St. Louis directory :
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Insurance Company

Capital, $225,000.

Office, S.W. corner Main and Pine Sts.


John, McNeil, Pres't. Alexis, Mudd, Vice Pres't.

Walter, B.Foster, Secretary.


John, McNeil, Alexis, MuddWilliam, Matthews, William, P.Scott,
Thomas, M.Taylor, Saml., U.Wiggins, J.H.Oglesby, W.C.Watts, ,
William, Lucas.

Collector anb Real Estate Agent ,
Room No. 8, Old Post Office.

Refers To

Henry, P.Van Syckel, Saist, Louts, R. & Iv.A. Thornburgh , Sr. tons.
W., P. Fisher, " Jonathan, Jones, "
S.M.Edgell, " Peter, G.Camden, "
John, S.McCune, " Thomas, Haughton, M.D. , "
S.M.Brexkinridge, , " Lynch, Arnot & Co. , "
M.L.Linton., M.D. , " Alexander, Majors, Westport, Mo.
William, S.Cuddy " R.C EwingLexington, , Mo.
FdwardHalf, Sr., " C.B.Holland, , Springfield, Mo.
Blair & bAllinger, Alton, Ill U.E. Rubey Paris, Mo.

Millinery Rooms,
32 1-2 N. Fourth St., Up Stairs,
Three Doors North of Washington Avenue, St. Louis.

G.Pickles., F.Collins., S.Wilson,

G. Pickles & Co. ,
Plumers & Gas Fitters ,
No. 228 South Fourth St.,
St. Louis, Mo.

Manufacture and keep constantly on had, Water
Closets, Bath Tubs, Shower Baths Wash Basin, s Wash
Trays, Copper Boilers. Hydrants. Well and Cistern Pumps
furnished and fitted up in the most approved method.

N.B. Gas Fixtures, Chandeliers, Pendants and Brackets
furnished and repaired. Orders from the country attended
to promptly.

Jas.F.Small, , C.W.Small,

Small & Co. ,
Wholesale Grocers ,
No.119 Second Street,
Bet. Washington Av. & Vine St.,
Saint Louis.