St. Louis directory :
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E. A.Corbet, , G. L.Kuhn,

Corbet & Kuhn ,
Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers In
Saddles, Harness,
Bridles, Collars, &C. ,
No. 70 North Main Street,
Saint Louis.

Hillinery & Dress Making
Wholesale And Retail.

120 Fourth Street. 120 Fourth Street.

L.Paris, ,
Importer Of French Goods,
Comprising all descriptions of
Bonnets, Straw Goods. Artificial Flowers, Caps, Silk,
Ball Trimmings, Head Dresses, Velvet. Bridal Wreaths, Coiffures,
Bonnet Material, Feathers, Dress Trimmings, Laces, Ribbons.

Bonnnets, Coiffures & Dresses Made To Order.

Russell'S Patent
Fire And Water Proof
Mastic Roofing.

This Roofing, having been used extensively in this city, is pronounced, by all who have used it, to be just what is
required, being strictly Fire Proof and Water Tight. It is durable, resisting the action of the weather, and will neither
Crack nor Run from heat or cold. It is made of a stout canvas, which is

With a patented composition, that forms an India Rubber-like material, which is, of itself, water and air tight. The
saturated canvas, after having been put upon the roof and cemented together. Is covered with a Patent Mastic, or
Cement, and coarse sand thrown upon it, hardening by exposure to the air. making it strictly Fire Proof.

One great advantage over other composition roofs is this, that work can be finished as soon as the saturated canvas is
put on, causing no delay whatever. To parties residing at a distance the material is easy of shipment, and can be put
on by any one following the printed directions.

Chas.D. Pond & Co. , Propr's ,
Office, N.W. Corner of Third and Chesnut Streets, St. Louis, Mo.

Refer To
Gaty, McCune & Co. , Giles F.Filley, , J. C.Barlow, , J. A.Raynor, , Sup. T.H.A. & St. L.R .RCo.

We would also refer to the following gentlemen all of whom are using the Roofing:

Oliver, A. Hart, Architect and Builder , Brotherton. Gibson & Co. ,
Charles, H. Pond, Architect and Builder , Brigham & Porter , Real Estate Agents ,
Kingslands & Ferguson . Phoenix Foundry, W. H.Beleher, , President Belcher's Sugar Refining Co. ,
Sell. Shepherd & Co. , Pilot Knob Iron Works, Norris & Garesche, Western Spice Mills,
Renfrew, Crozier & Co. , Eagle Foundry, Col John, O'Fallon,
J. D.Stone, , Carpenter and Builder , Col.J. B.Brant, ,
John Sexton & Sons , Builders , Hon.John M.Krum, ,
R. & W.A. Thornburg , Steamboat Painters , AlbertTodd, , Esq.