St. Louis directory :
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Fmrtbing & Ryan. 124 n.north 2d
Marston & Bro. , 67 Commercial b.between Olive and Locust
Owens W. & J. , al.alley Par Market brt. 8th and 9th
Scott, John.64 Center
Warne, Cheever & Co. , 25 n.north Main. (See advt.,
Brashes, Makers and Dealers in.
Bacon. Hyde & Co. , 129 n.north 2d. (See advt., p 34.)
Bender, Hildenbrandt & Co. , 115 n.north Main
Cupples & Marston , 55 and 57 d. 2d. (See
advt., p. 118.)
Dings F. & Co. , 39 N. Main
Fenstel, Hentry J., 147 Wash
Faithoff, Jermiah, 144 n.north 14th
Kaltoff, Joseph, 190 n.north 13th
Lager, Jacob, Sonlard c.Mamtramck,
Laitner, Francis J., 367s.south 7th
Locke, John J., 105 n.north 4th. (See advt., p. 258.)
Warne. Cheever & Co. , 25 n.north main. (See advt.,
p. 482.)
Zeilinger, Anton, 419s.south Tth
(See Carprnters and Builders; also, Arehittrts.)
Builders, Hardware.
Gault & Baxter , 161 Market
Hall & Hynson , 135 n.north 3d
Hunt & Wiseman , 101 n.north 3d
Miller, W. W., 137 n.north 3d
Mnriitse, Julius, 165 and 285 Broadway
Hudolph & Humes , 133 n.north 3d
Builders' Materials.
(See, also, Lime, Plaster and Cement.)
Farrar & Gaither , agents , 14th b.between Poplar and Spruce
Kansteiner, William, 260 Market
Rudolph & Humes. 133 n.north 3d
Sooding & Brother , 74s.south 2d
Burr Blocks, and Millstones.
(See, also. Mill Furnishing.)
Todd G. A C. A Co. , 212 n.north Main
Aliington, John, Magwire market
Andro, Thomas, 12 outside North market
Axhhrook, Henry H., 4 Commercial
Riorhaker, Frederick, Broadway market
Ball, James.15 North market
Barry, William, s City market
Rartliold, John, North Market
Bayersdoorfer, F., 26 South Market
Beusuu, Jessec W., Gamble market
Berger, John D., 27 Lucas market
Bertholdt, John P., 29 North market
Benger, Frantz, 44 South market
Bierharke, Frederick, 13 North market
Bindbeutel, George, 27 South market
Blantz, Conrad, 4 City market
Blantz, John, St. Louis market
Blontz, John, 52 City market
Block, Jacob, 11 S. market
Bohlmann, Henry M., 15 Biddle market
Bollinger, Valentine, 4 St. George market
Braddock, Alfred, 7 Mound market
Breidenbach, K., 39 South market
Bretscber, Jacob, 19 South market
Brooks, Benjamin, 28 Central market
Brooks, Joseph, 51 South market
Bromm, Henry, 12 Sturgeon market
Bueck, John, 24 South market
Band, Michael, 48 City market
Burk, Cornelius.12 Biddle market
Burnett, John, 6 Luocas market
Butler, James, 25 City market
Butts, John.nw.c.corner> Dock ind 2d
Carter D.S. & Co. , Commercial b.between Waabington nr.
and Vine
Case, Gillwrt M., 5 Lucas market
Christen, Nicholas, 3 Sturgeon market
Coates, John, jr., 13 City market
Coffey, James, 11 City market
Conran, Thomas, 35 North market
Cooney, James, 1 North market
Pnoney, Patrick, 7 Lucas market
Couvjons, Peter, 6, Central market
Convins, Edward, 21 North market
Courions, Joseph.17 outside North market
Cowynn, Edward.15 outnide North market
Croner, Lewis, Biddle market
Deal, Conrad.34 Lycas market
Deilbel, Charles, 11 Biddle market
Denny, Jaraes, 9 Lucas market
Dickey, Robert, 16 Lucas market
Dillon, John S., 30 and 32 Ucas market
Dittmcr, William, 3 Soulard market
Donnelly, James D., 411 City market
Dunn, Patrick H., 18 City market
Durbeck, William.8 Biddle market
Elierle, John.13 South market
Enjrler, Charles, 47 City market
Eulenstein, Franta, 33 South Market
Farlsr, Francis M., 18 Lucas market
Feder & Kubrich. 34 South market
Ferara, John.20 North market
Ferrara, Gabriel, 5 Cjty market
Fischer, Daniel, 15 South market
Fischer, George, 4i City market
Foerste, Charles, 18 Central market
Freise, Henry, 31 South market
Freise, Philip, 9 Biddle market
Freivogel, Daniel, 29 North market
Freivogel, Peter, 6 North market
Fritsch, George, 47 South market
Gagnon, Edward.14 City market
Gaubatz, Frederick, 40 Lucm market
Gelzheuser, Andrew, 2 South market
Gerbards Peter & Co. , 1 Central market
Giese, Henry, 12 Soulard market
Gottschammer, Eggerte, 3 Biddle market
Gottechammer, Emil, 1 Mound market
Grafe, Herman, 12 City market
Gruffe, Henry, 10 Biddle market
Grant, William D., 2 Lucas market
Gropp, George, 25 North market
Gruner, Philip, 14 Biddle market
Gunkel, Louis, 25 South market
Haehner, Charles F., 1 Sturgeon market
Hague, John T., 9 North market
Hardy, John, 20 and 23 Lucas market
Harold, Charles, 8 Broadway market
Hasennling, William, 37 South market
Haus, William, 50 City market
Heizeburg, Edward.2 Biddle market
Henker, Henry, 32 North market
lleozcberg, Charles T., 12 North market
Hepp, Joseph, 10 Sturgeon market
Hcyl, William, 3 City market
Heyle, William.5 outside North market
Hindert, John.10 South market
Hirtler, Johu B., 1 City market
Hochrauth, A., 4 Central market
Hotter, Charles, 66 b.between 2nd
Hoffman, Philip H., 38 South market
Hogan, William, 18 North market
Hohenscbild, William, 5 Central market
Horche F. & Co. , 1 South market
Hoster, Charles, 14 South market
Hughes, George, 9 Central market
Ibig, Frederick L., 13 Sturgeon market
Kahnuutn, Hermann, 30 South market
Kaiser, Henry, 6 City market