St. Louis directory :
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Westermann, Herman, confectioner , bds. 20 n.north 3d
Westermann, Jacob, tailor , 130 Carondelet avavenue>
Westermann, John, lab.laborer , r.residence Gravois rd.road nr. Eliza
Westermann, Max, dentist , 98 Market
Westernianu, William, milkman , Gravois road near
Westermann & Meter , (HenryWestermann , E.
Frederick, W.Meier,) china, glass and, queens-
ware , 204 n.north Main and 21 Franklin avavenue>
Westermaycr, Caspar, carpenter , f. sa- Geyer at.b,
Fulton and Decatur
Westermeier, Frederick, confectioner , Lombard c.corner> 3d
Western, Banner, D.B.Killian, , proprietor , 9
s. 3d
Western, Foundry, (Voorhies & Totten. pro-
prietors.) n. Main c.corner> Florida and Mullanphy.
(Sec advt.)
Western, Cambridge, nailer , bds, 2 Russel avavenue>
Western Machine Agency , (Jno.Philip
Robinson., ) office 44 Kiddle
Western Mutual Benefit Association ,
39 Chesnut
Western Mutual Fire And Marine In-
Surance Co. Of St. Louis , Main sc.-cor.
Western River Improvement amd Wreck-
IngCo. , 47 and 252 n.north Main
Western Union Telegraph Line , 10 Ches-
Western, Watchman, 10 Olive
Western, William W., (Jonas & Western,) side
Vine b.between 3d and 4th
Westerreck, Henry, (Westerreel & Freding,) r.residence 65
s. 2nd
Westerreck, Isaac J., bookkeeper , Westerreck & Fre-
ding , r.residence 65s.south 2nd
Westerreck & Freding , (Henry, Westerreck and
Frederick, W.Freding,) rectifiers and distillers ,
05s.south 2nd
Westfall, George W., shipcarpenter , r.residence al.alley bet.between Green
and Morgan nr. Tth
Westhausen, August, lab.laborer , Geyer av.avenue c.corner> Menard
Westheide, William, lab.laborer , Biddle b, 17th and 18th
Westhoff', Frederick, (Goellner & Westhoff,) r.residence 42
Westhoff, Henry, machinist , r.residence Pine c.corner> 12th
Westhold, Henry, wagonmaker , O'Fallon c.corner> 12th
Westhouser, August, lab.laborer , es. Menard c.corner> Geyer avavenue>
Westlake H.P. & Co.. 31 n.north 4th
Westlakc, James V., (Westlake & Button,) bds. Vir-
ginia Hotel
Westlake & Button , (Appleton, A.Button and James,
V.Westlake,) block and pump manfrs. , 340 Main
Westliche, Post, (C. Daenzer & F, Wenzel,
publishers,) office 31 Market
Westlink, Barney, grocer , 217 Carondelet avavenue>
Westmsn, George H., boxmaker , r.residence rear 13th bet.between
Chambers and Howard
Westman, John, clk. , bds. 107 Morgan
Weston, Franklin, (Weston & Son,) r.residence 80 n.north
Weston, J.Sumner, r.residence ns. Washington av.avenue c.corner> 17th
Weston, Justin F., (Weston & Son,) r.residence 80 n.north llth
Weston & Son , (Franklin, and Justin, F.) car-
penters and builders , 68 and 70 n.north llth
Westrup, Evorbard H., porter , bds. Clark av.avenue c.corner> 9th
Wet, Henry, dairyman , r.residence Manchester rd.road c.corner> Lacorob
Wetemer, Francis, cooper , bds. Lucas av.avenue nr. Leffiug-
well av
Wetherell, Harriet, wid.widow John, P., ns. Benton b.between llth
and 12th
Wetherell, Sidney J., (Mason & Wetherell,) 175
Wetherill, Alexander C., com.commission mers. , 67 Commercial;
r. 86 Washington avavenue>
Wetherill, Sarah C, wid.widow William, , r.residence 86 Washing-
ton avavenue>
Wetherman, William B., brewer , side Market nr.
Wotheimann, Henry L., plasterer , r, Wash bet.between 16 th
and 17th
Wethermen, William B., brewer , bds. 37 Walnut
Wetheroth, John P., boot and shoemaker , 41s.south Main;
r, Carondelet av.avenue b.between Soulard and Carroll
Wetmoro, Alphonso, physician , 29½ n.north 3d ; r.residence 170
s. 5th
Wetmore, George P., (Reed & Wetmore,) bds. 117
Wetmore, Octavia, teacher , bds.ns.north side Chambers b.between llth
and 12th
Wetsel, Adam, shipcarpenter , r.residence 399s.south 2nd
Wetteg, William, cooper , r.residence 053 Broadway
Wettekamp, Angust, (Bruning & Wettekamp,) r.residence
Franklin aV.c.corner> 17th
Wetter, Henry, cooper , r.residence ns. Clark av.avenue bet.between 10th
and llth
Wetterroth, John P., shoemaker , 41 Main; r.residence 186 Ca-
roudelet avavenue>
Wettiger, C, Belchers' sugarhouse
Wetzel, Bartol, fireman fire engine J.M. Wimer , r.residence
400 n.north 9th
Wetzel, Charles, tinworker. 189s.south 2nd
Wetzel, Conrad, shipcarpenter , r.residence ws. Columbus bet.between
Soulard and Carroll
Wetzel, Edward G., clk. , 301 Market
Wetzel, Franklin, lab.laborer , r.residence ss. Wood bet.between Jackson and
Wetzel, Henry, lab.laborer , se.c.corner> Soulard and Bucl
Wetzel, John, carpenter , r.residence Ws. Jackson bet.between Marion
and Carroll
Wetzel, William, nailer , bds. 260s.south 7th
Wetzell, Conrad, porter , Weinhager & Hornbostel , r.residence
Marion b.between 7th and 8th
Wetzell, Conrad, (Wetiell & Schmidt.) r.residence ws. Co-
lumbus nr. Carroll
Wetzell, O., (Z.F. Wetzell & Co.) bds. Barnum's
Wetzell, Z. F., (Z.F. Wetzell & Co.) res. 17th cor.
Christy avavenue>
Wetzell Z.F. & Co.. (Z.F. & 0- Wetzell,)
drugs and chemicals , 33 n.north Main. (See advt.)
Wetzell & Schmidt , (Conrad Wetzell & —Schmidt,)
shipcarpenters , s. Levee nr. Miller
Weule, Christian, carpenter , 197 Carr
Wever, Joseph, cooper , bds. 9th b.between Madison and Jeffer-
Weyand, Dietrich, bootmaker , r.residence Levee b.between Cedar and
Weyand, Jacob L., bottledbeer dealer , Carondelet av.avenue
c. Russell
Weydekamp, Gustavns, clk. , ns. Green bet.between 7th
and 8th
Weyden, Ernst, clk. , Belchers sugarrefinery , bds.
ss. Market b.between 4th and 5th
Weyer, Louis, r.residence 54 Morgan
Weyl, Augustus, letter carrier , r.residence 294 n.north 7th
Weymeir, John, lab.laborer , reir 144 n.north 9th
Weaaniann, George, (Wezamann & Stromeyer,) r.residence
992 a. 4th
Wezamann & Stromeyer , (George, Wezamann and
John, Stromeyer,) blacksmiths , 547s.south 4th
Wezler, Charles, (Wezler & Isler,) r.residence 88s.south 14th
Wezler & Isler , (Charles, Wezler and John, Isler,)
grocers , 86s.south l4th
Whalen, Daniel, lab.laborer , 37 Center
Whalen, David, drayman , 169 Orange
Whalen, Jamos, shoemaker , 120 Christy avavenue>
Whalen, Michael, mason , s. 3d b.between Haren and Marine
Whalen, Patrick, lab.laborer , bds. 10th c.corner> Market
Whalen, Patrick, teamster , r.residence ss. Franklin av.avenue bet.between
Pratte and Beaumont
Whaley, Edward W., carpenter , bds.ns.north side 16th bet.between
Market and Walnut
Whallen, Michael, St. Louis carworks
Whallen, Patrick, St. Louis carworks
Whalon, Daniel, lab.laborer , 35 Center
Whalon, Michael, quarryman , ws. 2d b.between e.east Mound and
Wharton, George, stmbt. dunnage, 318 n.north 6th
Wharton, John, carpenter , 661 Morgan
Wharton, Martha, wid.widow John, , 661 Morgan