St. Louis directory :
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Correction: TRA-TRU
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Trappiel, Charles, tailor , 16 Olive, and boarding-
house, 45 Locust
Trares, John S., (John S. Trarea & Co.) bds. 9th c.corner>
Trares John & Co. , (John S.Trares, and OttoStely-, .) druggist '!, Broadway o. Buchanan
Trask, George, driver hosecarriage no. 2, r.residence
Trask, James, bds. 98 n.north 11th
Trask, John, shoedealer , al.alley b.between Wash & Franklin av.
nr. 15th
Trask, William, clerk , bds. 98 n.north 11th
Trask, William R., salesman . Gill & Bro. , 98 n.north 11th
Trauhe, Edward, producedcaler , 13 Market; r.residence 93s.south
Traubel, Nicholas, cabinetmaker , r.residence Lemp av.avenue b.between Utah
and Cherokee -
Trailer, —, peddler , ns. Lafayette near Fulton
Trailer, Albert, drygoods, 317½s.south 4th
Truuer, Charles, killer , Un.Heb.oohg'n,ss.south side La-
fayette b.between Decatur and Fnlton
Trauernicht, Frederick, hairdresser , bds. 743 Broad-
Tranenlicht, Gustavus W., snrgeon and dentist , 743
Trauernicht, Theodore, (Schiferdtfeger & Trauer-
nicht,) r.residence 82 Franklin avavenue>
Trauernicht, William, salesman , 224 Broadway
Traum, William, lab.laborer , bda. 315s.south 2d
Traumullcr, Matthias, policeman , ns. Sonlard nr. 7th
Traupel, Frederick, hairdresser , bds, 261s.south 4th
Trautwein, Jacob, helper , r.residence Jackson c.corner> Lombard
Travar, A. G., ironfounder , rear 233 n.north 2d; r.residence 38
Travera, Owen, lab.laborer , al.alley b.between Washington av.avenue and Green
near 7th
Travels, William, bricklayer , 203 n.north 11th
Travera, William, porter , bds. 156 n.north 11th
Travis, Caspar, lab, es. 17th near Penrose avavenue>
Travis, Frederick, cooper , es. 12th near Salisbury
Traynor, John L., (Maudeville & Traynor,) bds. Bar-
uum's Hotel
Treadway, Henry, carpenter , 180 D. 14 th
Treadway, Lewis D., carpenter , bds. Morgan c.corner> 12th
Treadway, Mary E., wid.widow , 17th bet.between Biddle and
Treadway, Samuel, deputy constable , r.residence 467 Morgan
Treasler, John, lab.laborer , ws. Uth nr. Rutgers
Treat, Samuel, judge U.S. district court , r.residence 190 Pine
Ti ech, Frank, r,al.alley bet.between s.south 3d and 4th nr. Convent
Tregenza, Edward, bootmaker , 66 Chesnnt; bds.boards
Missouri Hotel
Tiegg, Alfred, engineer , bds.e.east c.corner> 2d and Ferry
Treibler, Ulrich, shoefitter , side Green bet.between 3d
and 4th
Treis, Lawrence, drayman , 346s.south 7th
Tremlett, John, (Tremlett & Kirkpatrick,) r.residence 346
Franklin avavenue>
Tremlett & Kirkpatrick , (JohnTremlett, and
CharlesKirkpatrick, ,) dealers in produce , 203
Tremper, Frederick, carpenter , 12thsw.south west c.corner> O'Fallon
Ttendorff, Edward, tinner , al.alley bet.between Cth and 7th nr.
Trenk, Christopher, shoemaker , al.alley bet.between Carr and
Biddle nr. 18th
Tiennens, Bernhard, tailor , 223 n.north 8th
Tresaler, Henry, vaultcleaner , rear 154 n.north 12th
Treacher, George, (Kissel & Treacher,) r.residence es. Colum-
bus bet.between Miller and Barry
Tresler, Amanda, wid.widow Lewis, , r.residence as. O'Fallon bet.between 5th
and 6th
Trestof, Frank, laborer , ss. Park av.avenue nr. Compton avavenue>
Treudt Charles, lab.laborer , 499 Morgan
Trevor, Albeit G., foundryman , r.residence 38 Center
Treysel, Ludwick R., bookbinder , r.residence al.alley bet.between Geyer
and Allen Decatur
Trice, Christian, fireman , 365s.south 7th
Triebsch, Benedict, cabinetmaker , r.residence 265 Carondelet
Triebel, Henry, shoemaker , rear 212 h. 12th
Trieselmann, Henry, tailor , bde. 190s.south 2d
Trieselmann, William, tailor , bds. 190s.south 2d
Trietman, Andrew, lab.laborer , ns. Carroll bet.between Jackson and
' Carondelet' avavenue>
Trieutwein, George, cooper , bds. Soulard c.corner> Rosatti
Trigg, Alfred, engineer , bds. Warrensw.south west c.corner> 11th
TriggJohn, Jr., Warrensw.south west c.corner> 11th
Trigg, John W., gardener , Warrensw.south west c.corner> 11th
Trigg, William, teamster , Warrensw.south west c.corner> 11th
Trikel, Martin, baker , 508 Morgan
Trilling, William, tailor , ns. Montgomery bet.between 14th
and 15th
Trimbel, Jerry, engineer , bds. 352 Broadway
Trimble, John, engineer , bds. Washington House
Trimblet, Jobn, gardener , ns. Arsenal nr. Grand avavenue>
Trimnell, John, lab.laborer , alnr. Wash b.between 6th and 7th
Tringel, Joseph, cooper , ss. Emmet b.between 1Oth and 11th
Trinity, Church, (episcopal,) llth c.corner> St. Charles
Trinity, Church, (German evangelical,) Lom-
bard b.between 3d and 4th
Trinkaus, John, carriage painter , 73 n.north 15th
Triplett, John, (Triplett, Sells & Co.) r.residence 5th n.north of
Triplett, John R., (Hall & Triplett,) r.residence 192 Pine
Triplett, John S., attorney for Young , Bros. & Co. ,
bds. Monroe House
Triplett, Sells & Co. , (JohnTriplett, , Miles
Selta, and Frank W.Tillay, ,) com.commission mercht's. , 53
n. Levee
Tripp, John E., plasterer , bds. 6 n.north 6th
Tripp, Sebastian, lab.laborer , ws. Jackson bet.between Soulard and
Trisnan, Thomas, lab.laborer , Spruce nr. 12th
Tiissel, Homy, cooper , al.alley nr. Lafayette bet.between Jackson
and Columbus
Triston, Thomas, lab.laborer , ns. Spruce b.between 12th and 13th
Trittenbach, Jacob? finisher , 269 Franklin avavenue>
Trittenbach, Rogule, milliner , 269 Franklin avavenue>
Trojan, Francis, Rev. , ws. Rosatti nr. Soulard
Troll, Adam, lab.laborer , 31 Almond
Troll, Bngelbert, saloon, 145s.south 2d
Troll, Jacob, bds. 362 n; 2d
Troll, Henry, saloon, 362 n.north 2d
Tromman, Frederick, carpenter , Sonlard Be.c.corner>
Trondle, Joseph, grocer , ws. 7th b.between Russell and Ann
Tropman, Fredericka, wid.widow Nicholas, , 171 n.north 11th
Trorchr, Adolph, saloon, 262 n.north 5th
Trorlicht, John H., (Niemann & Trorlicht,) 58 Collins
Troske, Henty, harutesmaker , bds. 308s.south 5th
Trossfcl, Willianl, sadfller , 278 Market
Trost, Lonis, carpenter , bds. Spruce b.between 7th and 8th
Troster, Nicholas, saloon, Lesperance nw.northwest c.corner> Jackson
Trott, George H., (Gre?g & Trott,) r.residence 131 Collins
Trotzer, Peter, lab.laborer , side Mallinckrodt bet.between 11th
and 12th
Trowbridge, Daniel, auditor , Sth b.between Cerre and Gratiot
Trowbridge, George, 98 Elm
Trowbridge, John T., clerk , Lockwood & Pearson
Trowbridge, William B., engineer Firo engine no. 3 ,
r.76s.south 3d
Trowler, Henry, stonecutter , bds. 34s.south 10th
Troxel, William L., daguerreotypist , 63½ n.north 4th
Troxell, Joseph R., lawyer , 71 Chesnut; res. 37
n. 16th
Troy, Charles W., steamboat clerk , ns. Chambers b.between
13th and 14th
Troy, John, (Nicholas & Troy,) r.residence 6 Center
Troy, Patrick, (Nicholas & Troy)
Troy, Thomas, omnibusdriver , side Market c.corner> 19th
Troy, William, tanner , es. 7th b.between Arrow and Ann avs
Trubus, Charles, locksmith , Myrtle b.between 2d and 3d
Trudeau, Peter R., painter , bds. 11 Collins
Trudell, Louis, musician , bds. 87 Green
True, Margaret, wid.widow Patrick, , al.alley b.between Austin and Ran-
dolph nr. 12th
True, William A., huckster , Center market, side
Randolph nr. 14th
Truener, William, cabinetmaker , al.alley b.between 18th and 19th
nr. Benton