St. Louis directory :
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Correction: OGD-ORR
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Ogden, Joseph, carpenter , rear 187 n.north 13th
Ogden, Richard, actor , al.alley b.between Carondelet av.avenue and 7th
near Carroll
Ogier, Adolph, bartender , bds. 64 Cedar
Ogle, John, flourpacker at D. Marks' mill
Oglesby, Joseph H., com.commission mer. , 13 City bids: r.residence 137
s. 5th
Ogulin, Joseph, clerk , bds. 212s.south 2d
Ohio, And Mississippi, R. R., office Main C. Wal
nut; depot 2d c.corner> Carr
Ohlendiek, Henry, cigars and tobacco , 42 Pine
Ohlman, Joseph, pilot , 47 O'Fallon
Ohlman, Michael, s.b.between pilot , r.residence 11 w.west Brooklyn
Ohlmeyer, Henry, shoemaker , bds. 830 Broadway
Ohm, Frederick, carpenter , ss. Mllinckrodt b.between Belle-
fontaine road and 11th
Ohmann, Francis L., carriagepainter , r.residence 43s.south 3d
Ohme, William, carrier , Wash c.corner> 15th
Ohms, John W., groceries , Julia b.between 7th and Fulton
Ohnemus, Henry, tailor , r.residence Mullanphy c.corner> 2d
Ohnemuss, F., at Belcher's sugarhouse
Ohnsork, Meinrat, lab.laborer , 253s.south 2d
Ohrenschall, Christopher, rectifier , 154s.south 2d
Ohrensmann, Henry, brickmaker , r.residence Benton bet.between 19th
and 20th
Ohnmus, Frederick, lab.laborer , 16th ab.above Howard
Ohsick, F., at Belcher's sugarhouse
Okely, J.Milton, Bookk'per , John M. Okely, 106 Elm
Okely, John M., com.commission and forward'gmer. , 9s.south Com-
mercial, City bldgs; r.residence 106 Elm
Oko, Francis, coaldriver , al.alley b.between DeKalb and Columbus
Olcott, Charles H., (C.H. Olcott & co.,) r.New York
Olcott C.H. & Co. , (Charles h Olcott & Thomas
Harbison,) drygoods , 156 n.north Main
Old Picket Cemetery , Gravois road 3 miles
from city
Old, Robert, carpenter , r.residence al.alley b.between Bellefontaine rd.road and
11th near Angelrodt
Oldorff, Henry, tailor r.residence es. Jackson nears.south 2d
Oldenhage, Theodore, tailor , ws.west side Fulton near Barry
Oldhouse, Henry, carp'ter , Stoddard av.avenue nr. Hickory
Oleary, Jeremiah, stonecutter , r.residence 50 Orange
Olegus, Henry, lab.laborer , ns. Allen av.avenue b.between Rosatti and Me-
Olfe, Henry, shoemaker , 21 Pine
Olfermann, John, draper and tailor , 42 Carondelet avavenue>
Olfers, Peter, painter , ws.west side Menard near Marion
Olfman, Mary, wid.widow Matthias , 76 Wash
Olheide, Herman, lab.laborer , 13th b.between Madison and Jefferson
Olhman, Lawrence, pilot , r.residence 58 w.west Brooklyn
Oliphant, Robert W., physician , office and r.residence
8s.south 5th
Oliver, C. Woodward, agt.agent R.R. Omnibus Line, 42 n.north
4th; r.residence 179 n.north 5th
Oliver, Caleb, principal Layfayette pub.public school,
bds. Barnum's Hotel; r.residence 33 r.residence 5th
Oliver, Isaac L.student , bds. 144 Morgan
Oliver, Thomas H., clk. , 35 n.north 12th
Oliver, William, (Oliver & Taylor,) bds. 4th c.corner> Lom-
Oliver, William, stovemoulder , r.residence es. Columbus bet.between
Emmet and Lesperance
Oliver & Taylor , (William, Oliver and Alex-, Taylor,) gas and steam fitters , Pine sw.
c. 7th
Olleges, William, dairyman , ns. Gravois road near
Ollenberg, Charles, plasterer , bds. Warren nw.northwest c.corner> 9th
Olliman, Francis, drayman , Monroe b.between 13th and 14th
Olmann, Matthew, lab.laborer , 61s.south 10th
Olmsted, Elihu, collarmaker , bds. Spruce bet.between 13th
and 14th
Olmsted, William B., architect , Churchhill's
bldg., 5th c.corner> Chesnut; r.residence 246 Chesnut. (See
Olsburg, joseph, finisher , r.residence 12th b.between Wash and Carr
Olschlaeger, Henry, carpenter , al.alley b.between 10th and 11th
nr. Biddle
Olshausen, Arthur, notary public and sec'y
Wash. Ins.Co. , 22 Market; r.residence 207 Pine
Olthoff, William H., cigars , 77 n.north 3d; bds.boards St. Louis
Oltoff, Frederick, lab.laborer , al.alley nr. Carr b.between 8th and 9th
Olwell, Henry, carpenter , bds. Clark av.avenue bet.between 7th
and 8th
Omelch, Joseph, tailor , Buena Vista nr. Gravois rd
Onamous, Henry, tailor , n. 2ndse.south east c.corner> Mullanphy
Onderdonk, George, agt.agent Western Handpress, 19
s. 4th
Oneker, Charles R.bartender , al.alley nr. 11th bet.between Wash
and Franklin avavenue>
Oney, James F., carpenter , 453 Market
Onions, William, turner , Laclede ironworks, 1366
Onslow, Charles, carpenter , bds. 167 Washington avavenue>
Onstead, Jacob, lab.laborer , r.residence ne.c Jackson and Carroll
Opel, Eliza, dressmaker , 86 Carondelet avavenue>
Opel, John, tobacconist , 157 n.north 4th; r.residence 21 Orange
Opel, John A., cooper , r.residence ws. Farrar nr. 12th
Opel, W.Adam, shoemaker , 508 Morgan
Openlander, Christian S., (Kelly & Openlander,) r.residence
289 n.north 8th
Opitz, Ernest, saloon , 53 n.north 3d
Oppenheim, Anton, Candlemaker , bds. 291s.south 5th
Oppenheim, Martin L., foreman , E. Schneider & Co. ,
r.291s.south 5th
Opperman, christoff, dairyman , Gravois road cor.
McNair avavenue>
Opperman, George, dairyman , bds.sw.south west cor. Emmet
and Columbus
Opperman, Valentine, r.residence sw.c.corner> Columbus and Emmet
Oppeermann, Francis, cabinetmaker , 44 Mulberry
Oppermann, Jacob, tailor , rear 26s.south 5th
Oppert, Bautz, bds. 255s. 2nd
Oppman, William, brewer , r.residence 244 n.north 2nd
Oppman, Louis, brewer , side Menard B. Sidney
and Victor
Oppliger, Samuel, saddletreemaker , side Broad-
way b Webster and Labeaume
Orapke, Francis, cooper , r.residence al.alley b.between Carbondelet av.avenue and
7th nr. Geyer av
Orban, Valentine, cigarmaker , 224 n 12th
Orcott, August S.pyrotechnist , r.residence Carr c.corner> 19th
Orcott, George, baker , 89 n.north 5th
Ord, John, lab.laborer , r.residence al.alley b.between Jackson and Columbus near
Ordes, Henrietta S., teacher , Lafayette school, r.residence 114
Orders, Sarah, drygoods , 114 Wash c.corner> 10th
Oregon, Brewery, Stephen Stock , prop. , 412s.south 7th
Oring, Henry, Pratte av.avenue c University
Orl, William, painter , ns. Lesperance b.between DeKalb and
Orlamin, Arnold, brewer , r.residence Ws. 7th bet.between Russell av.avenue
and Ann avavenue>
Orlemann, Jacob, bartender , 229 Carondelet avavenue>
Oreleman, John A., Sr. , hats and caps, 61 Franklin avavenue>
Orme, Archibald E., r.residence 216 Chesnut
Orme, George W., (Orme, Burgesser & Co.) r.residence 216
Orme, Robert, bricklayer , r.residence ns. Pacific nr. Sum-
mit avavenue>
Orme, Burgesser & Co. , (George, W.Orme,
James, R.Burgesser and John, H.McIntosh,)
wh. grocers , 170 n.north 2d. (See advt)
Ormes, Thomas B., s.b.between steward , r.residence 14th nr. Cham-
Ormsler, Lorenz, lab.laborer , rear ws.west side 3d nr. Convent
Orndorff, Joseph, saddle manfr. , 141 n.north 3d
Orney, John, carpenter , r.residence Lombard b.between 2d and Main
Orphans', Home, 11th nw.northwest c.corner> Marion Park
Orr, David, printer , bds. American House
Orr, David A., steamboat engineer , r.residence 79 n.north 7th
Orr, Jane, r.residence 27 Christy avavenue>
Orr, John, lab.laborer , 49 Wright