St. Louis directory :
Ban 538 Bil
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Allen. Coup & N'wbet , 2d nw.northwest c.corner> Chesnut
Anderson, John J., Main nw.northwest c.corner> Olive
Babksdalk William H. & Co. , Mainsw.south west cor.
Chexutlt. (See card on back cover.)
Benoist L.A. & Co. , 69 n.north Main
Clark.Bros. & Co. ,n. Maine. Olive
Dann E.S. & Co. , Main nw.northwest c.corner> Locust
Dann, W. B., nw.c.corner> Locust and Main
Dmrbya & Poulkrkr , Mainsw.south west c.corner> Pine. (See
adit., p. 120.)
Purkw & Bullock , 121 n.north Main
Haskell & Co. , 124 u. Main. (See advt., p. 210.)
Johnson, Phillips & Co. , 31 Chesnut
Loker G.H. &. Bro. 63 n.north Main
Miltkn Berger E. & Co. , 28 n.north Main. (See advt.
p. 364.)
Nislict William & Co. , 22 n.north Main
Presekbury & Co. , Main ne,c.corner> Locust. (Set advt.,
p. 376.)
Rokohl D. & Co. , nw.c.corner> Main and Green
Simonds & Taylor , 67 n.north Main. (See advt., p.
Stout B.F. & Co. , 46 n.north 4th
Tesson & Danjen , 41 n.north Main. (See advt., p.
Thompson F.M. & Co. , 261 Broadway
Bank of St. Louis , 3d ne.northeast c.corner> Olive
Bunk of the State of Missouri , n. Main nr. Vine
Exchiintre Bank of St- Louis , se.c.corner> Washington av.avenue
and 3rd
The Mechanics' Bank , Chesnutsw.south west c.corner> 3d. (See
advt., p. 322.)
Merchantsr, Bank, Miin nw.northwest c.corner> Locust
Southern Hank Of St. Louis , 4 Pine
Banks for Saving's.
(See Saving Institutions.)
(See Hair Dressers.)
Barrel Makers.
(See, also, Coopers.)
Conner, A Fullagar, se.c.corner> 10th and Walnut
Parker, Ludlow & Co. , es. 2d b.between Spring and Wright
Sterick, George, es. Jackson b.between Lafayette and Soulard
Vandcvnrt & Co. , Carr bet.between llth and 12th and 64 s
Basket Dealers.
(See, also, Wooden and Willow ware.)
Brainerd, Samuel S., 108 n.north 4th
Fabricious, Henry P., 7 Franklin avavenue>
Speck L. & C, & Co. , 60 n.north Main
Warne, Cheever & Co. , 25 n.north Main. (See' advt.,
p. 482)
Basket Makers.
Heicaarty, Thomas, (fancy baskets,) 148 n.north 9th
Hirsch, Frederick, 52 Washington av.avenue and 107 Frank-
lin avenue
Kercff, Christopher.259 Market
Kingsland, Alfred, ll8n. 8th
Klinger, Zachariab, Winnebago near Virginia avavenue>
Moeller C.H. & Co. , 7s.south 4th
Moser, Joseph, ws 10th nr. Destrehan
Neuper, Henry.280s.south 5th
Pottle, Robert, 190 Franklin avavenue>
Stephen, George, alley b.between DeKalb aad Columboe near
Winkler, John A., e. 6th c.corner> Park av.avenue and 326 a. 5th
Chmnrjran, Henry.4th nw.northwest c.corner> Pine
Cox, Peter, 106 n.north 3d
Gerhart, Julius H., 25 Green
Miller, Andrew.61 Chesnut
Baths, medicinal and Sulphur.
Hurt, Jeremiah, 121 Locust
Bed and mattress makers.
(See, also, Upholsteresr.)
Lewis, George F., 17 St. Charles
Muller, John, 218 u. 2d
Shaw William J. & Co. , 29 n.north 2d
Singer & Weinzettel , 48 Market
Tiilonl, Charles, 17 Market
Zeip, Deitrich, 77 n.north 3d
Bedstead manufacturers.
Bernard, Joseph, 18th c.corner> n.north Market
Coleman, Nathan, ne.c.corner> 10th & St. Charles
Ellennanu, John, 11 and 13s.south 3d
Spering & Dryden , se.c.corner> Main and Madiaon
Voinbrck & Co. , 348 Franklin avavenue>
(Sec Bratt and Bell-Founders.)
(See, also, Locksmiths and Bell-Hangers.)
Keller, Jacob, 261 Market
Niederreiter & Ganter , 62 Locust
Otto, A. G., 3d b.between Olive and Locust
Bellows manufacturers.
Gates, Joseph W., 106 n.north 15th, and Washington av.
b. 14th and 15th
Smith & Harklerodes , c. llth and Howard
Yeats J.H. & W.A. , 293 Washington av.avenue (Set
advt., p. 196.;
Belting and Hose, Leather and India
Bart, John R., 83 n.north 4th. (See advt., p. 34.;
Farley, Clagstone & Co. , 10 n.north Main. (See
advt, p., 266)
Hatch & Griffith , Market c.corner> Commercial. (See
advt.p., 226.)
Motes & Co. , 16 n.north Main. (See advt., p. 268.)
Pettes Henry & Co. , 5 Market
Todd G. & C. & Co. , 212 n.north Main
Bill and Kote Brokers.
(See Brokers, Bill and Note; also, Bankers.)
Bill Fosters.
Barclay, Joseph, 82 n.north 3d
Hibbs, Henry, 7th nr. Geyer avavenue>
Judd, Thomas L., 245 Green
Billiard Saloons.
Bennett, B. K., 40 Pine
Billings George W. & Co. , 71 Pine nw.northwest c.corner> 4th