St. Louis directory :
Obe 358 Ogd
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Obear, Ephraim G., clerk , Josiah, H.Obear, ns. 10th
b. Chesnut and Pine
Obear, Gardner, real estate agt.agent , 71 Chesnut: r.residence 20
n. 10th
Obear, Josiah H., real estate broker and auction-
eer , 71 Chesnut; r.residence 117 Chesnut
Obear, William F., (Wilson Bro. & Co.) r.residence ws. 17th
c. Christy av.avenue
Obechot, Mary, (col'd,) wid.widow Francis, , r.residence es. Columbus
nr. Marion
Oben, Frederick, hairdresser , Marketsw.south west c.corner> 8th
Obenhous, William, grocer , ns. Bellefontaine road b.between
Destrehan and Mallinckrodt
Ober, Albert G., (R.P. Ober & Co.) bds. Virginia
Ober, Christian, hairdresser , al.alley near Market c.corner> 8th
Ober, Robert H., (Ober, Norris & Co.) bds. Virginia
Ober, Robert P., (K.P. Ober & Co.)
Ober, Thomas H., carpenter , 305 n.north 7th
Ober, William A., bookkeeper , Roberts & Morton, bds.boards
se.c.corner> 9th and Locust
Ober Norris & Co. , (Robert, H.Ober.Edmund,
R.Norris, Levi E. Taylor & James N. Norris ,)
wholesale grocers , 62 n.north 2d (See advt.)
Ober R.P. & Co. , (Robert P. & Albert G. Ober &
CharlesD. Rearick,) wholesale grocers , 117 n.north 2d
(See advt.)
Oberbach, Herman, carpenter , 123 Biddle
Oberbeck, Christian, 274 n.north 8th
Oberdeen, John, clerk , liverystable, rear 42 Lombard
Obereter, Martin, lab.laborer . 1049 Broadway
Oberfoell, William, butcher , 3 north market; r.residence near
Three-mile House
Oberhaus, Henry, cigarmaker , 10th b.between Wash & Carr
Oberhaus, John, printer , 129 n.north 9th
Oberhauser, Bernhard, lab.laborer , rear 7th b.between Lafayette and
Oberhelzer, Caspar, lab.laborer , c.corner> Rosatti and
Oberhus, Henry, cigarmaker , 83 n.north 10th
Oberkrom, Herman, wagonmaker , bds. 16th b.between Frank-
lin av.avenue and Wash
Oberler, Conrad, r.residence ss. Franklin av.avenue near 22d
Obermann, Henry, al.alley b.between llth and 12th nr. Biddle
Obermann, Henry, cooper , bds. Carr c.corner> 23d
Obermeier, Frederick, porter , 95 Biddle
Obermeier, Louis, clothier , Franklin av.avenue b.between 13th and
14th; r.residence 184 n.north 13th
Obermeyer, August, lab.laborer , 12th b.between O'Fallon and Cass
Obermeyer, Frederick, porter , Bryan , Hardcastle &
Co. , r.residence Biddle b.between 9th and 10th
Obermeyer, Louis, draper , 234 Franklin av;r.residence ws.west side
13th b.between Carr and Biddle
Obermeyer, William, carpenter , es. 8th nr. Biddle
Obermeyer, William, porter , 161 O'Fallon
Obernauer, Michael, brewer , 465 Carondelet avavenue>
Obernier, Catharine, wid.widow Joseph, , 304 Morgan
Obernier, Peter, (P. & W. Obernier,) r.residence 304 Morgan
Obernier, William, (P. & W. Obernier,) r.residence 304
Obernier P. & W. , (Peter, and William, ,) vermicelli
mnfrs. , Al.b.between Franklin av.avenue and Wash nr. 15th
Oberreither, Anthony, plasterer , 214 Wash
Oberschelp, Frederick D., lab.laborer , 154 n.north 9th
Oberschelp, Frederick W., lab.laborer , rear Wash b.between 17th
and 18th
Oberschelp, Herman, lab.laborer , 12th ne.northeast c.corner> O'Fallon
Oberschielft, William, beersaloon , Morgan St.; r.residence Bid-
dle c.corner> 12th
Oberst, Urban, lab.laborer , ws. 2d b.between Harrison and Bu-
Obert, Charles C., stoves and tinware , 1422 Broad-
Obert, Michael, butcher , Broadway nr. city limits
Oberwinder, Philip, lab.laborer , al.alley b.between 12th and 13th near
Oberwinter, Philip, finisher , 12th b.between Wash and Carr
Obes, J. M., cl'k. , William Dean & Co. , r.residence Orange nw.northwest
c. 12th
Obeshaw, Edward, (col'd.) fur trader , Mulberry b.between
Main and 2d
Obleman, Henry, carpenter , at Giles F. Filley's
Obrecht, Michael, liquors , Levee b.between Mulberry
and Cedar
Obrecht, Valentine, bitters mnfr.manufacturer , Levee nw.northwest c.corner> Mul-
Ochocki, Antoine, (A. Ochocki & Co.) r.residence 291s.south 4th
Ochocki, Theresa, midwife , 291s.south 4th
Ochocki A. & Co. , (Antoine, Ochocki and John,
Pawlowioz,) 291s.south 4th
Ochs, Charles M., tailor , 220s.south 2d
Ochs, Henry, shoemaker , Park av.avenue b.between 2d and 7th
Ochs, Martin, shoemaker , 28 Myrtle
Ochsmann, John, lab.laborer , 275 Franklin avavenue>
Ochsner, William, bookkeeper , P. Wild, r.residence 179s.south 2d
Ochtarback, Catharine A., wid.widow , bds. Franklin av.avenue b
Cardinal and Alby
Ochtarback, John C, tailor , Franklin av.avenue b.between Cardinal
and Alby
Ochterback, John D., patternmaker , rear 208 Frank-
lin avavenue>
Ochterback, Adam, clerk , 64 Franklin avavenue>
Ockel, August, grocer , Carr c.corner> 15th; r.residence 15th b.between Carr
and Middle
Ockel, Charles, tailor , Carr c.corner> 14th
Ockel, Conrad, butcher , Center market; r.residence ss.south side Victor
b. Jackson and Easton
Ockenfusz, John, plasterer , 36 Spruce
Ocker, Jacob, shoemaker , bds. 25 Cherry
Ocks, Joseph, shotmaker , bds. 346 n.north 2d
Ocle, Batist, mason , Menard b.between Emmet and Geyer avavenue>
Odd, Christian, teamster , ss. Gamble av.avenue b.between Mercer
and Naomi
Odd, Fellows' Hall, Locust nw.northwest c.corner> 4th
Odell, John, 73 n.north 5th
Odell, Samson, tailor , 3d b.between Locust and Olive
Odell, William, contractor , 13 Benton
Odenwelder, Albert, plasterer , 7th nr. Hickory
Odine, Martin, lab.laborer , 312s.south 7th
Odium, Christopher, carpenter , Carr b.between 20th and
Oebike, William, (Volkening & Oebike,) 41s.south 2d
0ehler, Cornelius, lab.laborer , 9th b.between Cerre and Gratiot
Oelerd, Charles, cigarmaker , 326s.south 5th
Oehman, Peter, boardinghouse , 186 n.north 4th
Oemann, John, drayman , 160 Franklin avavenue>
Oertel, Edward, brewer , bds. Market c.corner> 18th
Oertling, Frederick, tailor , 37 Wash
Oesterman, Jacob, lab.laborer , ss. Mallinckrodt nr. 13th
Oestreicher, Henry, blacksmith , Hickory b.between 5th and
Oetcel, George, sawyer , Smith & Harklerodes
Oeters, Otto, Leatherstore , 64s.south Main
Oeters, Otto F., porter , Roever & Laumeier , r.residence 64s.south
Oetker, William, cigarmaker , 9s.south 2d
Octter, Anton, cooper , rear 7th near Geyer avavenue>
Oetter, Frederick, cooper , rear 171 n.north 14th
Oetters, Frank F., shoemkr , 322 n.north 9th; r.residence 324 n.north 9th
Oetze, Elias, rear 190 n.north llth
Oeverman, Christian F., chairmaker , bds.ns.north side Hemp-
stead b.between Broadway and 9th
Ofendel, Frederick, saddletreemaker , w.Bremen,
Ofenstein, Adam, saloon , 449 Morgan
Oferdek, William, lab.laborer , ss. Mallinckrodt near 12th
Offeld, Ellen, wid.widow Richard , r.residence 200 Franklin avavenue>
Offer, August, porter , Edward Mead & Co. , r.residence 272
Offer, Henry, carpenter , bds. 131 Biddle
Offerman, John B., lab.laborer , 270 Biddle
Offerman, Joseph, tanner , es. Easton near Barton
Office Of Board Of Health , 12 Chesnut
Office Of The Commissary Of Subsistence U.S. Army , 3d b.between Elm and Myrtle
Offner, Antoine, saloon , 333 n.north Main
Ogden, Elspit, milliner , 301 and 303s.south 4th
Ogden, Hiram, collector water rents, 2d district, of-
fice 16 Chesnut; r.residence 22d c.corner> Christy avavenue>
Ogden, James, plasterer , r.residence 57 Center
Ogden, James, stovemoulder , r.residence 303s.south 4th