St. Louis directory :
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Wood, —, Captain , bds. Virginia Hotel
Wood, Abraham, brewer , rear Franklin 9th
and 10th; r.residence 223 Chesnut
Wood, Alanson G., law'r , 25n. 5th; res. 98 n.north 5th
Wood, Albert W., daguerrean , 104 Market; bds.boards 140
Wood, Alonzo H., steamboat captain , r.residence Barlow cor.
Wood, Andrew, bartender , 162 n.north 5th
Wood, Charles H., (Young, Bros. & Co.) bds.
Wood, Charles R., grocer , Magwire near Fillmore
Wood, Edward, foreman , Lewis, Perry & Co. , r.residence ns.
Morgan b.between 21st and 22nd
Wood, Edward, tobaccomouldmaker , Morgan c.corner> 22nd
Wood, Evan B., physician , 441 Market
Wood, Francis, fireman , r.residence 372s.south 2nd
Wood, Frederick M., (R. Streett & Co.) bds. Bar-
nnm's Hotel
Wood, George, drover , Broadway opp. Mound Market
Wood, George, man. Wood's Theater, 60 n.north 4th;
r. Cincinnati, 0.
Wood, Henry, cooper , r.residence 232 Carondelet avavenue>
Wood, Henry E., coaldealer , Levee; r.residence al.alley b.between Franklin
av.avenue and Wash nr. 17th
Wood, Horatio, mem. Common Council , r.residence 122 n.north 9th
Wood, James E., side 17th b.between Morgan and Christy
Wood, James R., r.residence w. of Reservoir
Wood, Jane B., wid.widow Arba W., r.residence 202 Franklin avavenue>
Wood, John, agt.agent , r.residence 59 n.north 8th
Wood, John, lab.laborer , se.c.corner> Miller and Columbus
WoodJohn, Jr., agt ., r.residence 59 n.north 8th
Wood, Joseph W., carpenter , r.residence Carr c.corner> 25th
Wood, Josephine M., principal Fairmount school , 122
n. 9th
Wood, Orlando J., (O.J. Wood & Co.) r.residence N.Y.
Wood, Pierre, boxbookkeeyer , Wood's Theater, r.residence
69 n.north 4th
Wood, Robert J., clk. , Kelley & Harding , 259 Wash-
ington avavenue>
Wood, Thomas, riverman , bds. 104 n.north Levee
Wood, Thomas, (Wood & Silence.) 177 n.north 12th
Wood, Warren L., com. boots and shoes, 15 n.north Main,
up stairs; r.residence 123 Chesnut
Wood, William, r.residence 251½ Broadway
Wood, William, sb. mate , ss. Lucas b.between l6th and 17th
Wood, William D., secy. Citizens' Ins.Co. , r.residence 35
n. 8th
Wood, William L., clk. , Howard & Hinchman ,
74 n.north Levee
Wood, William T., 5 Kennett's bldg.building ; r.residence 250 Pine
Wood O.J. & Co., (Orlando J. Wood & Jonathan
B. Kimball,) patent medicines, 114 Market
Wood & Silence, (Thomas Wood fc Thomas Silence,)
mer. tailors , 4 and 8 Green
Woodward, Charles, carpenter , bds.ns.north side Pacific near
Summit avavenue>
Woodbridge, Anable, bookkeeper , Manny, Drake &
Co. , 114 n.north 9th
Woodburn, Jacob, (Woodburn & Scott,) r.residence 106 Collins
Woodburn & Scott,(Jacob Woodburn fe Thomas
Scott,) spoke, felloe, hub and wheel factory,
Broadway ne.c.corner> Ashley
Wo dcock, John, foreman porkpacker , r.residence 270s.south 2nd
Woodley, George, cooper , 62 O'Fallon
Woodley, Stephen, (col'd,) woodyard . ws. 7th bet.between
O'Fallon and Cass av.avenue ; r.residence llth bet.between Madison and
Woodlock, Daniel, lab.laborer , al.alley b.between Wash and Carr nr. 22d
Woodlock, David, drayman , Wash b.between 21st and 22nd
Woodlock, John, clk. , Wonderly, Heydel & Co. , r.residence 6th
b. Cerre and Gratiot
Woodlock, John, drayman , bds. Carr b.between 21st and 22d
Woodlock, John, porter , side Walnut b.between Main and
Woodlock, Michael, lab.laborer , ss. Clark av.avenue b.between 14th & 15th
Woodlock, Patrick, clk. , Porter , White & Co. , bds.
Gratiot b.between 9th and 10th
Woodlock, Patrick, marbleworker , al.alley b.between Spruce and
Poplar nr, 13th
Woodman, Harvey T., auctioneer , es. Collins near
Woodroof, John, foreman , empire stove works , r.residence ws.
Gratiot b.between 9th and 10th
Woodrow, Frances, widEdward, , r.residence 55 n.north 17th
Woodruff, Archibald, butcher , c. 9th and Rutgers
Woodruff, George, moulder . 10th b.between Market and Walnut
Woodruff, H. R., bds. Farmers' Hotel
Woodruff, Hampton, (Woodruff & Wieler,) bds. at
Wedge House
Woodruff, John O., (Hening & Woodruff,) r.residence at N.Y.
Woodruff, Sarah, (col'd,) wid.widow William, , washwoman .
41 n.north 9th
Woodruff, William H., clerk , r.residence 34 Labeaume
Woodruff & Wieler, (Hampden Woodruff & —,)
butchers , 15 Center Market
Woods, —, bookkeeper , bds. 14s.south 4th
Woods, Andrew, barkeeper , r.residence 5th bet.between Franklin av.avenue
and Wash
Woods, Andrew, steward , 66 Carr
Woods, Andrew, (Woods, Christy & Co.) r.residence Pine bet.between
With and 17th
Woods, Boyd, plasterer , O'Fallon c.corner> 17th
Woods, Cornelius, boatman , 261 Carr
Woods, Daniel, drayman , 281s.south 2nd
Woods, David C., lawyer , 33 Chesnut; bds.boards Locust
b. 9th and 10th
Woods, Dennis, grocer , 317s.south 2nd
Woods, Dunbar W., tinner , r.residence 102 n.north 9th
Woods, Edward, clk. , Smyth, Gore & Co. , bds. Plant-
ers' House
Woods, Edward, shoemaker , bds. Walnut c.corner> 5th
Woods, Edward P., grocer , Randolph nw.northwest c.corner> 14th
Woods, Francis, gasmaker , gasworks
Woods, George, carpenter , 109 n.north 3d
Woods, George S., clerk , Pacific mills , bds. Planters'
Woods, James, grocer , 221 n.north 7th
Woods, James, (Woods, Christy & Co.) r.residence at Nash-
ville, Teen
Woods, John L., bookkeeper , Molony & Tilton , bds.
175 n.north 5th
Woods, Joseph M., r.residence 229 n.north 6th
Woods, Lucinda A., wid.widow Wade H., r.residence ss. Spring b.between
9th and 10th
Woods, Luther, riverclerk , bds. 6 n.north 13th
Woods, Mary, widow, al.alley near Carr b.between 8th and 9th
Woods, Mary, widow, (col'd,) al.alley bet.between Clark av.avenue and
Woods, Michael, painter , bds. 199 n.north 7th
Woods, Owen, blacksmith , bds. 221 n.north 7th
Woods, Patrick, riverman , bds. 14 Morgan
Woods, Robert. K., (Woods, Christy & Co.) r.residence Lucas
place b.between 15th and 16th
Woods, Squire, (col'd,) whitener , al.alley near Carr bet.between
6th and 7th
Woods, Stephenson, architect , ws. 10th near Webster
Wood'S, Theater, (GeorgeWood, , proprietor ,) 69
n. 4th
Wood, Thomas, 60 Myrtle
Woods, William S., (Keith & Woods,) r.residence 45s.south 5th
Woods, Christy & Co. . (JamesWoods, , William
T.Christy, , Robert K.Woods, , William T.Gen-, and AndrewWoods, ,) wh. drygoods, 57 & 59
n. Main. (See advt.)
Woodson, Lafayette M., s.b.between cook , r.residence 203 n.north 7th
Woodson, R.Goodridge, (Bates & Woodson,) r.residence
s. 5th
Woodward, Aurelia, widow, r.residence 170 Olive
Woodward, Corydon R., bookkeeper , es. llth bet.between
Benton and n.north Market
Woodward, Edward K., bookseller and station-
er , 90 n.north 4th; r.residence 147 Chesnut
Woodward, Frederick, salesman , Haywood, Carr &
Co. , bds. Monroe House
Woodward, Henry M., forw'dg and com,mer. ,
13s.south Main; r.residence 157 Locust
Woodward, Increase R., printer , St. Lonis Advocate ,
r.Market beyond Wedge House
Woodward, James, (Clegg & Woodward,) r.residence ne.c.corner>
O'Fallon and Cass avavenue>