St. Louis directory :
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Kennedy, Henry, 79 Almond
Kennedy, Josial W., 97 Chenstu
Koenig & Bro. chensut ne.northeast c.corner> 2nd
Laham, Thos. S.Court Hosue
Maruice, J. H., 3d c.corner> Pine
Mithcell, George M., 37 n.north 3d
Mitchell, Robert S., 661/2 Chensut
Olsmted, Wiliam B., Churcihol building, 5th
c. Chesnut. (See adct.p. 478)
Pond & Hochholzer , Chensut nw.northwest c.corner> 3d
Ramsey, John252, n.north 6th (See advt., p. 396.)
Robison, James P., 40 Ashley
Rumbold, William, 9 old P.O.bldg
Stacy & Stocne , 207 n.north 5th
Stickel, Otto, ss. Marion b.between 7th and Fulton
Thornberry, Robert, 87 Morgan
Tunica, Franics, Merchants' Ex. bldg
Walsh, Patrick, 591/2 Chensut
Walsh, Thomas, Pinesw.south west c.corner> 3d
Weber, Theophile, 46 Chensut
Woods, Stephenson, ws. 10th nr. Webster
Wright, J. Clark, 90 Elm
Articifical Flowers.
(Marked thus* are wholseslae.)
*Armstrong & Casey , 39 n.north Main. (See advt.,
p. 32.)
*Baldwin & Dodd , 98 n.north Main
*Bradford & Bro. , 149 n.north Main
*Brown & Co. , 78 n.north Main
Chaussgergor, Adrien, 327s.south 4th
Davis, Eleanor, 56 Washinton avavenue>
Davis, Joseph110 n.north 4th
*Dunham, Edward A., 38 n.north Main
Jacob & Nolan , 106 n.north 4th
*McNeil John & Co. 82 n.north Main
Moeller, Geroge J.285s.south 4th
Paris, Louis, 120 n.north 4th., Verandah Row
*Pitman Brothers & Co. , 83 n.north Main. (see
advt.p. 381.)
*Rsoenhiam & Collns 73 n.north Main
Smith, H. W.124 n.north 4th
*Tennent & Co. , 101 n.north Main. (See advt., p. 476.)
*Tuttle, Elijah G.77 n.north Main
Ubsdell, Peiroson,& Co. , 4th ne.northeast c.corner> Vine. (See
advt.p. 531.)
Wescott, J., Mrs.Clark's Row, 4th b.between Washignton
av.avenue and Green. (See advt.p. 512).
Whittermore H. & R.B. & Co. , 127 n.north Main
Artificial Limbs.
Fishc, John P., 159 n.north 4th
Fravel, John, 79 Franki avavenue>
Sherman, E. w.97 n.north 4th
(See, also Protrial Paitner).
Albert, Anslem.Menrla b.between Marion and Park avavenue>
Boyle, Ferinala T.L., 82 n.north 4th
Bradish, Alva, 4thse.south east c.corner> Olive
Brown, J. Sideny, 64 n.north 4th
De France, Manuel J., 115 Pine
Hoffman, D., 59 Market
Lukacsy, Gasper, 125 n.north 5th
Patton, Sarah M., 132 Pine
Prativel, Lousi148 Chensut
Rockwood, Charles A.631/2 n.north 4th
Wilson, D. C., 160 Broadway
Artists in Hair.
Cuno, F. A., 14 n.north 2nd
Link, Joluis, 58s.south 4th
Pfeiffer Edward & Brother , 120s.south 2nd
Smith, Mrs.S. A., 90 n.north 4th
Artists' Materials
Bacon, Hyde & Co. , 129 n.north 2nd. (See advt.
p. 34.)
Bushnell, Lynde, 97 n.north 4th. (See advt., p. 220)
Doellner, Henry, 36s.south 2nd
Fisher & Bennett , 94 n.north Main. (See advt., p.
Lips, Charles L., s. 2ndse.south east c.corner> Myrtle
Schoustein & Co. , 221 Market
Spore, James, 101 n.north 4th
Witter, Conrad, se.c.corner> Walnut and 2nd
Wolff & Engert , 43s.south 2nd and 203 Broadway
Attorneys at Law.
(See Lawyers.)
Auction Goods.
Alba & Co. , 85 Market
Burgoyne, David A., 44 n.north Main
Langsdorf, Selig, 297s.south 4th
Spyer, Barnet, 47 Pine
Baker, Theodore, 275 Broadway
Belt & Priest , 41 Chensnut
Casidy, William, 275 Broadway
Cooper, Henry C., 77 Chesnut
Emerson, William A., 275 Broadway
Harvey & Whedon , 45 n.north Main
Kelly, William, 275 Broadway
Kennon, Frederick A., 79 n.north 4th
Leffingwell H.W. & Co. , 93 Chesnut
Morgan, Edward, 107 n.north 4th. (See advt., p. 380.)
Murdoch & Dickson 47 n.north Main
Obear, Josiah H., 71 Chensut
Papin S.V. & Bro. , ns. Chesnut b.between 2nd and 3d
Robinson, H. H., 65 Market
Sewell A.M. & F.J. , 241 Broadway
Traner, Micheal, ws. Broadway b.between O'Fallon and Cases
Worely, C. T., 125 n.north 3d
(See Occulists and Aurists.)
Awnings, Mnfrs. of.
(See, also, Sail Lofts.)
Clemens J. & Co. , 12 n.north Levee. (See advt., p. 98)
Holton, Horace, 54 Commercial
Sears & Baillenl , 4 n.north Main
Bags and Bagging.
Blaine, John L., Mullanphy c.Levee,
Clemens J. & Co. , 12 n.north Levee and 24 Commer-
cial. (See advt., p. 98)
St. Louis Bagging & Rope Co. , 35 Chesnut
Ahrens, Carl, ns. Cozens nr. Pratte avavenue>
Baker, John P., 1023 Broadway
Bauer, John, es. Columbus b.between Soulard and Carroll
Bender, Charles W, 315s.south 7th
Billings, B. M., 177 Market
Bogge, Joseph, Frenaklin av.avenue b.between 22nd and 23d
Borbein, William, 107 n.north 14th and 129 n.north 13th
Breon, Henry, 369s.south 4th
Brossette, Nicholas, 134 Morgan
Buecker, Stephen, 427 Caroldelte avavenue>
Burkel, Jacob, 359 Carondelet avavenue>