
Taylor, Alexander, (Oliver & Taylor,) bds. Wash b.between
15th aud 16th
Taylor, Archibald, painter , 227 n.north 12th
Taylor, Caroline, (col'd,) wid.widow Randolph, , al.alley nr. 4th
b. Walnut aud Market
Taylor, Catharine, wid.widow Jeremiah, , Franklin av.avenue o. 17th
Taylor, Dauiel G., (D.G. Taylor & Co.) 31 n- 8th
Taylor, Edmond, lab.laborer , bds.nw.northwest c.corner> 21th and Morgan
Taylor, Edward, lab.laborer , 140 n.north 10th
Taylor, Edward M., clk. , (Martin & Co.) bds. 5th c.corner>
Franklin avavenue>
Taylor, Egbert C, steamboatjoiner , 51 w.west Mound
Taylor, Ernst, lab.laborer , ss. Clarke av.avenue b.between Adolphe and
Taylor, Francis, engineer , ss, Benton b.between 12th and 13th
Taylor, Frederick, shoemaker , rear 88 n.north 3d
Taylor, George R., lawyer , 38s.south 5th
Taylor, H. W., foreman , (Meyer & Braun,) res. 21 n.north
Taylor, Henry, moulder , bds. Matteson Hotel
Taylor, Henry T.. (Henry T. Taylor & Co.) bds.
Barnum's Hotel
Taylor, Henry W., (Taylor & Gordon,) 6s.south 6th
Taylor, Jacob, teamster , rear ns.north side Cedar b.between 2nd and 3d
Taylor, Jacob N., 180 Market
Taylor, James, carpenter , al.alley b.between Wash and Franklin
av.avenue near 15th
Taylor, James, saddler , Wash b.between 24th and 25th
Tavlor, James G., carman , r.residence rear 7 w.west Brooklin
Taylor, James J., bricklayer , rear 145 n.north 17th
Taylor, James W., boarding, 47 n.north 12th
Taylor, Jane, wid.widow George, , ss. Lafayette av.avenue opposite
Lafayette park
Taylor, John, paperhanger , bds. 13 n.north 4th
Taylor, John, pumpmaker , ws. 10th b.between Mason and
Taylor, John, waiter , 234 n.north 7th
Taylor, John B., carpenter , 24th b.between Franklin av.avenue and
Taylor, John D., (Presbury & Co.) 531 Olive
Taylor, John D., sec. Union Insurance Co. , bds. Bar-
naul's Hotel
Taylor, John J., bricklayer , bds.boards 147 n.north 17th
Taylor, John M., (Simonds & Taylor,) res.7th bet.between
Gratiot and Chouteau avavenue>
Taylor, John R., newsvendcr in Planter;;' Hcuse, bds.boards
487 Broadway
Taylor, Joseph, gasfitter , ss. Clark av.avenue bet.between Adolph
and Mercer
Taylor, Joseph L., clk. , Clark av.avenue bet.between Adolph
and Mercer
Taylor, Levi. K., (Ober, Norris &, Co.) 129 12th
Taylor, Margaret, wid.widow Archibald, , 153 n.north 8th
Taylor, Mary, wid.widow Isaac, , 224 Pine
Taylor, Mary, wid.widow John, , Adolph c.corner> Clark avavenue>
Taylor, Matilda, wid.widow Nathaniel., 261 Pine
Taylor, Philip C., (Von Phul & Taylor,) ns. Wash-
ington av.avenue c 15th
Taylor, Rebecca, teacher , Gamble public school, bds.boards
c, llth and Locust
Taylor, Robert, baker , bds. 6th nr. Cerre
Taylor, Robert, papercarrier , 145 n.north 17th
Taylor, Robert p., musician , 85 n.north 11th
Taylor, Robert S., porkhouse , ne.cor. O'Fallon
and 2nd; bds.boards Missouri Hotel
Taylor, Samuel, bricklayer , Biddle e.east 22nd
Taylor, Silas C, (Thomas, Taylor & Co.) side 7th
nr. Mound Market