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Notices Of The Press
On The Forthcoming Work,
The Great West,
Her Commercial Metropolis,
St. Louis.

This is the title of a new work now in press, which, on its completion, is destined to have a wide circulation from the
practical information which it will convey, of the fertile regions of the Great West, and particularly the great Mississippi
Valley; the dinercnt counties of the State of Missouri; and a detailed description of the Mound City, aud the extended
and various business ramifications which form the arterries of her existnece.

The work is on a most gigantic scale, the estimated cost being at least $15,000. It will contain biographies and
portraits of our leading citizens, and some'of the early pioneers of the country; engravings of the chief publie and
private buildings, and an authentic description of the leading firms in all the various business avocations.

It will be a book which the capitalist, agriculturist, the merchant, the manufacturer, and, in short, all who read and
desire information must consult with advantage.

We arc glad to see that there is such a work in progress, and that it will present a complete panorama and typo-
graphical view of our great city and State, so different from the catch-penny productions which have been formerly
afloat among us.

It will be published in a style suitable both to the library and drawing-room, and we call attention to the prospectus
in another portion of our columns.—Mo. Democrat, Feb'y 16th, 1859.

This useful work has commenced in thorough business style, which will bring it soon to a quick and successful

Mi. Edwahbs has employed a corps of efficient reporters, who are authorised to procure every reliable information
required in his great work now in progress. These gentlemen are now engaged in canvassing the city and State, and
the officers of our public institutions, corporate companies, and all business firms and citizens of the State, by giving
attention to, and answering their inquiries, will not only assist Mr. Edwards in his great and useful enterprise,
but will materially subserve their own interests-for the work will embrace all the historical and business features of
every county in the State, and all, in looking over its pages, will see at a glance the immense resources of Missouri and
St. Louis, and who are the prominent men that are directing its business currents, which give tho vitality and impor-
tance to our great metropolis.

We cordially hope all of our citizens will take an interest in a work of such material usefulness - Republican,
Feb'y 15th 1859.

We were shown by Mr. Edwards, on yesterday, a number of fine photographs, from which engravings are in progress
intending to illustrate bis great work now in the course of publication, called "The Great West, and her Commercial
Metropolis, St. Louis." The photographs are finely executed, and are made up of our oldest and most respectable citi-
iens. Among tho number, we saw one of Hon.F.P. Blair, Hon. Edward liates, H.D. Bacon, James H. Lucas, Thomas
Allen, and many others. Finely engraved plates of the Central Presbyterian Church, Second Presbyterian Church,
Church of the Messiah. New Custom-House, Court-House, and the prominent buildings, both public and private, are
ready to illustrate the work.

We have heretofore spoken favorably of this book, and wish to draw public attention to its value and usefulness, as it
will contain a full history of the State, and all of her great business ramifications will be prominently displayed to
the world.-Mo. Democrat, Feb'y 21st, 1859.

We call the attention of our readers to the Prospectus of a new work, which appeared in the Neva yesterday, now in
the course of publication. It purports to give a general history of the West; but the description of the Mississippi
Valley, the various counties of the State of Missouri, and all the manifold variety of business, which give its vital ele-
ments, will form the main features of the publication. The work will bo illustrated with most beautiful and expensive
engravings, consisting of the most interesting portions of History, the prominent Buildings of St. Louis, both of public
and private enterprise. Portraits of the living, as well as the dead, of the illustrious citizens identified with the progress
and advancement of City and State, with their Biographies, together with a History of the different Railroads, and a
narrative of the extent and resources of the chief business firms, will make the book one of utility, and give it an
universal circulation.

St Louis, the State of Missouri, and. in fact, foe whole Union, will be benefitted by the publication of such a work.

The jndustnous citizen will be induced to migrate from the crowded marts of the Eastern cities to an ampler field ; the
capitalist and merchant abroad will see the resources of our City and State, and the one will be induced to invest his
funds where they will be the most available, and the o ther know in what manner to increase their commercial relations.

Such a work is much needed, as it will convey an accurate idea of the magnitude of the business of Missouri and the
immense agricultural and business resources of the great State.-St. Louis Evening News, Feb'y 20th, 1859.

We have seen a number of finely executed photographs of some of our oldest and leading citizens, from which enirrfty-
mgs are executing to adorn the above-mentioned work. Among the number are thote of Col. Johu O'Fallon, James H.
Lucas. Hon. Edward Bates, Hon. Trustcn Polk, Hon.L. M Kennett, Theron Barnum, H.D. Bacon, Hon. John F.
Darby, Thomas Allen, Samuel Gaty.Hon.F.P. Blair, jr., and many others.

There a re also fine illustrations of some of our principal public buildings, and we have seen fine impressions of the new
Custom-House, Court-House, Church of the Messiah, Central Presbyterian Church and St. Louis University with others
that ornament our city. Also, some fine manufacturing establishments.

The work will be gooten up without regard to cost, and the "Mound City " will be displayed in a manner creditable
to the prominent position she occupies among the great Metropolis of our Union.-Mo. Republican, Feb'y 20th 1859

Copies Of The Work Will Be Sold To Subscribers Only.

Published by L. Bushnell, 97 Fourth Street.