St. Louis directory :
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Parker, & Huyett, (Nathan H.Parker, and D.
H.Huyett, ,) authors and book publishers , 3d b.between
Pine and Olive, opposite Custom House
Parkers, Thomas, cook , bds. 45 Locust
Parkhurst, Darius, foreman , Clark, Richardson & Co. ,
r.83 Collins
Parkin, John, (Kirkham & Parkin) 141 Carondelet
Parkin, John, (Parkin & Robson,) r.residence 141 Carondelet
Parkin, & Robson, (JohnParkin, and JohnRobson, ,)
plumbers . 141 Carondelet av
Parkerson, John, carpenter , bds. 539 Broadway
Parkinson, Joseph, blacksmith , r.residence al.alley b.between 6th and 7th
nr. Wash
Parkinson, Samuel, boilermanfr. , 80 Madison
Parks, Benjamin M., clerk , Ellis, & Glanville, bds. 595
Parks, George W., lab.laborer , bds. Julia nr. Fulton
Parks, John C., clerk , Virginia Hotel
Parks, Robert M., (Parks & Andrews.) r.residence 34s.south 5th
Parks, William H.Rev. , r.residence w. Mound bet.between 10th
and 11th
Parks, & Andrews, (Robert M.Parks, and John
H.Andrews, ,) lumberdealers , nw.nwc. 12thand Lo-
Parla, Andrew, boardinghouse , 44 Morgan
Parla, John, bds. 44 Morgan
Parla, Peter, bds. 44 Morgan
Parian, Patrick, lab.laborer , Cedar b.between 2d and Main
Parle, John, finisher , Washington foundry
Parle, Patrick, shoemaker , bds. 74 Green
Parmele, Solomon, looking glasses , Ac, 23 n.north 5th
Parmelee, DonCarlos, (Washburn & Parmelee,) bds.
Planters' House
Parquot, Elizabeth, wid.widow Thomas, , boardinghouse , 131
n. 6th
Parr, Walter S., salesman , 148 n.north 5th
Parrikan, Martin, harnessmaker , Park av.avenue nr. 9th
PareisMartha, (col'd,)washwoman , 199 Morgan
Parrish, Lomis, 105 w.west Brooklyn
Parry, Holland, bricklayer , rear 17th bet.between Biddle and
Parry, John, bricklayer , r. 240 Pine
Parsdenright, Francis, tailor , ns. Lafayette nr. Fulton
Parsons, CharlesM., com.commission mercht. , r.residence Barlow nr. Gra-
Parsons, Frank, clerk , Grand av.avenue nr. Cass av
Parsons, Hudson, U.S. express office. 118 n.north 9th
Parsons, Hudson B., agt.agent Merchant's, Des-, bds. 9th nr. Wash
Parsons, J.Frank, elk. , Laflins, Smith & Boies , bds.
Powder magazine
Parsons, John D., clk. , J.Goodin, , bds. American
Parsons, Lewis B., lawyer , se.cor. Main and
Walnut; r.residence 135 Chesnut
Parsons, Luman S.. Barlow nr. Gratiot
Parsons, William, lab.laborer , 163s.south Main
Parth, Charles, shoemaker , r.residence al, b.between 3d and 4th near
Parth, Frederick, cabinetmaker , r.residence 13th c.corner> Jefferson
Partner, Henry, lab.laborer , Howard b.between 12th and 13th
Partridge, —, side n.north Market b.between 10th and llth
Partridge, George, (Partridge & Co.) 308 Olive
Partridge & Co. , (GeorgePartridge, , James
Smith, , William H.Smith, , Henry S.Reed, , and
ThomasGreen, ,) wh. grocers , 84 n.north 2nd
Parudio, Bernard, drayman , r.residence es. Jackson b.between Emmet
and Lesperance
Parvin, Josian, liverystable , 35s.south 3d
Pasanio, Jacob, bartender , bds. Green b.between 8th and 9th
Pasbach, Frank, baker , al.alley b.between Wash and Carr near
Pasbuck, John, dairyman , es. DeKalb b.between Emmet and
Paschal, Nathaniel, (George Knapp & Co.,)
and editor Republican , r.residence 111 Pine
Pascoe, Mary, wid.widow , r.residence 234 Biddle
Pascoe, Mary, wid.widow Joseph, A., al.alley b.between Carr and Biddle
nr. 16th
Paseld, Max, tinner , 147 Wash
Pasquier, Augustas, (A. Pasqnier &, Bro,) r.residence 195 n.north
Pasquier, Charles, shoestore , 268 Broadway, r.residence
235 n.north 7th
Pasquier, Eloise, wid.widow Augustus, , r.residence 494 Morgan
Pasquier, Joseph, (A. Pasquier & Bro.) r.residence 20th
sw.c.corner> Morgan
Pasquier, Paul, (P. Pasquier & Co.) r.residence 237 n.north 7th
Pasquier A. & Bro. , (Augustus, and Joseph,)
realestate agts. , 77 Olive. (See advt.)
Pasquier & Co. , (PaulPasquier, and Charles
Premeau, ,) boots and shoes , 222 Broadway. (See
Passalaeuga, Anthony, fruit , 960 n.north 4th
Paasmore, Jacob, lab.laborer , ss. University b.between 14th and 15th
Passmore, James H., carpenter , 248 Market
Pastorios, Daniel, salesman , M.S. Mepham & Bro. ,
6th nr. Gratiot
Pastrop, Henry, porter , c. 13th and O'Fallon
Paszkiewicz, Stanislaus, hatter , 89 Wash
Patch, Albert W., (Patch & Roberts,) 132 Morgan
Patch, Christian, cooper , side Adelia nr. Kings-
Patch1, & Roberts, (Albert W.Patch, and Henry
Roberts, ,) house painters , 132 Morgan
Patchin, Lyman W., (L.W. Patchin & Co.) bds.
Everett House
Patchin, Paul P., liquordealer , 53 Commercial; r.residence 96
Patchin L.W. & Co. , (Lyman W.Patchin, & DeWitt
C.Gray, ,) com.commission mers. , 138 and 139 Levee
Pate, Anthony, r.residence al.alley b.between Broadway and 9th near Har-
PateSilas, (col'd,)cook , al.alley nr. 7th bet.between Green and
Patee, Lester, (Cordry, Patee & Co.) r.residence Peoria
Patenbrock, Frederick, sawmaker , bds. Madison c.corner>
Paterman, Valentine, cigarmaker , r.residence 275s.south 3d
Paterson David, druggist, 192 n.north Sth
Paton, David, steamfitter , 7th b.between Russell and Aun avs
Patow John, saloon, 113 n.north 2nd
Patrick, James, (Wm. Patrick & Co., and Ladd
Patrick & Co.) r.residence 123 Wash
Patrick, Marion, wid.widow Robert, , r.residence ns. Christy av.avenue near
Patrick, William, (Wm. Patrick & Co., and Ladd
Patrick & Co.) r.residence Florida ne.northeast c.corner> n.north 2nd
Patrick William & Co., (William and James
Patrick.) lumberdealers , Biddle ne.northeast c.corner> n.north Main
Patridge, Charles, carbuilder , bds. Matteson Hotel
Patten, Andrew J., steamboat engineer , bds, 18th b.between
Market and Chesnut
Patten, Robert, teamster , r.residence 95 17th
Patten, Thomas, al.alley nr. Carr b.between 6th and Tth
Patterson, Johanna, wid.widow William, , washing , rear 190
Patterson, Charles, jeweler , 4th; r.residence 38 St. Charles
Patterson, Christopher, stonecutter , r.residence Gamble av.avenue c.corner>
Pratte av
Patterson, Henry L., 198 Locust
Patterson, Horace R., steamboat captain , r.residence 124 Pine
Patterson, James, (Patterson and Ferguson,) r.residence ne.c.corner>
Chambers and 12th
Patterson, James, stonecutter , Lewisse.south east c.corner> O'Fallon
Patterson, James, varietystore , 151 Washington av
Patterson, James M., bookkeeper , Patterson, & Fer-, c.corner> 10th and Chambers
Patterson, John W., mate , 189 Morgan
Patterson, Lemuel W., bookkeeper , State sav'gsinst. ,
r.Locust b.between 7th and 8th
Patterson, Mary A., widow , es. llth b.between Madison and
Patterson, Nelson, nailer , bds. 2 Russell av
Patterson, Nelson, photographic artist , 5thse.south east c.corner> Lo-
Patterson, Robert, gagup , r.residence se.c.corner> 2d and Ferry
Patterson, Robert 1)., (H.I. Loring & Co.) r.residence 110 n.north
Patterson, Thomas, clerk , side Wash b.between llth & 12th