St. Louis directory :
Xau 521 Yen
Correction: WUL-YEN
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Wulff, Frederick, clerk , J. H.Wehmiller, , bds. Wash
c. 15th
Wulfing, Charles(H. Gildehaus & Co.) r.residence es. John-
son nr. Gratiot
Wulfing, Christina, wid.widow Gustavus, , r.residence es. Johnson nr.
Wulfmeyer, Henry, Belchers' sugarhouse
Wulkop, Adolphus, ropemaker , 13th ne.northeast c.corner> Angel-
rodt; r.residence 12thsw.south west c.corner> Angelrodt
Wulley, Frederick, clerk , bds.boards Arbeiter Hall
Wulze, August(F. Eickerman & Co.) r.residence ns. Estelle
bet.between Adolph and Mercer
Wunch, Allwes, lab.laborer , se.c.corner> Columbus and Miller
Wunch, Andy, lab.laborer , al.alley bet.between Jackson and Columbus
nr. Carroll
Wunch, Benedict, peddler , Carr bet.between 17th and 18th
Wunch, Louis, gardener , ss. Park av.avenue nr. Jefferson avavenue>
Wunch, William, teamster , al.alley bet.between 13th and 14th nr.
Wunderhan, Valentine, tailor , 171 Carondelet avavenue>
Wunderlich, Ferdinand, lab.laborer , Geyer av.avenue c.corner> Decatur
Wunderlich, Theodore, carpenter , r.residence 31 Webster
Wunderiick, George, finisher , al.alley nr. Franklin av.avenue b.between
8th and 9th
Wuncck, Jonas, carpenter , r.residence Buchanan nr. Broadway
Wunsch, Benedict, saloon, se.c.corner> Jackson and Carroll
Wunsch, Felix, confectioner , bds. 34 n.north 3d
Wunsch, Henry, lab.laborer , es. Buel b.between Lafayette and Emmet
Wunsch, John, lab.laborer , 24 Carondelet avavenue>
Wunsch, Joseph, plasterer , r.residence 30 Spruce
WunschJoseph, Jr., lab.laborer , 30 Spruce
Wunsch, Max, bartender , east c.corner> Jackson and
Wunsh, Henry, confectioner , Carroll c.corner> Jackson
Wurm, August, stonecutter , c.corner> Jackson and
Wurmb, Theobald T., druggist , sw.c.corner> Salisbury and
Beliefontaine road
Wurmbach, August, cooper , r.residence al.alley s.south 7th bet.between Rutgers
and Hickory
Wurpel, Edmond, (H. Tiefenbrunn & Co.) r.residence 165 Ca-
rondelet avavenue>
Wurpel, Morris, clerk , bds. 165 Carondelet avavenue>
Wurst, Charles, cigarmaker , r.residence 336s.south 3d
Wurst, Philip, cabinetmaker , r.residence 635s.south 7th
Wurst, Philip, porter , r.residence es. 7th bet Arrow and Ann
Wurth, Caleb, lab.laborer , bet.between Carondelet av.avenue and
Jackson nr. Miller
Wurth, Charles A., grocer , 72s.south 2d
Wurth, George, lab, , al.alley nr. Wash bet.between 10th and llth
Wurth, Jacob, teamster , r.residence al.alley bet.between Carondelet av.avenue and
Jackson nr. Miller
Wuste, George, gardener , ws. 21st nr. Bremen avavenue>
Wyand, Peter, blacksmith , bds. Broadway c.corner> Spring
Wyatt, John, butcher , r.residence Manchester road nr. Grand
Wyatt, Martha, wid.widow , r.residence ss. Dock bet.between Bellefontaine
road and Broadway
Wylder, Elizabeth, wid.widow George, , 279 Carr
Wyman, Charles H., lawyer , Kennett's building.
Wyman, Edward, (Wyman, Renick & Co.) r.residence ws.
15th bet.between Market and Clark avavenue>
Wyman, Isaac, (Betts, Mellen & Wyman,) bds.ns.north side
Washington av.avenue bet.between 13th and 14th
Wyman, Lewis R., salesman , 146 n.north 3d; r.residence 7th bet.between
O'Fallon and Cass avavenue>
Wyman, Robert, lab.laborer , bds. Market c.corner> 10th
Wyman, William, lab.laborer , ns. Pacific nr. Summit avavenue>
Wyman, Renick & Co. , (EdwardWyman, . Ro- M.Renick, and WilliamNisbet, ,) cottonseed
oil manufrs., 2d c.corner> Columbia
Wymer, Henry, lab.laborer , ns. Jefferson nr. 12th
Wynn, Michael, lab.laborer , Walnut bet.between 9th and 10th
Xaupi, Edward J., teacher dancing , Washing-
ton av.avenue c.corner> 4th; r.residence 181 Washington avavenue>
Xaupi, X.Jr., physician , 181 Washington avavenue>
Xavier, Francis, cooper , 10th nr. Emmet
Xavier, Walter, 8th c.corner> Washington avavenue>
Xavier, Mier, lab.laborer , side Poplar nr. Ulrici
Yachmann, Hermann, tailor , rear 83 O'Fallon
Yackey, Peter, policeman , ns. Madison b.between 13th
and 14th
Yaeger, Charles, shoemaker , 244 Wash
Yaerer, Nicholas, wagonmaker , r.residence al.alley b.between Jackson and
Columbus nr. Carroll
Yaeger, Jost, sugarmaker . n. 2nd se. Mullanphy
Yagel, Sebastian, ploughmaker , r.residence al.alley nr. Lafayette b.between
Jackson and Carondelet avavenue>
Yager, Henry, cooper , r.residence Cozens nr. Chouteau avavenue>
Yager, Henry, lab.laborer , al.alley nr. Carr b.between 8th and 9th
Yager, John, porter , bds. 206 Wash
Yager, Matthew, shoemaker , ss. Maiket bet.between 19th
and 20th
Yager, Philip, baker , r.residence 277 Carondelet avavenue>
Yager, S., shoemaker , bds.ns.north side Morgan b.between 6th and 7th
Yagin, Patrick, riverman , bds. 89 n.north Levee
Yahn, Henry, cooper , 9th nr. Rutgers
Yam, John J., lab.laborer , al.alley b.between 13th and l4th nr. Carr
Yaning, Herman, woodsawyer , ns. Geyer av.avenue near
Yant, John, lab.laborer , Brotherton & Sturgeon
Yant, Valentine, carpenter , r.residence 404 n.north 9th
Yarnale, David, policeman , 1374 Broadway
Yartal, Peter, lab.laborer , ss. Geyer av.avenue bet.between Menard and
Yarush, John, lab.laborer , es. Rosatti c.corner> Carroll
Yates, Henry W., bookkeeper , Henry T. Taylor & Co. ,
rooms 27 n.north 3d
Yates, Hillary G., leatherdresscr , bds. 319s.south 2nd
Yates, John, r.residence 42 n.north 15th
Yates, Susan, wid.widow John, , r.residence al.alley b.between s.south 3d and 4th near
Yager, John, lab.laborer , Market nr. Manchester rd
Yeazer, Conrad, brickmaker , r.residence 25th bet.between Davis and
Cass avavenue>
Yeager, Frederick, carriagepainter , 158 n.north 12th
Yeager, Frederick, shoemaker , bds. 45 Locust
Yeager, Henry C., bookkeeper , 26 Franklin avavenue>
Yeager, Herman, teamster , side Monroe bet.between 15th
and 16th
Yeakel, Frederick, carriagepainter , r.residence ws. 12th bet.between
Franklin av.avenue and Wash
Yeakel, Henry, painter , bds. Washington House
Yearling, Xavier, lab.laborer , 1149 Broadway
Yearsley, James, blacksmith , bds.boards 140 n.north 7th
Yearsley, Malinda, boardinghouse, 140 n.north 7th
Yearsley, Thomas, carriage blacksmith , 140 n.north 7th
Yeates, Joseph H., (J.H. & W.A. Yeates,) bds.
American House
Yeates, William A., (J.H. & W.A. Yeates,) bds.
American House
Yeates J.H. & W. A, (Joseph H. & William A.)
bellows manfrs. , 293 Washington av.avenue (See advt.)
Yeatman, James E., (Yeatman, Robinson & Co.) r.residence
Bellefontaine rd
Yeatman, Robinson & Co. (James E.Yeatman, ,
George R.Robinson, and James J.Garrard, ,)
com.commission mers. , 168 n.north 2nd
Yeats, John W., (McEnnis & Co.) nw.cor. 15th and
Christy avavenue>
Yeats, Thomas, plumber , 26 Carondelet avavenue>
Yegar, Peter, patternmaker , 117 n.north llth
Yeges, Antonio, cigarmaker , side Carondelet av.
b. Lafayette and Soulard
Yeller, William, lab.laborer , bds.sw.south west c.corner> 3d and Convent
Yellick, Nicholas, (King & Co.) r.residence 14 Vine
Yellinger, John, carpenter , Giles F.Filley,
Yellon, Almond, tinner , bds. 16 Collins
Ycngal, George, cooper , es, DeKalb bet.between Emmet and
Yengal, John, cooper , r.residence es. DeKalb b.between Lafayette and
Yengal, Martin, cooper , side DeKalb bet.between Emmet
and Lafayette
Yengal, Nicholas, lab.laborer , ea. DeKalb b.between Emmet and La-