St. Louis directory :
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Wm.H. Righter & Co. ,
Dealers In
Bourbon Whisky,
Nos. 72 Commercial and 36 North Levee, St. Louis.

Being the only house in the West having a direct business connection and a personal acquaintance with the oldest
Manufacturers of Bourbon and Harrison counties. Ky., n e are prepared to supply the Western trade with pure Bourbon
from one to eight yearn old, in packages to suit customers, at lower figures titan any house in the trade.

☞ We refer, by permission to—

D.A. January & Co. , St. Louis, Goddin, Hopkins & Co. , St. Louis.

Miller's & Manufactures' Insurance Company.
Marine Insurance.

Capital, - - - - $150.000

Office, N.E.Cor. of Main & Pine Sts.

J. A.Brownlef, , Pres. John W.Luke, , Vice Pres.

John W.Clark, , Sec.

Directors :

J. A.Brownlef, ,
E. G.Roberts, ,
DennisMarks, ,
J. P.Helfenstejn, ,
R. M.Funichouser, ,
J. H.Oglesby, ,
T. A.Buckland, ,
J. E.Elder, ,
HenryWhitmore, .
J. W.Luke, ,
Jno.Christopher, ,
Geo.Pegram, ,
E. C.Sloan,

Home Mutual
Fire And Marine Insurance Company Of St. Louis.

Chartered 1845.

Face Of Premium Notes To April 20, 1858, . . . . . . $807,932 00
And Constantly increasing. ☞ Policies issued from thirty days to six years.


Daniel D.Pace, ,
Jno.Whitehill, ,
Jas. E.Yeatman, ,
SamuelRussell, ,
TheronBarnum, ,
H. T.Darrah, ,
WyllysKing, .
I. LGarrison, .
J, C.Havens, ,
T. LSalisbury, , Sec. Jno. F.Darby, , Treas. Isaac L.Garrison, , Pres.

Office, Union Buildings, S.E. Corner Main and Vine Sts.,
Over State Savings Institution.

EnnoSander, ,
Apothecary & Chemist ,
N.E.Cor. Of Walnut & Second Streets,
Under Barnum's St. Lonis Hotel.

☞ Keeps constantly on bond the choicest Drugs And Medicines, as well as Toilet Articles And Per-
Fumeries; also. Soda, Blue lick, and Congress Water, fresh and pure, and a variety of German Mineral Waters,
as Seltzer, Rakokzi. Karlsbad, &c.

Especial Attention Paid To The Amlysis Of Ores. Minerals. Soils, &C
And Chemical Preparations Made To Order.