St. Louis directory :
Wal 495 War
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Walsh, Patrick, tailor , r.residence 177 s, 4th
Walsh, Patrick S., grocer , 81 n.north llth c.corner> Morgan
Walsh, Peter, bds. 9 Washington avavenue>
Walsh, Pierce C., bartender , bds. 7 Washington avavenue>
Walsh, Richard, bricklayer , Thomas c.corner> Elliott
Walsh, Theodore, lab.laborer , bds. 241s.south 4th
Walsh, Thomas, r.residence ns. Spruce b.between 12th and 13th
Walsh, Thomas, architect , Pinesw.south west c.corner> 3d; r.residence 115
Walsh, Thomas, teamster at Belchers' sugarhouse
Walsh, Walter, porter , bds. 28 Collins
Walsh, William, clerk , bds. 190 Washington avavenue>
Walsh, William, lab.laborer , bds. 143 Green
Walsh, William C., shoemaker , 117 O'Fallon
Walsh, William W., clerk , B. Douglas & Co. , bds. 190
Washington avavenue>
Walsh J. & E. , (John, , deceased, , and Edward, ,) mil-
lers , 68 n.north Levee and 1 Florida
Walson, William, drayman , 38 Howard
Waltar, George, basketmaker , r.residence 579 Broadway
Walter, Jacob, lab.laborer , bds. 579 Broadway
Waltar, Joseph, mattressmaker , r.residence 6 n.north 14th
Waltener, Isaac, carpenter , bds. 352 Broadway
Walter, August, chickendealer , ss. Monroe b.between 15th
and 10th
Walter, Charles, clerk , Anglerodt&Barth , 9th b.between Mor-
gan and Franklin avavenue>
Walter, Charles Whist, (T.H. Larkin & Co. ) nw.c.corner>
13th and Pine
Walter, Eleanor, wid.widow Anthony, , Market c.corner> Manches-
ter road
Walter, Emil, barkeeper , rear 7th b.between Lafayette and
Walter, Ernst H., blacksmith , r.residence 10th b.between Carr and
Walter, Ferdinand, butcher , 7 Sturgeon market; r.residence
Dock near N.M. railroad
Walter, Francis, (Walter & Stierrmann ,) r.residence O'Fallon
sw.c.corner> llth
Walter, Frederick, (F. Walter & Co. ) confectioners ,
54 Market
Walter, Fritz, curledhairworker , side Carondelet
av.avenue nr. Ann avavenue>
Walter, George, salesman , 253 Broadway
Walter, Henry, shoemaker , bds. 765 Broadway
Walter, Jacob, butcher , bds. DeKolb c.corner> Victor
Walter, Jacob, shoemaker , r.residence 58 Plum
Walter, John, saddler , bds. 109 n.north 3d
Walter, John, tinner , bds. Bremen Exchange
Walter, John C., butcher , 6 South market; r.residence 22d nr.
Walter, Lambert, carpenter , r.residence ss. Buchanan b.between Broad-
way and Bellefontaine road
Walton, Littleton H., physician , 104 Market; r.residence at
Walter, Louis, coppersmith , r.residence 328s.south 3d
Walter, Margaret, wid.widow Lambert, 1298 Broadway
Walter, Philip, coffeehouse, 164 Carondelet avavenue>
Walter, Philip, lab.laborer , se.c.corner> Columbus and Carroll
Walter, Robert, painter , 74 Locust
Walter F. & Co. , (FrederickWalter, and George F.
Heselmeyer, ,) candy manufs. , 33 and 35 n.north 2d
Walter & Stiermann , (FrancisWalter, & Frederick
Stiermann, ,) grocers , O'Fallonsw.south west c.corner> llth
Waltermather, Christian, cooper , nr. Hazel
b. 3d and 4th
Walters, Copernicus, saddlery , 316 Broadway; r.residence cor.
Chouteau av.avenue and 7th
Walters, James, cooper , side 9th b.between Salisbury and
Walters, James, student , 9½ Olive; r.residence 102½ Locust
Walther, C. T.W., Rev., pres.president Concordia college,
r Jefferson av.avenue near 2d Carondelet avavenue>
Walther, Charles F., justice of the peace, 19
Green; bds.boards Virginia House
Walther, George, cooper , res.Franklin av.avenue bet.between 22d
and 23d
Walther, Henry, cooper , ns. St. Charles bet.between 18th
and 19th
Walther, Henry, saloon, 19 Walnut
Walther, John, woodsawyer , rear 234 n.north 12th
Walther, Philip, cooper , bds.ns.north side St. Charles b.between 18th
and 19th
Waltinspeil, Radolph, salesman , 202 Broadway
Waltke, Frederick, lab.laborer , bds. 489 Morgan
Waltke, William, lab.laborer , r.residence 12th near Buchanan
Waltman, Charles, lab.laborer , bds. 44s.south Levee
Waltman, Eva, wid.widow Caspar, , washwoman , r.residence 10 bet.between
Chambers and Madison
Waltman, Gustavus, r.residence 76 n.north llth
Waltman, Richard, cigarmaker , bds. 18 Franklin avavenue>
Waltman, Valentine, moulder , r.residence 512 n.north Main
Walton, Anne, wid.widow Joseph, , 109 n.north llth
Walton, Elverton S., clerk , Chadbourne & Forster ,
bds. 4th c.corner> Gratiot
Walton, John, carriagemaker , r.residence 508 Morgan
Walton, Mary A.P., wid.widow Charles, D., 125 n.north 14th
Walton, Nancy, wid.widow George, , r.residence 892 Broadway
Walton, Nicholas, carpenter , r.residence Montgomery b.between 10th
and llth
Walton, Thomas, carriagemaker , bds. Morgan bet.between
20th and 2lst
Walton, William, lab.laborer , alley bet.between 8th and 9th near
Waltring, John B., porter , Young Bro. & Co. , r.residence 130
n. 8th
Waltz, Amos, printer , bds. 134 Market
Waltz, Joseph, blacksmith , r.residence nw.c.corner> Convent and 3d
Walwada, Thomas, cooper , Menard near Emmet
Walwerdow, Thomas, cooper , r.residence al.alley b.between llth and 12th
near Emmet
Walzel, Francis, carpenter , bds. 255 Franklin avavenue>
Walzer, Isidore, painter , al.alley b.between Fulton and 7th near
Wamherner, Henry, lab.laborer , al.alley bet.between Jefferson and Mon-
roe near 12th
Wammar, Leonhart, cooper , r.residence ss. Russell av.avenue bet.between
Carondelet av.avenue and Colambia
Wampsganzy, George, hay and feedstore, se.cor. La-
fayette and Decatur
Wamsganz, John, cabinetmaker , r.residence 309s.south 4th
Wanachack, William, tailor , r.residence ns. Allen av.avenue b.between Fulton
and Decatur
Wanbacher, Albert H., salesman , 202 Broadway
Wand, Charles, bookkeeper , bds. 19th n.north 4th
Wand, Henry, brewer , bds. 241s.south 4th
Wander, George, hairdresser , es. Jackson b.between Carroll
and Soulard
Wankel, Michael, lab.laborer , es. Buel near Soulard
Wann, John, com.commission mer. , 28s.south Main; bds.boards Barnum's
Wannall, Thomas M., (Springer & Wannall ,) r.residence St.
Ange av.avenue s.south Hickory
Wannebacher, Moses, clerk , bds. 107 n.north 3d
Wannemacher, Peter, blacksmith , bds. Franklin av.
c. Beaumont
Wanright, Robert, ropemaker , side Gratiot near
Pratte avavenue>
Wanvult, William, soapmannf. , ns, Christy av.avenue nr. 23d
Waples, William D., shippingclerk , Barnard & Co. ,
bds. Washington av.avenue b.between 4th and 5th
Warboys, Thomas, carpenter , al.alley nr. Franklin av.avenue b.between
7th and 8th
Warboys, Thomas, lab.laborer , 169 n.north 9th
Warcawa, Matthias, lab.laborer , ns. Lesperance b.between Caronde-
let av.avenue and Jackson
Ward, Andrew, lab.laborer , ss. Gratiot nr. 21st
Ward, Bernard, lab.laborer , r.residence 129 Orange
Ward, Caleb G., citymissionary, 48 n.north Sth
Ward, Charles W., carpenter , Franklin av.avenue nr. 19th
Ward, Edward, lab.laborer , es. Bellefontaine road bet.between Dock
and Harrison
Ward, Edward, moulder , bds. 487 Broadway
Ward, George W., carpenter , bds. 36 Mullanphy
Ward, H., cooper , bds. 322 n.north 2d
Ward, Hugh, shoemaker , Green b.between 4th and 5th
Ward, Jacob B., speculator , 140 Walnut
Ward, James, 238 Pine
Ward, Jerome R., salesman , A.J. McCreery & Co. ,
Locust b.between 4th and 5th
Ward, John, boilermaker , P.RR. machineshop
Ward, John, lab.laborer , 354 n.north .2d