St. Louis directory :
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Thompson, James J., (If. Ripley A Co.) bda. 15th c.corner>
Thompson, James L., city weigher , 57s.south Main; r.residence
12th bet.between Austin and Randolph
Thompson, James W., (col'd,) steward , 8th near
Thompson, Jane, wid.widow , Roamstress , 119 St. Charles
Thompson, John, bricklayer , al.alley bet.between Carondelet av.avenue
and Tth nr. Barry
Thompson, John, malthouse , 10s.south 12th; r.residence 77
es. llth
Thompson, John, shoemaker , bds. 484 n.north Main
Thompson, John, shoemaker , bet, fith and 6th
nr. Gratiot
Thompson, John B,, att'y-at-Iaw , 59i Chesnut; r.residence
139 Olive
Thompson, John C.clerk , C I n.north Market
Thompson, Joseph, carpenter , r.residence 312 n.north Oth
Thompson, Joseph B., bookkeeper , P. J.Thompson, ,
r.1s.south 7th
Thompson, Lan=ey. (col d,) drayman , ss. Pratte av.avenue
nr. Gamble avavenue>
Thompson, Macklot, (Berthold, Smith & Co.) r.residence 140
Thompson, Martha, wid.widow William, H., 102 n.north 10th
Thompson, Moses, clerk , I). G. Taylor & Co. , 29 Gay
Thompson, Phincas J., trimmingstore , 80 Market; r.residence
4s.south 7th
Thompson, Samuel B., producedealer , 349 Broadway
Thompson, Sumcie ! M., 29 n.north Main, (up-stairs)
Thompson, Thomas, blacksmith , bds. 351 Carondelet
Thompson, Thomas, lab, . bds. 104 n.north Levee
Thompson, William, bricklayer , bds. 2G8 Franklin avavenue>
Thompson, William, carpenter , Mound nw.northwest c.corner> 9th
Thompson, William, baker , 191 Franklin avavenue>
Thompson, William, plumber , Locust; bds.boards 220 Locust.
Thompson, William, producedealer , bds. Randall
Thompson, William A., printer , r.residence 10 n.north 9th
Thompson, William A., clerk , J.P. Callahan & Co. ,
ws. Sth bet.between Olive and Locust
Thompson, William, A., fireman , r.residence rear es.east side 10th nr.
Thompson, William O., moulder , al.alley nr. Biddle bet.between
10thand llth
Thompson, William E., clerk , Finney & Bro., ss.
Washington av.avenue bet.between 15th and lGth
Thompson, William H., (Allen & Thompson,) r.residence Lo-
cust bet.between 9th and 10th
Thompson, William H., carpenter . Mound nw.northwest c- Oth
Thompson, William H., clerk , H.Blaksley, , 151 n.north 12th
Thompson, William W., carpenter , r.residence 133 Gay
Thompson F.M. & Co. , (Francis M.Thompson,
and —, ,) bankers , 251 Broadway
Thompson H.M. ScCo. , (Hugh M.Thompson, and
Henry A.Keep, .) pigiron, coal coke fiictngs,
paper and rags , 31 Commercial. (See advt.)
Thompson James L. & Co. , (WilliamDoyle, and
Joseph H.Case, ,) city weighers , 57s.south Main; r.residence
12th bet Austin and Randolph
Thomas, Albert, r.residence 43s.south Main
Thomson, Almon, notebroker , 9s.south Sth
Thomson, Jesse L., bookkeeper , Ashdown, Rippey &
Co. , r.residence 98 n.north 9th
Thomson, John S., (Thomson & White,) r.residence 191 Locust
Thomson, William, baker , rear 101 n.north llth
Thomson, William A., pipeman st. fire eng. John M.
Wimer, , r.residence c. 10th and Madison
Thomson, William H., bookkeeper , Boatmen's sav'gs
inst'n,r.residence 5th b.between Market and Elm
Thomson k White , (John S.Thomson, and Wil- ' H.White, .) ironmanfrs , 32 n.north 2d and Allen
ironwork-!, se,e, 7th and Allen avavenue>
Thou, Augustus, cabinetmaker , side Broadway
near Mmuid brewery
Thonmiller, Matthew, policeman , r.residence ns. Soulard bet.between
7th and fcth
Thonsing, Adolph, saddler , bds. 90 a. 2d
Thorhame, Charles, crbinetmaker , bds. Bremen ex-
ThormanSamuel, Jr., hides, wool, fcc. , Si Commer-
cial; r.residence 418 Morgan
Thorn, Clement G., upholsterer , Kennard & Son , r.residence
se.c.corner> Washington avavenue> and 9th
Thorn, Edgar, physician , 129 Morgan
Thornbarry, Robert, architect , 76 Morgan
Thomburg, —. brickmaker , Cass av.avenue b.between Uth & 15th
Thomburg, Harrison, (Tiffin & Thomburg,) bds. 351
Thomburg, Robert, (R. & W.A. Thornbnrg,) r.residence 276
Thomburg, William, (Thomburg, Harrison, Tiffin &
Co.) bds. 352 Broadway
Thornburg, William A., (R. & W.A. Thomburg,) r.residence
212 n.north 6th
Thornburg R. & W.A. , (Robert, and William, A.)
painters , 203 n.north 2d
Thornbargb, John W., brickmanfr , r.residence 38 e.east Mound
Thornburgh, Josiah.(James Luthey & Co.)
and county clerk , r.residence 149 Olive
Thornton, J. W., bds. 41 Green
Thornton, J. W., bookkeeper , bda. 155 Broadwav
Thornton, John P., (Thornton & Pierce,) r.residence 159s.south 4th
Thornton, Patrick, riverman , r.residence 243 n.north 2d
Thornton, Richard, carpenter , at G.P. Pilley's
Thornton & Pierce , (John, F.Tuoruton and
John 0.Pierce, ,) livcrystablo , 57, 59 and 61
Thorp, J. B., bds. Denison House
Thorp, John, s.b.between engineer , bds. 1G Collins
Thorp, Stokes, (S. Thorp & Co.) r.residence in the country
Thorp, Thomas, wks. St. Louiscarworks
Thorp, William, foreman blacksmith , McCord & Co. ,
r.248 n.north 14th
Thorp S. & Co. , (StokesThorp, and JobNewton, ,)
hides, furs and peltries , 32s.south Main. (See advt.)
Thorpe, George El, engraver , 58 Pine; r.residence 76 Brooklyn
Thorwald, August, gunsmith , 729 Broadway; boards
Broadwaysw.south west c Madison
Thorwegen, William H., 168 Wash
Threm, John N., woodturner , 89s.south 3d
Thirenberger, Joseph, carpenter , DeKalb nr. Barton
Thro, Joseph, pkge elk. C. B.Hubbell, , r.residence al.alley bet.between Oth
and 10th near O'Fallon
Thro, Mary, widow Caspar, , al.alley bet.between 9th and 10th near
Throcmorton, Joseph, s.b.between captain , r80 Locust
Throsserr, William, saddler , Market c.corner> llth
Thuemmler, Edward T., sec. St. Louis mut. fire and
mar.ins. co., r.residence .39 Walnut
Thuemmler, Sophia.'prop. Central House, 37 and 39
Thull, Johu P.W., clerk , Partridge & Co
Thurmann, Bernard, porter , Bennett & Thompson , r.residence
Randolph bet.between 18th aud 19th
Thnpian, Francis, lab.laborer , es. Rosatti c.corner> Carroll
Thurber, Edward E., bookkeeper , Mabie & Champlin.
r.Washington av.avenue c.corner> Cth
Thurber, Emma, widow, teacher , Elliott school, r.residence 43
s. llth
Thurber, Henry G-, carpenter , bds. 1s.south 14th
Thurber, William, carpenter , se.c.corner> llth and Monroe
Thurgood, Peter, miller , 10th b.between O'Fallou & Cass avavenue>
Thurley, John, riverman , r.residence 214 n.north 2d
Thuver, Edward E., elk. Mabie & Champlin , side
llth b.between Madison and Jefferson
Tibbatt, John, moulder , 320 n.north 7th
Tibbe, John H., gardener , 17th nr. Penrose
Tice, Henry, janitor , public school, ws.west side Decatar near
Tice, John H., (Lord C.D. & Co.) r.residence Cheltenham
Ticknor, Edwin, (Ticknor, Robbins & Co.) Planters '
Ticknor, Myron, (Ticknor, Robbins & Co.) Sthsw.south west c.corner>
Ticknor, Robbins & Co. , (MyronTicknor, , Chas.
B.Robbins, and EdwinTicknor, ,) clothing , 4th
nw.c.corner> Washington avavenue>
Tiedermann, Jacob, carriagetrimmer , 8th c.corner> O'Fallon
Tiederraann, John, teamster , Adolph b.between Market and