St. Louis directory :
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Rutherford T.S. & Co. , 66 n.north Commercial
Ryan & Louthan , 134 n.north 2nd
Singleton W.W. & Co. , Commercial nw.northwest c.corner> Pine
Smith F. & Co. , 25s.south Levee
Small & Co. , 119 n.north 2nd. (See advt., p. 512)
Spaunhorst & Co. , 175 and 177 n.north Main
Springer & Wannall , 28 n.north Levee
Stock & Pfielder , 40s.south Main
Stone, R. H., 115 n.north 2nd
Switzer, Platt & Co. , 58 and 60 n.north 2nd
Thatcher G.W. & Co. , 121 n.north 2nd. (See advt.,
p. 478)
Thomas & Papin , 81 n.north 2nd. (See advt., p. 476)
Tillman, Charles. 35 n.north Levee
Von, Phul, Waters & Co. , 127 n, 2nd. (See
ndvt., p. 492)
Wales, Cabot & Co. , 76 n.north 2nd
Waters & Christy , 28 n.north 2nd. (See advt., p. 492.)
Watts, Wiley & Co. , 30 and 32 n.north 2nd
Wells, Bro., & Co. , 139 n.north 2nd
Wendover J.R. & Co. , 208 Broadway and 194 n.north 4th
Weinhagen & Hornbostel , 122 n.north 2nd
Weirick, Scudder & Co. , 102 n.north 2nd. (See
advt., p. 492)
Whitaker & Burnett , 27 Levee
Grocers, Wholesale and Retail.
Balley, George S., 291 Broadway
Barth William & Bro. , 58 Franklin avavenue>
Burt & Finnegan , ne.c.corner> Locust and 6th
Bush & Tanssig , sw.c.corner> Carondelet and Park avs
Conroy John J. & Bro. , se,c.corner> Pine and 7th
Curran, Peter, 342 Broadway
Dyer, John D., 364 Market
Fette, Henry A.105 and 107s.south Main. (See
advt., p. 158)
Fortune, James, se.c.corner> Green and 3d
Gilbraith James & Co. , 289 Broadway
Gorin, G., 149 n.north 3d
Griepenburg & Poten , es. Broadway c.corner> Carr
Heithkamp, Frederick. 187s.south 4th
Heithkamp, Frederick J., 214s.south 4th and 201s.south 5th
Hermanns & Hartmann , 11 Carondelet avavenue>
Hubbard & Payne. 260 Broadway
Keiser, John H., 85 Wash
Lepere, Francis, 88 Franklin av.avenue and 155 n.north 7th
McCaw D. & J. , 274 Broadway
Mandlebaum, Samuel E., 299s.south 5th
Nash Bros. , 249 Broadway
Nicholson, David, 118 and 120 Market
Nicholson, John, 281s.south 4th
Netz & Schaberg , s. 7th c.corner> Spruce
Reilly, William, 8thse.south east c.corner> Locust
Reilly & Co. , Franklin av.avenue c.corner> 16th
Setzer A. & Thies , 273s.south 4th
Steigers, F. J., nec.corner> 3d and Walnut
Stein, Levi, 235 Broadway
Stine, Charles W., Chesnut ne.northeast c.corner> 6th
Tibbe & Diekmann , 69 Franklin avavenue>
Tillman, Andrew W., 290 Broadway
Volkening & Oebike , 41s.south 2d
Wilson, William C., 123 Morgan
Witte, John F., 200 Franklin avavenue>
Woltge, Louis, 341 Broadway
Groceries and Provisions, Retail.
Abeln, John, ss. Park av.avenue c.corner> Mississippi
Ahrens, Wm., nw.c.corner> Bellefontaine road & Angelrodt
Albietz, Jacob, 97 Morgan
Alexander, Baffe, 60s.south Levee
Amelung, John F., 125 Carondelet avavenue>
Andrea, Bioncla, 95 n.north Levee
Angelbeck, F., c. Bellefontaine road & Mallinckrodt
Atkins, William W., 107s.south 3d
Auerbacher, George, 143 Carondelet avavenue>
Baggott, Edward, 125 O'Fallon
Bain, Colin, 906 Broadway
Ballman, Henry, 18th Carr and Biddle
Barkhoefer, Henry, 367 n.north 9th
Barkhoff, Frederick, nw.c.corner> 14th and n.north Market
Barth George & Brothers , 55 Morgan
Bartold & Zimmermann , 1368 Broadway
Buskett & Austin , 1173 Broadway
Baner, John A., 113 Wash
Haumann, Philip, O'Fallon nw.northwest c.corner> 8th
Becherer, Matthias, 431s.south 7th
Bechmann E. & Bro. , Biddle c.corner> 16th, 96 and 98s.south 4th
and 198 Market
Bechtien, Herman, 885 Broadway
Becke, George, es. Jackson b.between Carroll and Marion
Becker, William, 766 Broadway
Beckman, August, Biddle c.corner> 13th
Beckmann, Fred, G., ns.north side Gravois rd.road nr. McNair avavenue>
Beffa, Alexander, 60 n.north Levee
Behr, Bernhard, Biddle c.corner> 13th
Behrens, Henry, Wash c.corner> 17th
Behrs, Warner, sw.c.corner> 13th and Middle
Bellersen, Edward, 15th b.between O'Fallon and Cass avavenue>
Bellerson, John, Warren ne.northeast c.corner> 9th
Bender & Ferry , 457s.south 2d
Berner, E., ns. Carondelet av.avenue b.between Cherokee & Capitol
Besancon, John P., 94½ n.north Levee
Betz, John F., 208s.south 2d
Bever, Bernard, 484 n.north Main
Beyert, Theodore, 153 n.north llth c.corner> Carr
Bierbaum, Henry, ws. 12th b.between Spruce and Poplar
Blohm, Cord, se.c.corner> Emmet and Hamtramck avavenue>
Blome & Lindenschmit , 376 Market
Blumeyer, Conrad, sw.c.corner> Madison and 10th
Boardman and Day , 123 Locust
Bolkhoff & Co. , 267 Broadway
Bohlman, Herman H., 210 n.north 2d
Bohner, Henry, 42 n.north Levee
Bollmann, Valentine, 469s.south 7th
Bos, John, 248 n.north 5th
Bosken, Henry, 19th nr. Jefferson
Brauckman, George, 60 Biddle c.corner> 7th
Brennan, Dennis J., Carr c.corner> 22d
Breuer & Hoster , 66s.south 14th
Brienbeck, Michael J., ns. Poplar nr. 20th
Brivot, Jacob, 41 n.north Levee
Broaderick, John, Biddle ne.northeast c.corner> 9th
Brockmaer & Freckmann , Jackson ne.northeast c.corner> Lami
Brockmair, Christian, Lami ne.northeast c.corner> Jackson
Broeker, Bernhard, nw.c.corner> Fulton and Lafayette
Bulte & Weber , 440s.south 7th
Bunte, John F., se.c.corner> Monroe and 14th
Burke, Lawrence D., 61 Wash
Burns, Edward, Biddle b.between 24th and 25th
Burrus, George H., 243s.south 4th
Burt & Finnigan , ne.c.corner> 6th and Locust
Bush, Henry, Market nr. Laclede
Cafferata, Angelo, 16s.south Levee
Callaghan, Owen, 852 Broadway
Callighan, Dennis, ss. Franklin av.avenue b.between Pratte av.avenue and
Carey, John M., s. 2d nw.northwest c.corner> Spruce
Carroll, Dennis, O'Fallonse.south east c.corner> 7th
Carroll, Frank, Biddle b.between 19th and 20th
Carroll, William, 195 Christy avavenue>
Carstens, N. H., nw.c.corner> 7th and Gratiot
Chenot C. & F. , s. Main ne.northeast c.corner> Spruce. (Sec advt.,
p. 92.)
Churchill, John, 102 n.north 7th
Clancey, Bridget, 164 Morgan
Clancey, Edward, Florida nw.northwest c.corner> Main
Clancey, Michael, 446 n.north Main
Clancy, Michael, llth b.between O'Fallon and Cass avavenue>
Clark, Patrick, Beliefontaine road c.corner> Buchunan
Cleary, Redmond, 170 n.north 9th
Coffray, Andrew, 347 n.north 2d
Cogswell & Van A hner , 5thse.south east c.corner> Elm
Coleman, John, St. Charles ne.northeast c.corner> 9th
Colligin, Thomas, 89 Green
Collins, Michael P., 52 Biddle
Coma, Patrick L., 13s.south Main
Conary, Michael, O'Fallon c.corner> 15th
Connelly, Michael, 226s.south 5th
Conrad, Adam, 122 n.north 7th