St. Louis directory :
You 523 Zah
Correction: YEO-ZAH
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Yeoding, Henry, lab.laborer , Biddle ne,c.corner> 14th
Yerg, Henry, cooper , r.residence ss. Ann av.avenue bet.between 7th and
Yerger, Antoine, r.residence ss. Franklin av.avenue b.between 22nd and 23d
Yerger, Charles, shoemaker , bds.nw.northwest c.corner> Carr & Main
Yerka, Henry. teamster , 22 Spring
Yettell, Andrew, lab.laborer , ws. Rosatti nr. Emmet
Yeule, James, siiverplater , bds. 74 Franklin avavenue>
Yoackel, Jacob, 111 n.north 9th
Yohe, George, sb. engineer , r.residence rear 42 Chesnnt
Yoke, August, drayman , al.alley b.between 10th and llth near
Yokam, Auton, porter , 205 n.north 6th
Yolivet, Alfred, jeweler , 274s.south 5th
Yolk, Antoine, lab.laborer , ws. llth b.between Angelrodt and Des-
Yoltman, John, shoemaker , ws. Kosciusko b.between Lespe-
rance and Picotte
Yong, Peter, shoemaker , bds. 60 Morgan
Yopst, Teresa, al,nr. Rutgers b.between 7th and 8th
Yore, John E., agt.agent , James H.Lucas, , ns. Chesnut
b. 8th and 9th
Yore, Patrick, steamboat captain , r.residence 37s.south 15th
Yore, Vincent, pilot , r.residence ns. Chesnut b.between 8th aud 9th
Yos, Joseph, brewer , bds. Jacksonsw.south west c.corner> Lami
Yost, Lewis, foreman , Chas.Hoalcelle, , side 7th b.between
Lynch and Lane
Yost, Christian, mason , r.residence 870 Broadway
Yost, George, cooper , side Market b.between 19th & 20th
Yost, George, ostlet , bds. Olivesw.south west c.corner> 3d
Yost, Henry, furniture, Hickory nr. Provenchere
Yost, Henry, salesman , JohnWann, , bds. Monroe
Yost, Isaac S., turner , bds. 35 Ashley
Yost, Jacob, porter , r.residence al.alley b.between 3d and 4th nr. Rutgers
Yost, James H., clk. , Webster, Marsh & Co. , bds.
City Hotel
Yost, James S., clerk , Woodburn & Scott , r.residence 35 Ashley
Yost, Margaret, wid.widow Adolph, , r.residence al.alley b.between 3d and 4th nr.
Yost, William, bookbinder , Rutgers nr. 9th
Yosting, Henry, lab.laborer , 204 n.north 12th
Youkish, Frank, lab.laborer , 279s.south 7th
Young, Abraham P., engineer , bds. Choutz nr. Pratte
Young, Alexander, lab.laborer , ws. 10th nr. Chambers
Young, Alexander, (Young, Brothers & Co.) bds.
Barnum's Hotel
Young, Andrew, baker , side Linn nr. Carroll
Young, Andrew, puddler , se.c.corner> 2nd and Ferry
Young, Ann, wid.widow Thomas, , 115 n.north 12th
Young, Charles, bds. 165 Washington avavenue>
Young, Charles, quarryman , r.residence 489 Carondelet avavenue>
Young, Charles E., policeman , r.residence al.alley b.between Bellefoutaine
rd.road and llth nr. Angelrodt
Young, Charlotte, wid.widow Robert, , r.residence es. Beliefontaine rd.
b. Dock and Harrison
Young, Christian, carpenter , rear 36 Myrtle
Young, Christopher, lab.laborer , es. Columbus b.between Marion and
Young, Daniel, lab.laborer , ns. Lafayette b.between Jackson and
Young, Daniel C., (Young, Brothers & Co.) bds.
Barnum's Hotel
Young, David, lather , al.alley b.between 12th and 13th nr. Wash
Young, Divid, plasterer , ns. O'Fallon b.between 11th & 12th
Young, Dede, machinist , r.residence 14thsw.south west c.corner> Chambers
Young, Francis, shoemaker , bds. 140 Carr
Young, G., shoemaker , bds. 60 Morgan
Young, Gavin, lab.laborer , east c.corner> 2nd and Ferry
Young, George B., clk. , Richardson, , Mellier & Co. ,
77 Wash
Young, Henry, carpenter , bds. Market c.corner> 10th
Young, J. B., bds. American House
Young, Jacob, drayrman , 306 Franklin avavenue>
Young, Jacob, patternmaker at Hardesty, Carter &
Young, James, (col'd,) whitener , llth b.between O'Fallon
and Cass avavenue>
Young, James P., entryclk. , Hayden & Wilson , r.residence llth
b. Market and Clark avavenue>
Young, James W., (J.W. Youug & Co.) bda. 122
n. 5th
Young, Jeremiah Y., lawyer , Olivesw.south west c.corner> Main;
r. 264 n.north 8th
Young, John, 115 n.north 12th
Young, John, carpenter , r.residence 174 Green
Young, John, puddler , r.residence se.c.corner> 2d and Ferry
Young, John, saddler , Main cor. 2d; r.residence ss.south side Gamble av.
near High
Young, Margaret, wid.widow Joseph, , rear 409 n.north Main
Young, Mary A., wid.widow William, , r.residence 320 n.north 2d
Young, Matthias, teamster , se. corner DeKalb and
Young, Michael, lab.laborer , 122 Christy avavenue>
Young, Peter, sausagemaker , r.residence 1039 Broadway
Young, Samuelstonecutter , r.residence 174 Green
Young, Samuel H., judge recorder's court , r.residence 264
n. 8th
Young, Stephen, barber , es. 7th bet.between Chesnut and
Young, Thomas, lab.laborer , 124 Christy avavenue>
Young, Thomas S., (Young, Bros. & Co.) r.residence at New
Young Van Buren,(Shields & Young,) 9th cor.
Young, William, r.residence 189 Pine
Young, William, peddler , ws. Closey near Julia
Young, William, steamboatcaptain , r.residence 42 East Mound
Young, William, shoemaker , r.residence 226 Franklin avavenue>
Young, William, (Young, Bros. & Co.) r.residence 189 Pine
Young, William D., coppersmith , r.residence 320 n.north 2d
Young, Bros. & Co., (Thomas S.Young, , William
Young, , AlexanderYoung, , Charles H.Wood, ,
Daniel C. Young & Charles Peirine ,) wholesale
clothing, 135 n.north Main
Young J.W. & Co. , (G. D.Radeker, and James W.
Young, .) wood and coaldealers . 141 n.north 6th
Youngblood, William, r.residence 5 Christy avavenue>
Younger, Charles, brickmaker , ns. Gravois road near
McNair avavenue>
Younger, Charles, musician , Hickory nears.south 5th
Younger, Elizabeth, wid.widow Bernard, , r.residence rear 206 Frank-
lin avavenue>
Youngkuntz, Henry, flourpacker , r.residence 285s.south 4th
Youngman, Anthony, porter , r.residence rear 854 Broadway
Youngman, John, shipcarpenter , r.residence al.alley lear 13th nr.
Yoxall, John, clerk , Thayer, Hart & Co. , r.residence 206
Washington avavenue>
Yud, Joseph, cooper , al.alley near Jackson b.between Barry and
Yule, Alexander, r.residence 201 Olive
Yule, James, silverplater , bds. Franklin av.avenue b.between 6th
and 7th
Yung, Abraham, shoemaker , r.residence ss. Lafayette b.between Jack-
son and Columbus
Yung, Henry, carpenter , bds. 362 n.north 2d
Yung, Sylvester, machinist , bds. 245s.south 4th
Yungen, Joseph, tailor , ws. Rosatti near Emmet
Yust, Andrew, turner , r.residence es. 2d bet.between Monroe and n.north
Yust, John, ostler , 119 n.north 3d
Zabold, Zachariah, r.residence al.alley b.between Carondelet av.avenue and
Jackson near Miller
Zaccorini, Luizi, saloon, 50 Washington avavenue>
Zacharich, Frederick, milkdealer , rear ws.west side Buel near
Zacheisz, Henry, carpenter , al.alley bet.between 9th and 10th nr.
Zacheisz, Peter, shoemaker , alley b.between 9th and 10th nr.
Zacher, Christiancooper , bds. 13th bet.between Carr and
Zachritz, Frederick, hairdresser ,69 O'Fallon
Zachritz, Frederick W., hairdresser , Rutgers nr. 5th
Zaenard, Charles, hairdresser , bds. 61s.south 3d
Zahn, Eva, grocer , 257s.south 4th
Zahn, Jacob, huckster , South market, r.residence rear ws.west side 3d
near Convent
Zahn, Joseph, cardriver , 479 Carondelet avavenue>