St. Louis directory :
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Correction: WIL-WIN
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Wilson, Margaret, wid.widow John, , r.residence ns. Montgomery bet.
Broadway and 2d
Wilson, Margaret, wid.widow Joseph, , bds. 29 Ashley
Wilson, Maria E., wid.widow George, , es. Menard nr. Mari on
Wilson, Mary, wid.widow Roland, , (col'd,) 86 Almond
Wilson, Miles V., printer , bds. New York din'gsaloon
Wilson, N., s.b.between engineer . bds. 23 n.north 12th
Wilson, Oscar J., clerk , J.Wilson, , 280 n.north 7th
Wilson, Philip, carpenter , r,40s.south 15th
Wilson, Pollock, (Hayden t Wilson,) r.residence Cincinnati
Wilson, Ralph, 35 Benton
Wilson, Robert, boilermaker , Levee bet.between Cedar and
Wilson, Robert, finisher , bds. Washington House
Wilson, Robert, lab.laborer , 12s.south 10th
Wilson, Robert, shipcarpenter , 131 n.north 18th
Wilson, Robert M., bookkeeper , Barclay & Shields , r.residence
76 Collins
Wilson, Robert T., clerk , bds. Francis b.between St. Charles
road and Cass avavenue>
Wilson, Samuel, printer , ns. Pine b.between 6th and 7th
Wilson, Samuel K., (Wilson, Brother & Co.) bds.
Monroe House
Wilson, Sylvester, side Christy av.avenue b.between 20th & 21st
Wilson, Sylvester D., city lumbermaster , Le-
vee c.corner> Cherry; r.residence 360 n.north Main
Wilson, Thomas, wigmaker , es. 7th bet.between Chesnut and
Wilson, Thomas C., carpenter , 37 O'Fallon
Wilson, Thomas H., upholsterer , bds. 21 Benton
Wilson, William, bartender , 277 Broadway
Wilson, William, engineer , 224 Morgan
Wilson, William, hairdresser , 25 n.north 7th
Wilson, William, lab.laborer , 155s.south 3d
Wilson, William, steward , ws. 10th nr. Jefferson
Wilson, William C., grocer , 123 Morgan; r.residence 326
Wilson, William D., boarding, 5th c.corner> Almond
Wilson, William E., —, 22 Olive; bds.boards Planters'
Wilson, William K., 37s.south 6th
Wilson, William K., boarding, 180 n.north 5th
Wilson, William K., (Wilson, Levering & Waters,)
51 n.north Main
Wilson, William K., (Wilson & Dugal,) 5th c.corner> Wash
Wilson, Zacheus G., principal Mound gram, school , r.residence
280 Pine
Wilson, Brother & Co. , (SamuelK., Lafayette
and Louis, R.Wilson,) hardware, 61 n.north Main
Wilson John C. & Co. , (John C.Wilson, and Judson
Allen, ,) marble, &c. , 95 Washington avavenue>
Wilson, Levering & Waters, (William K.
Wilson, , Charles W.Levering, and William H.
Waters, ,) hardware, 51 n.north Main
Wilson & Dugal , (William K.Wilson, and Francis
X.Dugal, ,) painters , 111 Green
Wilson & Smith , (John H.Wilson, and Charles B.
Smith, ,) lumberdealers , Cass av.avenue nw.northwest c.corner> 7th
Wilsynskie, Ignatz, bds. 241s.south 4th
Wilton, James, lettercarrier , 171 Morgan
Wilton, Louis, steamboatcaptain , r.residence ss. Pine nr. 17th
Wiltshire, James, bakery, 537 Broadway
Wiltze, Henry, flourpacker , r.residence rearss.south side Market b.between 20th
and 21st
Wilucki, Ernst, bookkeeper , Bender, Hildenbrandt
& Co. , r.residence 8th b.between Pine and Olive
Wiman, C., artist , r.residence 123 Locust
Wimer, Catharine, wid.widow Jacob, , r.residence 66 n.north llth
Wimer, Charles, artist , bds. 123 n.north 18th
Wimer, Elizabeth, wid.widow George, , boardinghouse, 287
n. 6th
Wimer, Henry, carpenter , ss. Monroe bet.between 15th and
Wimer, John M., judge co. court , ws. 12th b.between Howard
and Brooklyn
Winchester, Benjamin F., milliner , 91 n.north 4th;
r. Everett House
Winckler, George, grocer , Main b.between Cedar and Plum
Winckler, Peter, lab.laborer , Laclede ironworks
Wind, Charles A., (Charles A. Wind & Co.) r.residence 193
n. 2d
Wind Charles A. & Co. , (Charles A.Wind, and
George A.W.August, ,) com.commission mer. , 153 n.north 3d
Windecker, John S., blacksmith , r.residence Market c.corner> Man-
chester road
Windegger, Anthon, cabinetmaker , 426 n.north 9th
Windel, Charles, butcher , 19 City market
Windel, Henry, shoemaker , r.residence ws. Jackson nr.s.south 2d
Winder, John, woodsawyer , 21 Rutgers
Windermoth, August, carpenter , Mulberry c.corner> 3d
Windhorst, Fritz, carpenter , r.residence c. 12th and Madison
Windhorst, Henry, carpenter , ns. Soulard b.between Decatur
and Fulton
Windler, Hermann, bricklayer , side Soulard cor.
Windley, Thomas, salesman , 293 Broadway
Windley, Thomas, trader , bds. 245 Broadway
Windofer, Bernard, baker , r.residence 12th bet.between Biddle and
Windwood, John, tailor , 150 n.north 3d
Winegar, John, tanner , ns. Arrow bet.between Buel and
Winehagen, George, (Winehagen fc Hornbostle,) r.residence
es. 7th b.between Sidney and Lynch
Wineland, Andrew, steamboatcaptain , r.residence 32 Carr
Wineland, Walter, clerk , r.residence 32 Carr
Wineling, John, porter , ws. Hamtramck av.avenue near
Wing, Alexander H., steamboatclerk , r.residence ss. Clark av.avenue
near Mercer
Wing, Andrew H., (Black V Wing,) r.residence 122 Walnut
Wing, Henry, carpenter , St. Louis steamforge
Wing, Job M., steamboatcaptain , r.residence ws. Emily near
Wing, Malinda, wid.widow John, , side Clark av.avenue near
Wingate, Robert F., lawyer , 97 Chesnut; r.residence ss.south side Lucy
s. Clark avavenue>
Wingerter, Rudolph, cigarmaker , r.residence 51s.south 2d
Wingler, Eliza, mother of the academy of the Ursuline
nuns , r.residence es. State b.between Russell av.avenue and Ann avavenue>
Wingler, John, shoemaker , al.alley near Rutgers bet.between 6th
and 7th
Wingler, Lorentz, stonecutter , r.residence ne.c.corner> Soulard and
Wingodt, Charles, blacksmith , r.residence ns. Lafayette b.between
Jackson and Columbus
Winheim, Gustav, clerk , bds. 80s.south 2d
Winhler, Joseph, musician , r.residence ns. Soulard b.between Jackson
and Carondelet avavenue>
Winkeller, John B., shoemaker , 80 Franklin avavenue>
Winkelmaier, Louis, (McMurray Winkelmaier & Co.)
r.113 Poplar
Winkelmann, Frederick, saloon, 316s.south 2d; r.residence 318
s. 2d
Winkelmeyer, Christian, bartender , 5 Green
Winkelmeyer, Frederick, cigarmaker , r.residence es. 9th bet.between
Biddle and O'Fallon
Winkelmeyer, Henry, collarmaker , nw.c.corner> 9th and
Winkelmeyer, Henry, lab.laborer , Woodburn & Scott
Winkelmeyer, Julius, (J. Winkelmeyer & Schiffer, ) r.residence
ss. Market near 18th
Winkelmeyer, William, clerk , bds.boards 45 n.north 12th
Winkelmeyer J. & Schiffer , (JuliusWinkelmeyer, and
GeorgeSchiffer, ,) brewers , Market c.corner> 18th
Winkenhower, Herman, boots and shoes, 207 Frank-
lin avavenue>
Winkes, Henriker, es. Fulton near Carroll
Winkleman, Elizabeth, wid.widow George, , milliner , 767
Winklemeyer, John H., salesman , Noonan & Co. , r.residence
9th b.between O'Fallon and Cass avavenue>
Winklemyer, George H., wagonmaker , 4 w.west
Winkler, Frederick A., carpenter , Cerre bet.between 8th
and 9th
Winkler, John, lab.laborer , Buelsw.south west c.corner> Marion
Winkler, John, (Winkler & Klein,) r.residence 101 Carr
Winkler, John A., basketmaker , 326s.south 5th; r.residence 7th nr.
Park avavenue>
Winkler, Joseph, soapmaker , bds. 364s.south 7th