St. Louis directory :
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Correction: O'CO-O'HE
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O'Connell, Anna, wid.widow James, , alley b.between 10th and llth
near O'Fallon
O'Connell, Catharine, wid.widow Joseph, , Carr b.between 22d & 23d
O'Connell, Daniel, blacksmith , r.residence Clay av.avenue nr. Warren
O'Connell, Daniel, clerk , bds. 190 Washington avavenue>
O'Connell, Daniel, lab.laborer , 135 Carr
O'Connell, Dennis, lab.laborer , bds. 135 Carr
O'Connell, James, boardinghouse , 97 n.north Levee
O'Connell, John, boilermaker , side Franklin av.avenue
b. Pratte av.avenue and Beaumont
O'Connell, John, grocer , 82 Locust
O'Connell, Jobn, miller , bds. 33 Biddle
O'Connell, John, tailor , 245 Wash
O'Connell, Maurice, lab.laborer , alley near Franklin av.avenue bet.between
9th and 10th
O'Connell, Michael, cooper , 93 Wash
O'Connell, Michael, drayman , r.residence 185 Christy avavenue>
O'Connell, Michael, lab.laborer , 2d b.between Spring & Montgomery
O'Connell, Michael, maltster , Stoddard av.avenue near Chou-
teau avavenue>
O'Connell, Patrick, porter , James, Ham, r.residence l4th bet.between
Wash andFranklin. avavenue>
O'Connell, Simon, liverystable , 201 n.north 5th; r.residence 314 n.north
O'Connell, Thomas, tailor , rear 14th b.between O'Fallon and
cass avavenue>
O'Connell, William, mail clerk , Missouri Democrat, r.residence
Biddle near 10th
O'Connell, William, waiter , bds.boards 13 n.north 4th
O'Conner, Alfred, cooper , bds. l4th c.corner> Randolph
O'Conner, James, bartender , bds. 98 n.north Levee
O'Conner, Jeremiah, shoemaker , bds. Washington
O'Conner, John, r.residence 366 Broadway
O'Conner, Letitia, wid.widow James, , r.residence ns. Spruce b.between 12th
and 13th
O'Conner, Michael, lab.laborer , 23 Wright
O'Conner, Michael, saloon , 98 n.north Levee
O'Conner, Michael S., restaurant , 90 n.north Levee
O'Conner, Patrick, lab.laborer , bds. 79 Green
O'Conner, Thomas, butcher , 11 outside North market;
r. Laclede av.avenue nr. John
O'Conner, Thomas, butcher , stall on Broadway, r.residence
Laclede av.avenue near Garrison
O'Conner, William, carpenter , bds. 3dse.south east c.corner> Hazel
O Conner, William, lab.laborer , 21 Wright
O'Connor, Andrew, carpenter , O'Fallon b.between 22d & 23d
O'Connor, Ann, wid.widow Arthur , quilter, al.alley nr. Rutgers
b. 6th and 7th
O'Connor, Charles, wks. St. Louis carworks
O'Connor, Christopher, plumber , O'Fallon bet.between 6th
and 7th
O'Connor, Cornelius, lab.laborer , 10 Spruce
O'Connor, David, grocer , 41s.south 13th
O'Connor, David, wagonmaker , Morgan b.between 6th & 7th
O'Connor, George, provision dealer , 80 Spruce; r.residence 48
n. 6th
O'Connor, Hugh, copyist , 276 n.north 13th
O'Connor, Jeremiah, shoemaker , bds. Washington
O'Connor, John, bds. 144 n.north 14th
O'Connor, John, carpenter , at Giles F. Filley's
O'Connor, John, moulder , bds. 484 n.north Main
O'Connor, Matthew, butcher , 8 n.north Market; r.residence Page
av.avenue nr. Spring
O'Connor, Michael, lab.laborer , 183 n.north 7th
O'Connor, Patrick, tailor , 81 n.north 10th
O'Connor, Peter, storekeeper , Kendall, 153 Morgan;
bds. Biddle b.between 6th and 7th
O'Connor, Thomas, cook , Provenchere nr. Chouteau
O'Connor, Timothy, bookkeeper , P. & B. Slevin , r.residence
Division c.corner> 19th
O'Connor, William, wks. St. Louis carworks
O'Connor, William, carriagemaker , bds.n.north market c.corner>
O'Connor, William F., printer , 65 O'Fallon
O'Connors, william F.carpenter , al.alley b.between 5th and 6th
nr. Cerre
O'Donald, William F., carpenter , al.alley b.between 6th and 7th near
O'Donnell, Charles, marblecarver , 58s.south 7th
O'Donnell, Edward, baker , bds 192 n.north 6th
O'Donnell, Hugh, lab.laborer , al.alley nr. Carr b.between 6th and 7th
O'Donnell, Hugh, lab.laborer , ns. Sidney nr. Jackson
O'Donnell, James, drayman , 139 n.north 12th
O'Donnell, James, lab.laborer , 244 Market
O'Donnell, James, lab.laborer , 384 n.north Main
O'Donnell, James, machinist , c. Main and Myrtle
O'Donnell, Jeremiah, lab.laborer , alley near Maiket bet.between 9th
and 10th
O'Donnell, Jeremiah, machinist , Market b.between 9th & 10th
O'Donnell, John, lab.laborer , ns. Spruce b.between 12th and 13th
O'Donnell, John, riverman , 24 Collins
O'Donnell, Michael, riverman , rear 81 Morgan
O'Donnell, Thomas, lab.laborer , 112 Green
O'Donnell, Thomas, moulder , bds. 17th b.between O'Fallon
and Cass avavenue>
O'Donnell, William, butcher , Carondelet avenue near
O'Donnell, William, drayman. 338 Biddle
O'Donnell, William C., carpenter , bds.boards 31 n.north 12th
O'Donahoe, Terry, watchman , Bank of St. Louis
O'Donohue, William, tailor , rear 870 Broadway
O'Driscol, John H., carpenter , bds. 60 Franklin avavenue>
O'Dwyer, William, carpenter , bds. O'Fallon House
O'Fallon, James, fruitstore , Biddle b.between Collins and 2d;
r. 69 n.north 5th
O'Fallon, James, peddler , 27 Florida
O'Fallon, Jambs J., (J.J. O'Fallon & Co.) r.residence 5th
ne.c.corner> St. Charles
O'Fallon, John, 103 Locust; r.residence Bellefontaine road
O'Fallon, John, stonecutter , Conde nr. 22d
O'Fallon, John, trunkmaker , 54 n.north 9th
O'Fallon, Martin, stonecutter , bds. Commercial Hotel
O'Fallon Polytechnic Institute , 4th c.corner>
St. Charles
O'Fallon J.J. & Co. , (James, J.O'Fallon, Rich-, H.Cole and Charles, P.Chouteau.) nut and
bolt factory , 17, 10 and 21 Biddle. (See advt.)
O'Farrell, Ann, dressmaker , 52 n.north 6th
O'Flaherty, Eliza, wid.widow Thomas , ws. 8th near Chou-
teau avavenue>
O'Flaherty, Patrick, policeman , 17thsw.south west c.corner> Morgan
0'Flinn, Richard, clerk , E.P. Pettis & Co. , Pine bet.between
14th and 15th
O'Gallagher, James, pharmaceutist , 722 Broad-
0'Geary Patrick, lab.laborer 282 n.north 7th
O'Grady, John F., clerk , P. Nicholson, ne.northeast c.corner> Gratiot
and 5th
O'Hair, John, steamboatman , 27 Chambers
0'Hallerton, John, lab.laborer , ss. Benton b.between 9th and 10th
O'Hanlon, Charles, porter , Mepham & Brother
O'Hanlon, Daniel W., salesman , C.B. Hubbell, Jr.,&
Co. , bds. 95 Washington avavenue>
O'Hanlon, James, clerk , bds. 281s.south 4th
O'Hanlon, William, clerk , bds. 281s.south 4th
O'Hara, Anne, wid.widow William, , boarding, 96 Olive
O'Hara, Bernard, lab.laborer , 283 n.north 8th
O'Hara, Charles M., Revere House , 149 Market
O'Hara, Daniel, lab.laborer , 143 Green
O'Hara, Daniel, quarryman , ns. Green b.between 7th & 8th
O'Hara, Hugh, chairmaker , c.corner> 14th and
O'Hara, James, blacksmith , 170 Green
O'Hara, John, bricklayer , al.alley bet.between Franklin av.avenue and
Wash nr. 22d
O'Hara, John, clerk , side 5th b.between Biddle and Carr
O'Hara, John, driver , H.N. Kendall & Co
O'Hara, John T., grocer , 114 n.north 6th
O'Hara, Michael, stonemason , 121 Christy avavenue>
O'Hara, Thomas, stonecutter , 121 Christy avavenue>
O'Hara, William, (O'Hara & Keogh,) bds. 245 Broad-
O'Hara & Keogh , (Wm.O'Hara, and Daniel, Keogh,)
clothingstore , 245 Broadway
O'Hare, Hugh, chairmaker , bds. l4th b.between Howard and
O'Hare, John, chairpainter , bds. 14th b.between Howard and
O'Hearn, Ellen K., wid.widow Patrick, , Biddle c.corner> 20th