St. Louis directory :
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Bhehan, Johanna, wid.widow John, , r.residence 67 n.north 16th
Shehan, Michael, lab.laborer , al.alley b.between Wash and Carr near 22d
Shehan, Michael, lab.laborer , 18th b.between Davis and Cass avavenue>
Shehan, Michael, shoemaker , 168 n.north llth
Shehan, Patrick, lab.laborer , rear 211 n.north 13th
Shehan, Patrick, shoemaker , 274 n.north 13th
Shehan, Timothy, lab.laborer , al.alley near Franklin av.avenue b.between 10th
and llth
Shehon, John V., carriagepainter , Carrse.south east c.corner> Collins
Sheilds, Thomac, stonecutter , 126 n.north 7th
Sheills, James, lab.laborer , 13th b.between Poplar and Randolph
Shein, S.beersaloon , Cass av.avenue b.between Clay and Penrose
Shelby, Henry, camapremaker , bds. 499 Broadway
Shelby, Patrick, bda. 72 Morgan
Shelbrink, John, cooper , r.residence al,b.between Carondelet av.avenue and
7th nr. Allen avavenue>
Sheldon, D. Henry, realestatedealer , 77 Ches-
nut ne.northeast c 4th; bds.boards 20 n.north 6th. (See advt.)
Sheldon, Jerome B., (Sheldon & Potter,) r.residence 319 n.north 6th
Sheldon, William P., actor , bds 319 n.north 6th
Sheldon & Potter , (J.B.Sheldon, and Thomas, B.
Potter,) painters , 280 n.north 8th
Shelf, John, lab.laborer , Ladd, Patrick & Co.
Shelf, William, boxmaker , Ladd, Patrick A Co.
Shell, John, mason , r.residence 377 n.north llth
Shell, Martin, works St. Louis carworks
Shellcr, John, huckster , rear 333s.south 4th
Shelley, Dennis, iab. , 20th near Mullanphy
Shelley, MaJachi, porter , 76 n.north 9th
Shelley, Michael, porter , 76 n.north 9th
Shelley, Patrick, lab.laborer , Molony A Tilton
Shellman, William, coopershop , r.residence nw.c.corner> 10th and
Shelly, Michael, lab.laborer , 16th b.between Davis and Cass avavenue>
Shelly, Thomas, teamster , 340 Franklin avavenue>
Shelton, Eugene, clerk , John W. Burd & Co
Shelton, John G., r.residence 41 a. 4th
Shelton, William, paperhanger , r.residence 160 Locust
Shelton, William, whitener , alley near Carr bet.between 6th
and 7th
Shelvin, Patrick, porter , Everett House
Shenburg, Mark, horsetrader , bds. 601 Broadway
Sheudall, John, papercarrier , side Convent nr.e.east
Shenk, Ernst, barber , 120 Wash
Shenk, George, lab.laborer , 120 Wash
Shenker, Eiwin, salesman , Ubsdell, Pierson & Co. ,
bds. Carr bet.between Sth and 9th
Shepard, Charles P., (W.P. Freeman & Co.) r.residence ns.
Olive bet.between 18th and 19th
Shepard, Elliu H., 33 Chesnut; r.residence Dillonsw.south west c.corner>
Shepard, Frederick V.A., clerk , McElvane; r.residence 13 n.north
Shepard, George, (John Holmes & Co.) r.residence 6 Russel avavenue>
Shepard, John, lab.laborer , Angelrodt se.c.corner> 12th
Shepard, Joseph, melter , r.residence es. Broadway bet.between Palm
and Harrison
Shepard, Mary, wid.widow Beiden , r.residence es. Main bet.between Howard
and east Mound
Shepard, Thomas C, carpenter , al.alley nr. Carr bet.between 6th
and 7th
Shepard, William, lab.laborer , r.residence 23 Spring
Shepard, William E., lab.laborer , ns. Spring bet.between Broadway
and 2nd
Sheperd, John, lab.laborer , Ladd, Patrick & Co
Shephard, Henry, gasfitter , r.residence 16th bet.between Franklin av.avenue
and Wash
Shephard, John C, mate , al.alley nr. Biddle bet 9th and
Shephard, Joseph, physician , 40s.south 3rd
Shephardson, John R., r.residence 324 Morgan
Shepherd, Cbarles, clerk , Collins, Kellog &, Kirby ,
bds. 7th c.corner> Pine
Shepherd, George E., planer , r.residence es. 2nd bet.between Hemp-
stead and Labeaume
Shepherd, J. T., student , bds. O'Fallon House
Shepherd, James, painter , r.residence ws. 16th nr.P.R.R.
Shepherd, William, engineer , r.residence 201s.south 3d
Shepley, John R., lawyer , Olivesw.south west c.corner> Main; r.residence
c. Locust and 7th
Sheppard, James, painter , P.R.R. machineshop
Sheppard, John 0., messenger , Bank St. Louia, r.residence 46
s. 10th
Sheppard, Joseph, finisher , r.residence es. 24th bet.between -Morgan
and Franklin avavenue>
Sheppard, JoBeph, fonhdrymian , r.residence 963 Broadway
Sheppard, Matthew, moulder , Washington foundry
Sheppard, Sarah A., wid.widow John, , al.alley bet, Oth and 10th
nr. Benton
Sheppard, Trumas, Belcher's sugarhouse
Sheppard, Thomas, carpenter , Clark , Richardson
Sheppard, Thomas, engineer , ws. 14th bet.between Chambers
and Madison
Shepperd, Charles, clerk , Morris & Kellog , r.residence 105 Pine
Shepperd, Charles P., grocer , 13 Levee; r.residence 137 Olive
Shepperd, David, 35s.south 7th
Shepperd, Henry, r.residence 105 Pine
Shepperd, Sarah, wid.widow John, B., boaidinghouae, 54
n. 4th
Sberber, Henry, cooper , r.residence ws. Bnel het. Ann av.avenue and
Sherburne, Edward W., (Noyes & Sherburne,) r.residence Eu-
genie w.west of 22d
Sherburne, Henry P., music store , 36 Market;
r.ns.north side Eugenie Let. 2Istand 2id. fSee advt.)
Sherer, Christian, saddler , wa. 2d bet.between Myrtle and
Sherer, John, cutter , Michel Bonrgoin, r.residence 12th c.corner> Ben-
Sherer, Joseph B., com.commission mer. , 23 n.north Commer
cial; bds.boards c.corner> 6th and Biddle
Sherer, Samuel B., clerk , 163 n.north Sth
Sherer, William, cutter. Wise, Singer & Co. , r.residence Sou-
lard bet.between Sth and 9th
Shergan, William, carpenter , ns. Jefferson bet Uth
and 15th
Sheridan, Bridget, wid.widow Philip, O'Fallonsw.south west c 7th
Sheridan, Charles, carpenter , bds. Washington av.
c. llth
Sheridan, James, coachman ,;c.corner> Lafayette and
Jefferson avavenue>
Sheridan, James, lab.laborer , rear 105 n.north 2d
Sheridan, John, carpenter , bds. Washington av.avenue c.corner>
Sheridan, John, cooper , 114 Green
Sheridan, John B., stearaboatman , r.residence 77s.south Uth
Sheridan, Mathew, lab.laborer , 13th bet.between Randolph and
Sheridan, Margaret, wid.widow Martin, , r.residence 25 Orange
Sheridan, Michael, carpenter , O'Fallon ne.northeast c.corner> 10th
Sheridan, Michael, porter , Shapleigh, Day & Co. , r.residence
84 n.north llth
Sheridan, Patrick, plasterer , 108 n.north 15th
Sheridan, Peter, plasterer , bds. 108 n.north 15th
Sheridan, Thomas, lab.laborer , Davis bet.between 23d nnd 24th
Sheridan, Thomas, shoemaker , bds.c.corner> llth and Wash
Sheridan, John, cooper , Belcher & Bro
Shermer, August, drayman , r.residence ea. Columbas bet.between La-
fayette and Soulard
Shermer, Christian, carver , bds. 145s.south 4th
Sherman, Eleazer, (Jones, Sherman fc Homes.) 18
St. Charles
Sherman, Edwin W., tress manfr. , 87 n.north 4th
Sherman, Frederick, lab.laborer , r.residence ss. Barry nr. Jackson
Sherman, John, lab.laborer , ns. Lesperance b.between Carondetet av.avenue
and Jacfcion
Sherman, Henry M., com.commission mer. , 11 Locust; r.residence
351 Morgan
Sherman, Harvey K., carpenter , 79 n.north 15th
Sherman, Samuel H., bookkeeper , Valentine
Freight Exp.Co. , r.residence s. 5th b.between Chesnnt and Pine
Sherman, Sarah B., wid.widow James, W., r.residence 137 n.north Oth
Sherrick, George W., (Raynor & Sherrick,) and
supt.superintendant Work House
Sherrin, Thomas, shoemaker , al.alley nr. Wash bet.between 10th
and llth
Sherorckes, William, painter , r.residence 29 n.north 16th
Sherwood, William, engineer , 409 n.north Main
Sherwood, William K., (Smith, Sherwood & Co.) bda
24 St. Charles