St. Louis directory :
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StokesThorp, J.Newton, .

S. Thorp & Co. ,
—Dealers In—
Furs, Peltries,
Dry Hides, Ginseng, Wool, Feathers, Tallow,
Beeswax And Cow Hair,
No. 32 Main St., corner walnut,
Saint Louis.

Henry TonPhul, . Jas. L.Waters, . A, T.Bird, .

Von Phul, Waters & Co. ,
Wholesale Grocers
General Commission Merchants ,
No. 127 North Second Street, one door from Washington Avenue, East side,
Saint Louis.

Waters & Christy ,
Wholesale Dealers In
Fancy Croceries,
And Sutlers' Stores,
No. 28 North Second Street, St. Louis.

R. C.Weirick, . John T.O'Bannon, . Chas.Scudder, .

Weirick, Scudder & Co. ,
Wholesale Grocers ,
Forwarding And Commission Merchants ,
No. 102,
corner second and Locust sts.,
St. Louis.