St. Louis directory :
Bak 537 Ban
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Bustrand, Henry, 142 n.north 10th
Cantieny, Philip, 231 Broadway
Cabanne, Julius L.,18 and 20 a. Tth. (Set advt.
page 200.)
Cassel, Julius, 314s.south 7th
Clarke, Thomas, 131 Green
Condon, Augustus A., 228 n.north 5th
Copp & Coffill , 248 Market
Cummings & Co. , 68 Commercial and 2 Spruce
Debus, Jacoh, 47 Elm
Dellit, Andreas, c. Buel and Park avavenue>
Dickbradar, Herman H., 167 n.north 13th
Dickhardt, Adam, 367 Market
Dolde, Christiana, es. Hamtramck av.avenue nr. Emmet
Dolde, John, 205 n.north 13th
Doll, Thomas, 275s.south 4th
Dreste, Anthony, 363s.south 4th
Dunham & Gregg , Commercialse.south east c.corner> Walnut
and 186,s.south 4th. (Set advt., p. 140.)
Punk, Hobtrt.52s.south 4th
Everle, John, 183s.south 2d
Fausel, Mnry, 193 Carondelet avavenue>
Finton, John, 54 Center
Flack, Thornns, 52s.south 5th
Freund, Moritz, ns. Soulard nr. Buel
Fritschle, Jacob, Chouteau av.avenue b.between 7th and 8th
Froehlich, Michael, 110s.south 2d
Galiimr, Charles, 341s.south 2d
Gamble, Mary, 33 Biddle
Gahneau, J., 9 Commercial b.between Washington av.avenue and
Vine. (See advt., p. 164.)
Gerold, Ignatz.300s.south 7th
Goebbels, Henry, 192 and 194 n.north 7th
Goodman, William, 58 Morgan
Gresmuck, Peter, ss. O'Fallon b.between 5th and 6th
Haas, John, Franklin av.avenue c.corner> Beaumont
Httberlferger, George, ns. Marion bet.between Jackson and
Hager, John, 340 n.north 2d
Hein, Paulus, es. Buel nr. Emmet
Herwig, Louis, 198 High
Hess, Jacob, 88 Main
Hesse, Frederick, ns. Salisbury b.between Broadway and 9th
Hill & Borbein , 252 Market
Holmes, Charles, 67 and 69 Green. (See advt.
p. 234.)
Hood, Benjamin.37 and 215 Morgan
Horn, Michiel, 465s.south 7th
Huck, George, 753 Broadway
Hussman, Franz, Carr c.corner> llth
Kendall, Henry N., 528 Broadway
Kendall H.N. & Co. , 30 & 32 n.north 6th and 153 Morgan
Kinsella, John, nw.c.corner> Chesnut and 14th
Kleinecker, John, 764 Broadway
Koch, Frederick, 137 n.north llth
Kraft, Peter, 215 Carondelet avavenue>
Kraft, Philip, nw.c.corner> Lafayette and Decatnr
Kroeck, Charles, 118 n.north 15th
Lackey, Adam, 427 Morgan
Laman, Anna, 311s.south 2d
Loebner, Joseph, 154 Carondelet avavenue>
Lohrum, Henry, 133, n.north 15th
Unite, William, 657 Broadway
Luttig, Joseph, Julia nr. 7th
Mannewal, Peter, ns. Manchester road nr. Clark avavenue>
Matthews, Edward, 40 Wash
Metzger, Christian, 26s.south 4th
Heyer, George. es. Jackson b.between Emmet and Lesperance
Miller, Thomas, ws. Beliefontaine road b.between Anglerodt
and Destrehan
Morris, Patrick, Biddle b.between 17th and 18th
Mulliu, James, 139s.south 3d
Seff, John, 427s.south 7th
Soel, Frederick W., 63 Carondelet avavenue>
Paule, Charles, 220s.south 2d
Persehbesehcr, Frederick.98 n.north Sth
Peter, Jacob, 451 Carondelet avavenue>
Pnnshon, Thomas M., 9th bet.between Biddle and O'Fallon
and 375 Morgan
Beis, Frederick.280 Franklin avavenue>
Rocnnigke, Frank, 228 Biddle
Rogan, Marlin.280 n.north 8th
Rudcloff, Ferdinand.175 n.north 8th
Ruekcrt, Diedrich, 287s.south 4th
Russell, Philip, se.c.corner> Ann av.avenue and Deeatnr
Schatz, John, Buena Vista nr. Gravois road
Schlittar, Jacob, ws. Menard nr. Marion
Schmeidcr, Dagobert, 81s.south Main
Schmidt, John.253s.south 2d
Schroedor, Henry, g. 7th c.corner> Marion
Schwarr, Windelcno,ws. Jackson b.between Barry and Miller
Schwarz, Antoine, 149 Carondelet avavenue>
Peirz, Philip, 104s.south 2d
Ritz, Amor, 85 Carondelet avavenue>
Snaeder, Jacob, ws. Carondelet av.avenue nr. Geyer avavenue>
Stacter, Paul, es. Buel nr. Emmet
Steber, Henry, s. 3dse.south east c.corner> Mulberry
Steel, Thomas J., 34 n.north 16th
Stocke, Valentine, 1110 Broadway
Stoops, William.DeKalbsw.south west c.corner> Lessporance
Stueck, Reinhard, 24 Carondelet avavenue>
Teasdale, John W., 35 n.north 12th
Teich, Wilhelm, ss. Victor b.between Easton fc Carondelet avavenue>
Teutenberg, Francis, 300 Franklin avavenue>
Tneilkraft, Daniel, Lafayettc b.between Decatur nnd Buel
Timmermeister, Frederick, we. 9th b.between Jefferson and
Trikel, Martin, 508 Morgan
Ubel, George, 377 Carondelet avavenue>
Waley, Bernard, 325s.south 2d
Wall, MichaelK, , 12 Gay
Weber, Adam, 277 Carondelet avavenue>
Weber, George, Biddle c.corner> 12th
Wicks, John C., 93 Morgan
Wiltshire, James, 537 Broadway
Zurmuehlen, Henry, ss. Benton b.between 13th and 14th
Zumsteg, Martin, ns. Allen av.avenue b.between Fulton and Decatur
Bakers, Biscuit and Cracker.
Cabanne, Julius L., 18 and 20 b.between 7th. (Set
advt., p. 200)
Davis, George A., (celebrated brand cracker bakery,)
130 Morgan
Dunham & Gregg , 18Cs.south 4th. (See advt., p. 140.)
Kendall Henry N. & Co. , 6thsw.south west c.corner> Pine
Wicks, John C, 93 Morgan
Balances and Scales.
(See Scale Manufacturers.)
Band and Fancy Box makers.
(Sec Paper Box Makers.)
Behler & Postclewaite , 25 n.north 5th
Koch, Philip, 169 n.north 12th
Majos', Cotillon, 74 n.north 4th
St. Louis Silver Cornet Band , 23 Chesnut
Trebertshyser, Conrad, 250n. 5th
Washington Comet Band , nw.c.corner> 3d end Maiket
Bank Vaults and Locks.
Heitz, George, 31 and 33s.south 2d. (See advt., p.m. 488)
McMurray, Winkelm Aier & Co. , Chesnut ne.
c. 10th. (See advt., p. 310.)
McPhekters, James G., Clark av.avenue nw.northwest c.corner> 8th.
(See advt., p. 310.)
Morris, J., 13s.south Main (See advt., p. 368.)
PulIiR C. & T.R. & Bro. , 23 n.north 3d
Roberts, F. W., 139 & 141 n.north Levee. (Seeadvt.,p.
Stearns & Marvin , 29 n.north Main. (See advt., p.