St. Louis directory :
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A. Kt.Ray, ,
90 Loctust Street, Near Fourth,
Saine Louis.

Engine & Hand Lathes
Shafting and Pullies, Moulds, Models, Steel Dies, &c.,
Manufactured To Order At Short Notice.

Light Machinery Of All Kinds Repaired In The Neatest Manner
And Upon The Most Reasonable Terms.

Particular Attention Given To The Repairing Of
Sewing Machine
Also, An Assortment Of
Sewing Machine Stands Or Treadles,
Of Various Patterns, constantly on hand or Manufactured to Order.

Real Estate Saving Institution
No. 72 North Third St,, Above Olive.

Interest Paid On Deposits, 7 Per Cent.

Certificates Of Deposit Issued, Bearing 7 Per Cent. Interest, Payable Quarterly, Or For A
Longer Period.

This Institution offers a convenient, responsible and profitable depository to Executors, Administrators, Assignees,
Collectors. Agents, all public officers—to Trustees, Societies and Associations, whether incorporated or otherwise—to
married or single ladies—to clerks or business men, with surplus means not immediately wanted—to minors, of either
sex—to seamstresses, domestics and laboring men, or to journeymen mechanics, who wish to husband their means until
they can use them more profitably ; indeed, it may be considered an entirely safe and profitable depository For All


Wm. M.Morrison, , John S.McCune, , Thos. E.Tutt, , HenryWhitmore, ,
Chas , A.Pope, Oliver A.Hart, , Geo. K.Budd, , EdwardHaren, ,
Jno. M.Krum, , MorrisCollins, , R. M.Fu., , John Johnson.,

FrancisWhitney, , Treag. Geo. K.Bbdd, , Pres.

Pignero & Pozzoni, ,
Wig And Toupee Factory ,
Established 1840.

No. 29 Fifth st., between Chesnut and Pine,
St. Louis.

The Largest And Best Assortment In The City.