St. Louis directory :
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Correction: RIE-RIT
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Ries, Frederick, baker , 290 Franklin avavenue>
Kies, John, carpenter , Emmet ne.northeast c Jackson
Rieske, Caspar H., porter , 120 n.north 15th
Rieas, Anna V., wid.widow John, J., ns. Madison b.between 13th and
Riess, John, cigarmaker , bds. Marion c.corner> Buel
Rictz, John W., baker , 101 Morgan
Rifel, Philip, wagonmaker , bds. 274s.south 2d
Rifenberg, John, lab.laborer , ss. Rutgers nr. 4th
Riffel, Jacob, lab.laborer , ss. Franklin av.avenue nr. 21st
Rigdon, Charles H.. engineer steam fire engine no.
2, r.residence 134 Washington avavenue>
Rigele, August, hairdresser , 407 Market
Rigger, Henry, house mover , 261 Chesnut
Riggin, Cornelius, quarryraan , ws. Main b.between O'Fallon
and Howard
Riggin, John, real estate agent , 43 Chesnut; r.residence
160 Pine
Riggin, John.Jr., notebroker , 43 Chesnut; bds.boards 160
Righetta, James, bartender , 3 n.north 3d
Right, John, carpenter , es. 10th b.between Webster and La-
Right, Stephen, carpenter , at Giles F. Filley's
Righter William H. & Co. , wh. dealers in
bourbon whisky , 72 Commercial and 36 n.north Le-
vee, bds.boards Virginia Hotel
Rigmann, Dietrich, lab.laborer , Biddle, nw.northwest c.corner> 9th
Rigner, John M., tailor , 12th c.corner> Gay
Rigney, Martin, lab.laborer , ws. 16th b.between Benton and n.north Mar-
Rigney, Patrick, carriagedriver , bds. Randle House
Rigor, Alfred S., chairmanfr. , 69 Wash; bds.boards Jeffer-
son b.between 9th and 10th
Rik, John H., lab.laborer , Main b.between Cedar and Plum
Rikehorn, William, instrumentmaker , A. M.Leslie's,
Rilbe, John, engineer , r.residence 7th nr. Sonlard
Riley, —, grocer , bds. 28s.south 4th
Riley, Bridget, wid.widow Charles, , r.residence 453 Morgan
Riley, Dennis, lab.laborer , side O'Fallon bet.between 5th and 6th
Riley, Edward, lab.laborer , 32 Mullanphy
Riley, Edward, lab.laborer , bds. Locust w.west Garrison avavenue>
Riley, James, boilermanfr. , bds. 353 n.north Main
Riley, James P., boardinghouse , 286 Carondelet avavenue>
Riley, John, capt. s.b.between , 130 Collins
Riley, Joseph, nailer , side 7th bet.between Lafayette and
Riley, Joseph, policeman , 56 Walnut
Riley, Mary, wid.widow John, E., 36 Elm
Riley, Michael, spicedealer , bds. Commercial Hotel
Riley, Patrick, grocer , 100 O'Fallon
Riley, Richard, porter , Hayden & Wilson
Riley, Robert K., clerk , r.residence 351 Morgan
Riley, Robert R., s.b.between capt. , 94 Walnut
Riley, Thomas, carpenter , r.residence ss. Franklin av.avenue b.between Pratte
and Beaumont
Riley, Thomas, lab.laborer , 1400 Broadway
Riley, William, 36 Plum
Riley, William, bricklayer , bds. 106 n.north 7th
Riley, William, gardener , es. Grand av.avenue nr. Pontiac
Rim Berger, Theodore, physician , 151 Caronde-
let avavenue>
Rimlar, Peter, shoemaker , al.alley nr. Biddle bet.between 9th and
Rimmer, Jacob, tailor , 225 n.north 8th
Rimmer, Samuel, 101 Locust
Rimmilen, August, hairdresser , bds. Wash c.corner> 12th
Rimms, Herman, clerk , bds.ns.north side Soulard nr. Rosatti
Rim van, Robison G., supt.superintendant , Rogers & Son , r.residence 119 Col-
Rinaud — —, lab.laborer , St. Louis steam forge
Rindt, Jacob, 229 Franklin avavenue>
Rindt, Rudolph, hairdresser , 229 Franklin avavenue>
Rindwall, Aaron, saddler , r.residence Biddle b.between loth and llth
Rinehart, Philip, lab.laborer 377 n.north 9th
Riney, Simon, grocer , Emily bet.between Adams and Ber-
Ring, Cornelias, butcher , Broadway market; r.residence 372
Ring, Dennis, butcher , Broadway market, r 495 Mor-
Ring, Dennis, carpenter , 264 n.north 12th
Ring, Edward, manfr. lardoil , wa. 21st cor. Mor-
Ring, John R., bookkeeper , Datcher &, Twitohell , 363
n. 9th
Ring, Martin, salesman , 260 Broadway
Ring, Thomas, butcher , 13 Lucas market; r.residence 445
Ring, William, pres.president Globe ins. cn., r.residence 155 Olive
Ring, William C, bookkeeper , r.residence al.alley b.between 6tb and 7th nr.
Ringelt. Ng, Francis, cashier Franklin savings
inst., r.residence 23 n.north 9th
Ringen, John, salesman , Wolff & Hoppe , 8th C. Wash-
ington avavenue>
Ringgold, James A., salesman , Bell, Tilden & Co. , 54
s. 4th
Ringgold, James H., marbleworker , bds. St. Louis
Ringgold, Thomas, boilermanfr. , ss. Franklin av.avenue nr.
Ringle, William, moulder , Giles F. Filley's
Ringley, John, cooper , r.residence rear 327 Carondelet avavenue>
Ringing, Charles, carpenter , c. Franklin av.avenue and llth
RinglingChristian, Jr., pilot , r.residence rear ws.west side 3d nr. Con-
Ringling, Lonis, capt. towboat , r.residence 23 Almond
Ringling, Philip, capt. towboat , r.residence 23 Almond
Rinastmeyer, Henry, blacksmith , 380 Franklin avavenue>
Ringwold, Xavier, saloon , 118s.south 2d
Rinker, Andrew, riverman , bds. 29 Cherry
Rinker, John, wagonmaker , nr. O'Fallon b.between
7th and Sth
Rinkshausen, Conrad, blacksmith , r.residence Oth b.between Biddle
and O'Fallon
Rinn, Michael, lab.laborer , al.alley b.between Broadway and 2d near
Rintinspocker, Francis A., porter , 173 3. 4th
Rio, Peter, carpenter , r.residence 8 w.west Brooklyn
Riordan, James, (Brownlee, Homer & Co.) bds. Mon-
roe House
Riordan, John, lab.laborer , bds.boards 226 n.north 7th
Rip, Muden, cooper , 6th c.corner> Gratiot
Ripley, Charles, tailor , r.residence ws. Columbus b.between Lafayette
and Emmet
Ripley, Joseph, lab.laborer , r.residence ws. llth near Angclrodt
Ripley, Lyman B., drygoods , 252 and 254 Broad-
way; r.residence 2s.south 6th
Ripp, Charles, lab.laborer , bds.boards Arbeiter Hall
Rippe, Frederick C.drayman , 206 Wash
Rippel, Martin, carpenter , es. Fulton near Marion
Rippey, Christian, drayman , 266 Wash
Rippey, J. M.(Ashdown, Rippey & Co.) 90 Olive
Rippey, John, plumber , 126 n.north llth
Rippey, John W., (M. Rippey & Co.) r.residence Clark av.avenue b.between
15th and 16th
Rippey, Joseph, plumber , 127 n.north Sth; r.residence 126 n.north llth
Rippey, M., r.residence ws. 15th c.corner> Poplar
Rippey, Matthew, (M. Rippey & Co.) r.residence 15th e.east Poplar
Rippey, Thomas, carpenter , bds. 126 n, llth
Rippey M. &Co. , (MatthewRippey, , James J.Thomp-, and John W.Rippey, ,) lumber , Market e.east 7th
Risbey, Hannah, wid.widow George, , Paul near Hickory
Risch, John, lab.laborer , r.residence ws. Columbus b.between Emmet and La-
Rischer, Florian, tailor , bds. Morgan b.between 2d and 3d
Riseck, Jacob, wagonmaker , 274s.south 2d
Risener, John, lab.laborer , ns. Lami b.between Step and Carondelet
Riser, Joseph, lab.laborer , r.residence ns. Lafayette near Columbus
Risk, T. F., lawyer , 27 n.north 5th; r.residence Morgan no.c.corner> 6th
Risley, William, county treasurer Court Honse, r.residence 112
Rissetto, John, saloon , 73 Olive; r.residence 3d c Market
Rissmana, Merits., architect , bds. 3d c.corner> Market
Ritaker, August, saddler , r.residence al.alley b.between Jackson and Colum-
bus nr. Marion
Ritcher, Adam, wagonmaker , bds.boards 100 n.north 8th
Ritchey, Lazarus K-, engineer , 170 Carr
Ritchey, Nancy, wid.widow Thomas, , boarding, 260s.south 7th
itc hey, William F., bds. 260 b.between 7th