St. Louis directory :
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Correction: QUI-RAN
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Quirck, Patrick, waiter , bds.boards 13 n.north 4th
Quirk, John, elk. . Charless, Blow & Co. , 66 n.north Main
Quirk, Kennedy, lab.laborer , rear 850 Broadway
Quirk, Lawrence, policeman , r.residence ss. Clark av.avenue c.corner> 12th
Quirk, Michael, lab.laborer , 163 n.north 9th
Quirk, Patrick, clk. , 10th c.corner> Wash
Quirk, Patrick, clk. , 57 n.north 3d: bds.boards 30 Morgan
Quirk, Patrick, lab.laborer , bds. 56 Webster
Quirk, Thomas, shoemaker , bds. 10th nw.northwest c.corner> O'Fallon
Quodman, Frederick, drayman , bds.sw.south west c.corner> Columbus
and Marion
Quonte, Anton, tailor , bds.ns.north side Adolph nr. Market
Quonte, Joseph.tailor , Adolph nr. Market
Quisick, Cornelius, lab.laborer , 286 n.north 8th
Qwernheim, Herman, tinner , 235 n.north 14th
Raab, Andrew, marbleworker , 201s.south 3d
Raab, Frederick, butcher , ss. Franklin av.avenue nr.
Raab, George, clerk , E. Preetorius & Co. , r.residence 95 Ca-
rondelet avavenue>
Raabe, Henry, saloon , 43 n.north 2d; r.residence 2d bet.between Walnut and
Raacke, Ferdinand, (Foerch & Raacke,) r.residence 632 Broad-
Raacke, Ferdinand, grocer , 149 Morgan
Raakers, Henry, cooper es. Decatur nr. Geyer avavenue>
Rabe, Michael, lab.laborer , 103s.south Main
Rabe, Bechta, midwife , 211 n.north 12th
Rabenaa, Philip, cooper , ss. Anna e.east DeKalb
Rabenberg, Matthew, clerk , bds. Chouteau House
Rabeneck, August W., blacksmith , r.residence Biddle bet.between 9th
and 10th
Rabeneck, Frederick, blacksmith , 233 n.north 7th
Rabenick, 'Christian, Belchers' sugarhouse
Rach, Charles W., fireman , r.residence 23 Spring
Raber, Nicholas, cooper , Belchers' sugarhouse
Rach, Matthias, moulder , 10 Florida
Rachke, Louis, bds. 14s.south 3d
Rachmann, Henry, lab.laborer , side Chouteau av.avenue near
Grand avavenue>
Racine, Toussiant, boardinghouse 176s. 2d
Racke, Joseph, tinsmith , r.residence 231 Carondelet avavenue>
Racket, Frederick, lab.laborer , works Laclede iron works
Rackliff, Washington F., bds. 109 n.north 3d
Radcliffe, Smith, bookkeeper , Thomas, R.Cooper , r.
29 O'Fallon
Rade, Frederick, grocery , nw.c.corner> Fulton and Barry
Radeker, G. D., (J.W. Young & Co.,) bds. Commer-
cial Hotel
Radel, Frederick, trader , c. Pennsylvania av.avenue and
Gravois road
Radenmacher, Joseph, blacksmith , Franklin av.avenue bet.between
23d and 24th
Rader, John, butcher , bds.ns.north side Walnut near Wedge
Radford, John H., bootmaker , 140 Market; r.residence 207
Radigan, Michael, lab.laborer , 84 n.north 10th
Radiskie, John, lab.laborer , ws. Closey nr. Julia
Rady, Reed, lab.laborer , 7s.south 13th
Rader, David, peddler , al.alley b.between Carondelet av.avenue and 7th
nr. Marion
Raehn, Charles, cook , 64s.south 2d
Raenar, George, woodsawyer , r.residence al.alley b.between 3d and 4th nr.
Raerry, Nicholas, lab.laborer , ws. Jackson nr.s.south 2d
Raesch, George, shoemaker , ws. 6th nr. Rutgers
Raessler, Frank, cabinetmaker , Franklin av.avenue bet.between 13th
and 14th
Raester, Francis, carpenter , bds. 255 Franklin avavenue>
Raffal, Adam, cooper , r.residence Buchanan c.corner> Broadway
Raffel, John, stonecutter , ns. Anna c.corner> DeKalb
Rafferty, James, lab.laborer , 143s.south Main
Rafferty, Patrick, carpenter , bds. 109 n.north 3d
Rafferty, Thomas, carriagepainter , bds. 96 Olive
Raffler, Theodore, lab.laborer , ns. Wright b.between Broadway and
Rafflin, Cornelius, machinist , r.residence ws. Rosatti b.between Geyer
and Allen avs
Rafi, Henry, shoemaker , bds. 263s.south 2d
Ragan, Flori.lab.laborer , 19th c.corner> Grand avavenue>
Ragan, Patrick, lab.laborer , al.alley bet.between Florida and Mullanphyie
nr. 2d
Ragen, James, riverman. r.residence Waddingham al.alley bet.between
Cherry and Carr
Ragen, Timothy, carpenter , r.residence 17th ne.northeast c.corner> O'Fallon
Ragley, Henry, finisher , Washington foundry
Rah, Charles, cigarmaker , 205 n.north 11th
Rahaus, Christian, carpenter , bds. 332s.south 2d
Rahbein, Charles, carpenter , Ladd, Patrick & Co
Rahe, Frederick, newscarrier , Monroe b.between 13th and 14th
Rahe, Herman, clerk , 212 Franklin avavenue>
Rahenkang, Mary, wid.widow Herman, , drygoods , ss. Frnak-
lin av.avenue nr. 22d
Rahlmann, Frederick, cooper , Fulton c.corner> Julia
Rahm, Charles, confectioner , 256s.south 5th
Rahmbruck, Adolph, lab.laborer , Park av.avenue nw.northwest c.corner> Fulton
Rahmeyer, Bernard, drayman , r.residence ws. 14th b.between Warren
and Montgomery
Rahner, Frederick, saloon ; 466 Market; r.residence 468 Market
Raht, William, blacksmith , side Clark av.avenue b.between 14th
and 15th
Raid, John, plasterer , bds. 8 Morgan
Rail, Sirena, wid.widow Thomas, ns. Spruce b.between 12th & 13th
Raimer, Augurt, musicteacher , ns. Lafayette bet.between
Jackson and Columbia
Rainagle, George, lab.laborer , ns. Pontiac nr. Grand avavenue>
Rainey, Henry, salesman , Wells, Brothers & Co. , bds.
Monroe House
Rainsford, James, prop. Southern House, 196s.south 4th
Raio, Louis, saloon , 267 Carondelet avavenue>
Riath, Jacob, bds. 393 Market
Raith, Julius, millwright , 10th bet.between Muilanphy and
Cass av.avenue ; r.residence 65 w.west Brooklyn
Rakart, Seigmond, wagonmaker , bds. Walnut near
Leffingwell avavenue>
Rakir, Joseph, cooper , al.alley nr. Rutgers b.between 6th and 7th
Ralings, Marie E., wid.widow Henry, , bds. 33 Gay
Rail, Christopher, cigarmaker , 203 n.north 6th
Rallar, August F., ns. Destrehan b.between Broadway & 9th
Ralli, Constantine P., (C.P. Ralli & Co.) bds. 4th c.corner>
Ralli, Pandia T., (C.P. Ralli & Co.) r.residence London, Eng
Ralli C.P. & Co. , (Constantine P.Ralli, and Pan- T.Ralli, ,) com.commission merchts. , 59s.south Main
Ralls, William C., yeastpowder manuf. , 127 Morgan;
r. 7th nr. Green
Ralph, Heinrich, ropemaker , Menard b.between Marion and
Park avavenue>
Rambo, Joseph, engineer , 97 n.north 9th
Ramekere, Hubert, tinsmith , Poplar b.between 2d and Main
Ramer, Julius, ropemaker , ss. Angelrodt b.between Bellefon-
taine road and llth
Ramer, William, plasterer , ss. Park av.avenue nr. 2d Caron-
delet avavenue>
Ramin, Charles, stonemason , ws. 10th b.between Montgomery
and Warren
Rammard, Henry, lab.laborer , 15th b.between Madison & Jefferson
Rammelkamp, Jacob R., carriagepainter , rear
Market nr. 19th
Rammelsberg, Frederick.(Mitchell, Rammelsberg &
Co.) r.residence at Cincinnati
Rammerkamp, William, boarding, 10th c.corner> Market
Rammers, Henry, painter , al.alley b.between 12th and 13th near
Rampo, Henry, steward , St. Vincent Orphan Asylum
Ramsay, Henry, bds. 58s.south 2d
Ramsay, William A., lumberman , bds. 66 Brooklyn
Ramsey, Charles D., clerk , bds.boards 254 n.north 6th
Ramsey, Charles G., (C.G. Ramsey & Co.) r.residence
53 Collins
Ramsey, Dulfe, (col'd,) washwoman. 76 Almond
Ramsey, John, carpenter and builder , 252 n.north 6th:
r. 254 n.north 6th. (See advt.)
Ramsey, William, stonecutter , al.alley b.between Wash and Carr
near 21st
Ramsey C.G. & Co. , (Charles G.Ramsey, and
Abram S.Mitchell, ,) props. Evening News and
Intelligencer, 76 n.north 3d
Ranagan, Peter, glasscutter , ws. 10th b.between Webster and