St. Louis directory :
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Sleeper, Logan, agent , Rutgers nr. Stoddard avavenue>
Sleeth, Hiram H., (Sleeth & Bro.) r.residence ws. 14th n.north Gay
Sleeth, Lafayette M., shirtmanfr ., 186 Broadway; r.residence
115 n.north 7th
Sleeth, William M., (Sleeth & Bro.) r.residence ws. l4th n.north
Sleeth & Bro. , (William, M. and Hiram, H.) gent's
furnishing , 89 n.north 4th
Sleff, Henry, cooper . 134 Wash
Sleiraer, Francis, teamster , east c.corner> 9th and Brook-
Siein, James, riverman , ns. Smith b.between Main and Lewis
Sleinghorst, William, lab.laborer , al.alley b.between Benton and Warren
nr. 15th
Sleingman, William, lab.laborer , ss. Marion b.between 14th and 15th
Sleis, John, harnessmaker , res. Main bet.between Walnut and
Sleister, Antoine, lab.laborer , es. Columbus bet.between Marion and
Sleimme, Martin, clerk , 62 Morgan
Slcmmen, Herman H., lab.laborer , ns.n.north Market nr. 14th
Slendwein, Charles, hairdresser , r.residence es. Jackson b.between La-
fayette and Emmet
Slenter, August, cooper , r.residence ns. Spring bet.between 16th and
Sleper, Frederick, (Sleper & Seifried,) r.residence 15th nr. Pen-
rose avavenue>
Sleper & Seifried , (FrederickSleper, and JacobSei-, ,) brickmakers , 15th nr. Penrose avavenue>
Sleter, John H., blacksmith , bds. 213s.south 4th
Sleuske, William, peddler , r.residence Monroe c.corner> 10th
Sleuter, Charles, (J. Stolteben & Co. , r.residence ws. 14th bet.between
Spring and University
Sloven, Michael, gasmaker, gasworks
Slevin, Bernard, (B. & J.F. Slevin,) 248 Pine
Slevin, Charles, (T. & C. Slevin,) r.residence 252 Pine
Slevin, John, saddler , es. 6th b.between Hickory and Rutgers
Slevin, John F., (B. & J.F. Slevin,) Barnum's Hotel
Slevin, Thomas, side 17th b.between Christy av.avenue and Morgan
Slevin, Thomas, lab.laborer , 21st nr. Cass avavenue>
Slevin, Thomas, (T. &, G. Slevin,) r.residence Tayon av.avenue nw.northwest c.corner>
Slevin B. & J.F. , (Bernard, and John, F.) dry-
goods , 148 n.north Main
Slevin T. & C, (Thomas, and Charles, ,) importers
drygoods . 17 u. Main
Sliber, Frederick, lab.laborer , es, Columbosn r.residence Barry
Slicer, William C, salesman , Kennard & Sou , r.residence 208
n. 6th
Slicer, William G., r.residence 208 n.north 6th
Slicer, William J., salesman , North, Scott & Co
Slider, James, sawyer , bds.boards 114 n.north 5th
Slingluff, Reuben H., physician , r.residence 30 n.north 6th
Slinlunier, Charles, tinner , r.residence Douchouquette nw.northwest c.corner>
Sloan, Edwin C, com.commission mercht. , 3 01ive c.corner> Com-
mercial; r.residence 68 Spruce
Sloan, James W., steward , Mound fire c,res. 74 w.west
Sloan, Robert, carpenter , bds. 263 Franklin avavenue>
Sloan, R3betts, lab.laborer , 128 Biddle
Sloan, Robert S., sawyer , r.residence 28 Labeaame
Sloper, Ambrose, boardinghouse, 138 n.north 7th
Sbss, Eliza S., boardinghouse, 17 n.north 7th
Sloss, James L-, bookkeeper , Chiles & Carr , Sth bet.between
Pine and Chesnut
Sloss, Robert C, clerk , Chiles & Carr , 192 Locust
Sloss, William L., lawyer , 37 Pine; res. Chou-
teau House
Sloss, William R., patent medicines, and pub-
lisher Weekly Telegraph , 37 Pine
Slothosrer, John, lumberdealer , 7th c.corner> Broadway: r.residence
398 n.north 7th
Slorzork, Joseph, tailor , ns. Soulard nr. Hamtramck
Sludcr, Aaron B,, (Greenfield, Sluder & Co.) res.68
Sluder, Dacld, carpenter , r.residence ss.n.north Market bet.between Broad-
way and 9th
Smgget, Margaret, seamstress , rear 259 n.north 9th
blunt, Francisco, wid.widow John, , alley near Lesperance b-
DeKalb and Kosciusko
Slater, August, grocer , Carr c, Uth
Sinter, Henry, blackamith , r.residence we. 9th b.between O'Fallon and
Cass avavenue>
Sluter, William, clerk , 187 n.north 8th
Sly, Eli, drayman , Madison, b.between llth and 12th
Sly, Elizabeth, wid,George, , r.residence 795 Broadway
Sly, George, drayman , Carr b.between 22d and 23d
Slye, Daniel W., clerk Monroe House
Smaikal, Martin, porter , Pomeroy & Benton
Smalbach, Joseph, moulder , bds. Clark av.avenue c.corner> 9th
Smalke, Frederick, lab.laborer , al.alley nr, Park av.avenue b.between Menard
and Rosatti
Small, Christian, at Belchers' sugarhouse
Small, Cornelius W., (Small & Co.) r.residence 136s.south 5th
Smalt, Henry, lab.laborer , 96 Carr
Small, James F., (Small & Co.) r.residence es. llth h. Market
and Clark avavenue>
Small, John, (John Small & Co.) res.Madison sw.
cor. 16th
Small, John, sawgrinder , 16th nr. Madison
Small, John A., boatman , r.residence 89 Morgan
Small, Thomas, lab.laborer , r.residence al.alley b.between Main and 2d nr. Myrtle
Small, William, cook , 108 Green
Small John & Co. , (JohnSmall, and JamesClayton, ,)
filemakers , ns. Florida b.between Main and 2d
Small & Co. , (James, F. and Cornelius W.Small, ,)
wh.gros. and com.commission mers. . 119 n.north 2d
Smallback, Matthew, foundryman , 7th bet.between Hickory
and Rutgers
Smallfeld, John, lab.laborer , Julia nr. Closey
Smallman, William, engineer , bds.sw.south west c.corner> Pratte av.avenue
and Choutz
Smart, Patrick, carpenter , 296 n.north 7th
Smarius, Cornelius F., Rev., pastor St. Fran-
cis Xavier's church, St. Louis University
Smead, Charles H., bookkeeper , 208 Broadway; bds.boards
Virginia Hotel
Smead, Daniel W., agent , 202 Broadway; res. 271
Washington avavenue>
Smeathers, William G., furniture , 335 Broadway; res.
Wash nw.northwest o. 6th
Smedikie, Adolph, bricklayer , r.residence 313s.south 4th
Smedley, John, clerk , bda, 144s.south 5th
Smeiskamp, John P., lab.laborer , sw.c.corner> Monroe and 14th
Smeizer, William, lab.laborer , bds. 489 Morgan
Smelter, Caspar, (Diedfinbach & Smelter,) 63 Plum
Sracring, Henry, carpenter , Henry, Pitcher
Smickel, Martin, porter , r.residence alley b.between s.south 3d and 4th nr.
Smidt, Bartlett, cooper , Colombia b.between Miller and Barry
Smidt, Francis, hairdresser , 326s.south 2d
Smidt, Gottleib, wagonmaker , r.residence ss. Gravois road nr.
Smidt, Peter, carpenter , bds. 20th c.corner> Estelle
Smieding, Frederick, (Smieding & Co.) iron Btore ,
Green nr. City market; r.residence Johnson nr. Gratiot
Smith, , salesman , (Smith & Sherman,) bds. 97 Pine
Smith, , sb. captain , Jefferson av.avenue nr. Carondelet
Smith, Aaron, printer , bds. 95 Market
Smith, Abraham, porter , 10th b.between Webster and Cham-
Smith, Abraham O., foreman , Braman & Gregg , r.residence
Chouteau av.avenue near 14th
Smith, Adam, gardener , r.residence Arsenal nr. Gravois road
Smith, Adam, shoemaker , bds. 394 a. 9th
Smith, Adolph, cabinetmaker , side 12th b.between Spring
and Wright
Smith, Alexander, machinist , r.residence 22G n.north Main
Smith, Alexander H., agt.agent Atlantic mills, r.residence 7 n.north llth
Smith, Albert, clerk , 54 n.north 5th
Smith, Allen, stonecutter , rear 552 Broadway
Smith, Allen T., butcher , 9 City market; r.residence Pratte av.avenue
sw.c.corner> Franklin avavenue>
Smith, Alpheus, justice of the peace, 12s.south 4th; r.residence
97s.south 3d
Smith, Alphonso P., asst.assistant manager St. Lonis museum;
r. 85 Market
Smith, Andrew, contractor , al.alley b.between 6th and 7th near
Cass avavenue>
Smith, Andrew, ironworker , bds.sw.south west c.corner> Carondelet
av.avenue and Allen avavenue>