St. Louis directory :
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Correction: PUT-QUI
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Puthoff, Henry, clerk , 228 n.north 7th
Puthoff, Ulrich, bookkeeper , bds. 55 Elm
Putnam, Franklin R., bds. Everett House
Putney, Stephen N., shipcarpenter , O'Fallonsw.south west c.corner>
Putsler, Mrs., ws. Menard near Carroll
Putting, Cristina, wid.widow Henry, , r.residence 374 Franklin avavenue>
Puttmann, M., lab.laborer , bds. 366 n.north 2d
Putz, John, saloon , es. Columbus b.between Lafayette and
Putz, John, sausagemaker , r.residence 2d nw.northwest c.corner> Dock
Pye, Michael, porter , George, D.English & Co. , r.residence 88
n. 3d
Pyke, David J., (Cohen, Gershon & Pyke,) r.residence es.
193 n.north 5th
Pyne, Johanna, wid.widow James, B., bds. 20th b.between Franklin
av.avenue and Wash
Pyne, William R., 16 St. Charles
Quackenbush, Hiram H., sec. H. G.Eastman, ,
bds. Virginia Hotel
Quade, Charles, chimney painter , 336s.south 3d
Quade, Charles, lab.laborer , Levee nr. Cedar
Qaade, Henry, 10th b.between Cass av.avenue and O'Fallon
Quadman, John, porter , Columbussw.south west c.corner> Marion
Quaker City Sewing Machines , (J. W.Hunter, , agt.agent )
74 n.north 4th
Quan, James, butcher , n. Market; r.residence 190 Wash
Quan, Matthew W., plumber , 163 Market; r.residence 190
Qaann, Jamesbutcher , outside 13 North market; r,
Morgan b.between 21st and 22d
Quarles, George, (col'd.) porter , E. Jaccard & Co. , r.residence
Market b.between 9th and 10th
Quartermaster'S, Office, U.S.A., 2d b.between
Elm and Myrtle
Quarters, John, lab.laborer , ns. Spruce b.between 12th and 13th
Quast, John, clerk , F.Wilms, , bds. Wash c.corner> 13th
Quate, Henry, porter , rear 129 n.north 10th
Quatman, Henry, tanner , es. Julia, nr. Choutean avavenue>
Quatmann, Joseph, tanner , ss. Chouteau av.avenue nr. Mis-
souri avavenue>
Queen, Maria, wid.widow Michael, , ss. Howard b.between Main and
Quellmaly, Charles, carpenter , 2d b.between Cedar and Mul-
Quenhime, William, carpenter , es. Bellefontaine road
s. of Augelica
Qucnsen, Christian, shoemaker , ws. Columbus near
Qnensen, Henry, painter , bds. 62 Morgan
Quensen, William, paperhanger , bds. 62 Morgan
Queray, Margaret, ws. 12th b.between Spruce and Poplar
Querheim, Herman, tinsmith , 14th nr. Cass avavenue>
Querl, Charles, carpenter , 163 n.north 13th
Querl, Charles, clerk , 13th b.between Wash and Carr
Quermann, John W., lab.laborer , 83 O'Fallon
Quest, Harman, cooper , bds 1118 Broadway
Questner, Julius, steamboat carpenter , 336 n.north 11th
Quick, Daniel, bds. 245 Broadway
Quick, Lorenzo, carpenter , 591 n.north 9th
Quick, Luke, steamboat engineer , Moore nr. Market
Quick, Mary, wid.widow Patrick, , rear 14th b.between O'Fallon and
Cass avavenue>
Quick, Philetas, blacksmith. Palm c.corner> 9th
Quick, William, lab.laborer , al.alley b.between Wash and Carr nr. 21st
Quiggins, Thomas, tailor , ws. 16th b.between Morgan and
Christy av
Quigley, Bernard, boot and shoemaker , 74 Green; r.residence
al.alley b.between 6th and 7th nr. Cass avavenue>
Quigley, Charles M., clerk , Merchants' Bank, r.residence 20s.south
Quigley, Margaret, wid.widow William, , 4 Howard
Quigley, Mary, wid.widow Michael, , 117 Morgan
Quigley, Michael, watchman , Austin b.between 12th and 13th
Quigley, Thomas, watchman , ss. Spring b.between Naomi and
Quigley, William, mate. rear 337 Broadway
Quigly, James, keeper Court House, 16s.south 10th
Quigly, James, lab.laborer , 37 Center
Quigly, John, marblecutter , 37 Center
Quigly, Patrick, baker , bits. 34 n.north 16th
Quigly, Thomas, policeman , 21st c.corner> Spring
Quigly, William, lab.laborer , 37 Center
Quill, Dennis, marble polisher , Clark av.avenue b.between 13th and
Quill, John P., lab.laborer , al.alley nr. Carr b.between 8tb and 9th
Quillinan, Thomas, lab.laborer , bds. Benton b.between Broadway and
Quilter, Catharine, wid.widow John, , boardinghouse, 23
Quin, James, watchman , bds. 6th nr. Poplar
Quin, John, peddler , 89 n.north 10th
Quin, Mark, lab.laborer , Easton b.between Sidney and Lynch
Quin, Morris.fireman at City waterworks
Quin, Patrick, carpenter , bds. 65 Florida
Quin, Patrick, lab.laborer , 366 Broadway
Quinan, Lewis, salesman , Martin & Bro. , bds. Bar-
num's Hotel
Quinby, Eben C., bookkeeper , C. & T.R. Pullis &
Bro. , bds. 80s.south 5th
Quinette, Oliver, 162s.south 4th
Quinlan, Edward, drayman , Theobald & Co. , r.residence Elm
b. 3d and 4th
Quinlan, James, butcher , bds. Laclede av.avenue nr. Garri-
son avavenue>
Quinlan, James, stonemason , bds.boards 227 n.north 12th
Quinlan, James S., marbleworks , 401 Market
Quinlan, John D., 401 Market
Quinlan, Thomas, lab.laborer , rear 218 n.north 12th
Quinlan, Timothy, lab.laborer , es. Bellefontaine rd.road bet.between Des-
trehan and Mallinckrodt
Quinlan, William, lab.laborer , al.alley rear Market b.between 7th and 8th
Quinlen, James, butcher , 29 Lucas market; r.residence Belle-
vue House
Quinlin, James M., clk. , R.M. Funkhouser & Co. , r.residence
9th nr. Chesnut
Quinlin, Leonard G.Jr., (R.M. Funkhouser & Co.)
bds. Barnum's Hotel
Quinlivan, Edward, ale depot, 98s.south 14th
Quinlivan, Michael, lab.laborer , 3s.south 14th
Quinlivan, Solomon J., porter , al.alley bet.between High and 14th
nr. Biddle
Quinliven, Patrick, puddler , r.residence se.c.corner> 2nd and Ferry
Quinn, Austin J., clk. , C.Lehan, , bds. 97 n.north 5th
Qainn, Barnard, gardener , es. Bellefontaine rd.road north
Qainn, Charles, carpenter , 231 Biddle
Quinn, David, lab.laborer , bds.boards 172 n.north 8th
Quinn, Frank, drayman , Biddle b.between 19th and 20th
Quinn, George W., clk. , bds. 57 Collins
Quinn, Hugh, lab.laborer , bds. 365 Market
Quinn, James, lab.laborer , bds. 50 Orange
Quinn, James W., carpenter , r.residence 419 Market
Quinn, John, clk. , bds. 370 Franklin avavenue>
Quinn, John, lab.laborer , ns. Spruce b.between 12th and 13th
Quiun, John, lab.laborer , side Broadway b.between Spring and
Quinn, John, riverman , bds. 9 Morgan
Quinn, John, teamster , r.residence es. 10th b.between Montgomery and
Quinn, Mary, r.residence ss. Clark av.avenue b.between 14th and 15th
Quinn, Mary, wid.widow John, , r.residence 50 Orange
Quinn, Matthew, lab.laborer , 278 Chesnut
Quinn, Michael, lab.laborer , 192 n.north 6th
Quinn, Neal, huckster , r.residence 14 Collins
Quinn, Owen, baker , r.residence 98 Christy avavenue>
Qninn, Patrick, r.residence 17s.south 13th
Quinn, Patrick, baker , c. 12th and Gay; r.residence 192 n.north 6th
Quinn, Patrick, boxmaker , 109 O'Fallon
Quinn, Patrick, lab.laborer , 20 Chambers
Quinn, Patrick, lab.laborer , 298 n.north 7th
Quinn, Peter, lab.laborer , rear 197 n.north 12th
Quinn, Thomas, finisher , r.residence w. Bremen
Quinn, William, bartender , bds.sw.south west c.corner> Park and 2nd
Carondelet avavenue>
Quinn, William, clk. , r.residence 113 n.north 12th
Quinn, William, clk. , Monroe House
Quinn, William, lab.laborer , ws. 12th nr. Penrose
Quinn, William E., machinist , bds. 254 n.north 2nd
Quinton, John, carpenter , bds. 45 Locust
Quinton, William, carpenter , bds. 45 Locust