St. Louis directory :
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E.Mawdsley, . H.Mepham, .

W.G. Ashdown & Co. ,
Gas & Steam Pipe Fitters ,
40 North Third Street,
Between Chesnut and Fine,
Wholesale & Retail Dealers in all kinds of Chandelierz.

Always On Hand A Rich Assortment
Chandeliers, Brackets And Pendants.
Privte And Public Buildings,
Offices And Stores,
Fitted up for use of Gass in the most approved

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Steam Buildings, Factories & Stores
Fitted Up
Inthe most approved manner, for stectm.
All kincs of Steam Pipe Work d ne in the
best styles, and warranted to give

Always an hand, all kinds of
Steam Pipe Fittings, Valves, Gauges, Stop Cocks,
And everything connected with Steam Pipe Work.

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Charles F.Whorf, ,
Dealer In
Warm Air Surnaces
Of All Sizes,
Either For Coal Oir, Wood.

The Coal Furnace is made expressly for Western Coal.

The Wood Furjvace Takes 4 ft. Wood-No Sawing Is Required.

The Grand Prize Medal Cooking Range of the Missouri State Pair of 1858, either for Coal or Wood. They are made
in the West and for the West—a home-made article, adapted to our coal. They vary in sizes from 4 ft to 34 ft.. are
equally adapted to all public institutions, as well as private dwellings. It has all the modern improvements, such as
water-heater, by which the water for washing, kitchen and bath is heated ; also, a steak boiler, steam and heat flue, is
attached, which conveys the heat and all the fumes from the kitchen in warm wtather, and steam and fumes from
the kitchen in cold weather. Warm air registers, of all descriptions; ventilators, of all sizes; French and English
saucepan ware, of the finest quality; Porcelain saucepans; castiion pie plates; pie forks, a new article, of great con-
venience in even family. Kitchen furnishing Goods, of every description, kept constantly on hand.

Call Examine.

No, 45 North Fifth Street,
Between Oiire and Locust,
Saint Louis.