St. Louis directory :
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Correction: UNI-VAN
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Union Club Rooms , 43 n.north 3d
Union Insurance Co. , Main ne.northeast c.corner> Olive. (See
Union Line Transportation Co. , (Ills. River,) 2 City
Union Presbyterian Church , 11th bet.between St.
Charles and Locust
United Presbyterian Church , 5th ne.northeast c.corner>
United States Asst.Treas.Office. 62n. 5th
United States Arsenal , Carondelet av,bet.between
Arsenal and Harvey
United States Express Company , (C. W.
Ford, . agt.agent ) 12 n.north Main. (See advt.)
United States Insurance Co. , 63 n.north Main
se.c.corner> Olive
U.S. Land Office , Paris Pipkin, regst., 75 Chesnut
United States Saving Institution , ne.c.corner>
Market and 2nd. (See advt.)
Universalist Church , 6Th c.corner> St. Charles
Unk, Christian, cooper , se.c.corner> Lafayette and Fulton
Unk Christoph, cooper, se.c.corner> Lafayette and Fulton
Unsworth, William H., steward , r.residence ns. Arrow b.between 7th
and Decatur
Unverdorben, Louis, carpenter , al.alley b.between Dekalb and Co-
lumbus nr. Victor
Uphoff, Henry, teamster , Gratiot bet.between 15th
and 16th
Upman, Charles, blacksmith , Washington foundry
Upmeyer, Edward. 253 n.north 14th
Upmtvr-r, Henrv C, teller , Franklin Savings Abso-
ciation , r.residence 3d c.corner> Poplar
Upperman, Andrew, cooper , b.between Geyer av.avenue and
Allen av.avenue nr. Decatur
Upriaht, George W., patenttigUt dealer , bds, Ameri-
can Houe
Urban, Andreas, lab.laborer , al.alley nr. Provenchete b.between Rutgers
and Park avavenue>
Urban, Dominic, (Hammer, t Urban.) pres.president board of
city assessors , r.residence lis Walnut
Urben, Mary, wid.widow John P., grocer , 357 Carondelet avavenue>
Urbin, John. com.commission mer. , 265 n.north 12th
Ure, John H., tailor , bds. 145 n.north 17th
Ure, William, sexton Episcopal cemetery , r.residence ceme-
tery ground
Urell, Thomas, tailor , Market b.between 10th and 11th
Urian, Samuel B., nut aud boltmuker , es. 9th bet.between
Salisbury and Farrar
Urian, Henry, porter , Ann av.avenue b.between 7th and 8th
Urouhart, George, superintendent , Plant &
Bro. , r.residence 221 Biddle
Ursuline, Convent, State b.between Russel! and Ann
Usher, Caroline, wid.widow Robert N., r.residence es. Carondelet av.avenue
near Lafayette avavenue>
Usher, David C., printer , bds. 12 Center
Usher, John, riverman . bds. 28 Collins
Usher, Patrick, drayman , rear 252 n.north 14th
Usher, Robert, cabinetmaker , r.residence es. 16th b.between Lafayette
and Geyer avavenue>
Usler, John, porter , T.Dutcbi, , 410s.south 7th
Ususkey, Frederick, tinsmith , Christy av.avenue bet 14th
and 15th
Uatemiller, Henry, lab.laborer , alley b.between Buel and Menard nr.
Ann avavenue>
Ust1Ck, Thomas W.. jobprinter , 78 Pine; res. 111
n. 12th
Utbe, Cbarles, sb. baker , bds. 76 Green
Utley, Frankmachinist , bds. Washington House
Utley, John, finisher , bds. 245 Broadway
Utley, Joseph, pipeman engine no. 7, bds.boards 417 Market
Utterback, J. T., salesman , Chase & Bro. , r.residence 17th sw.
c. Olive
Utz, Frederick, driver , es. Carondelet av.avenue near Anna
Utz, Joseph, milliner , 216s.south 2d
Vaengartner, Philip, shoemaker , r.residence 65 Center
Vacrecr, Peter, stonecutter , ws. Moore b.between Clark
av.avenue and Market
Vaethar, Bernard, gardner , side St. Charles near
Bremen avavenue>
Vagelsang, Frederick, stonecutter , as. Anna near
Vahikamp, Frederick, foreman sawmill, r.residence 39 wright
Vail, C. S.. hatter bds.boards Reverse House
Vail, Corra O., salesman R. Street & Co. , r.residence 14th b.between
Franklin av.avenue and Gay
Vail, George N., carpenter as orchard bet barlow
and 11th
Vail, William C., Indian doctor 455 Broadway
Vails, James H.asst.assistant circuit atty. , Court House, res.
ss. Olive b.between Leffingwell and Ewing avs
Vakoorka, Johnlab.laborer , alley nr. Carroll b.between Hamtramek
av.avenue and Rosatti
Valentine, Catharine, wid.widow John B., 264s.south 2d
Valentine, Charles H., (Valentine Express Co.) res.
New York
Valentine, Christian, blacksmith , res. Franklin av
cor. 17th
Valentine, Elizabeth. wid.widow Louis, , washwoman , ns.
Lafayette near Rosatti
Valentine Freight Express Co. , (Charles
H.Valentien, , Joshua H.Alexander, and John S.
Dunlap, .) s. 2dsw.south west c.corner> Poplar
Valentine, John, blacksmith , r.residence 264s.south 2d
Valentine, William H., Salesman , John J.Locke, , res.
105 n.north 7th
Valer, Jacob, gardener , ns. Gravoig road c Arsenal
Vatkamp, Frederick, clerk , r.residence ns. Wright b.between Broad-
way and 9th
Valkenet, John, baker , bds. 23d b.between Carr and Biddle
Vallane, Peter, lab.laborer , r.residence 504 n.north Main
Vullat, Charles, dyer , 178 Market
Vallat, Krnst, dyer . 27 n.north 5th
Vallat, Jacob, woodsawyer , res. Gravois rood cor.
McNair avavenue>
Valltf, Amadec, secy. Missouri wine co. , r.residence Elm c.corner> 7th
Valle, Felix, (Chouteau, Harrison & Valle,) res. Ste,
Genevieve, Mo
Valle, John B., (John B. Valle & Co.) r.residence 18 n.north 8th
Valle, Jules, (Chouteau, , Harrison A.Valle, ,) r,295
Valle, Julia, (col'd,) washwoman , 71 Spruce
Valle, Neree, (X. Valle & Co.) r.residence as. Gratiot bet.between 8th
and 9th
Vallle John B. & Co., (John B.Valle, and Willis
J.Powell, .) com. and forwd., 48 Commercial
and 24 Levee
Vallere, Schenck, bookkeeper , 20 Main; r.residence 47 Walnut
Valley, Farmer, Norman J.Coleman, , editor
and publisher , 97 Chesnut
Valley, John. r.residence 51s.south 2d
Valley, Lewis. carpenter , r.residence sw.c, Carondelet av.avenue
and Lynch
Vallie, Louis, carpenter , es. Carondelet av.avenue nr. Anna
Vallon, Arthur, (Vallon & Bro.) res. Gratiot bet.between 5th
and 6th
Vallon, Leon, (Vallon & Bros.) r.residence Gratiot b.between 5th & 6th
Vallon, ABros., (Arthur, aud Leon, ,) com.commission mers. ,
Vinesw.south west c.corner> 2d
Valpot, William, lab.laborer , alley b.between Franklin av.avenue and Wash,
near 16th
Valuer, Isidore, painter , r.residence Lafayette av.avenue b.between 7th & 8th
Valter, Ernst, blacksmith , al.alley nr. Carr b.between 9th and 10th
Van Alstine, James, tailor , r.residence 30 n.north 6th
Van Arnam, D. C,teller Exchange bank , r.residence 205
Van Uarne, Christopher, teamster , bds. Pratt av.avenue cor.
Vanbuskerk, David, carpenter , bds. 47 n.north 12th
Vanbuskirk, Dennis, carpenter , bds. 47 n.north 12th
Vanbust, Henry, drayman , es. Rosati c.corner> Carroll
Vance, Alfred, cooper , bda. 14th nr. Randolph
Vance, Kate. wid.widow Thomas M., r.residence 215 n.north 7th
Vance, William, teamster , O'Fallon nw.northwest c.corner> 7th
Vancouit, Hatta. wid.widow Alesauder, , r.residence Grand av.avenue near
Vaneurin, John, nailer , bds. 260s.south 7th
Vaudemark, Elias, pipeman engine no. 7, bds.boards 24th
b. Franklin av.avenue aud Wash
Vandemele, Victor D., clerk , Abeles, Taussig A Co. ,
bds. 143s.south 3d