St. Louis directory :
595 Mar
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Tursball, Frank B., 29 Market
Vanderwater, Lewis H., 49 Pine
Lumber Dealers.
Adams J.L. & W.A. , Main nw.northwest c.corner> Elm
Auger, Michael, Broadway ar Salisbury
Berry & Mulford , sw.c 17th and Locust
Boomer & Co. , 305 Market
Boswell, Charles, 39 Walnut
Bramsch C. William & Brother , 459 Broadway
Bremmer, John P., Walnutsw.south west c.corner> 3d
Brolaski & Beckett , ws. 5th c.corner> Gratiot
Brotherton & Sturgeon , se.c.corner> 2d and Jefferson
Bryan W. & Co. , Franklin av.avenue c.corner> 16th
Bryan & Brother , O'Fallon nw.northwest c.corner> Broadway
Carr & Kennett , ss. Biddle b.between Main & Levee and 388
Cartan David & Co. , Broadway nw.northwest c.corner> Cass avavenue>
Cassilly, David P., 2 Brooklyn
Culbertson John & Co. , 465 Market
Degenhart, John C., 141 Carondelet avavenue>
Draper, H. M., 64 n.north Levee
Farrar & Gaither , agents , 14th b.between Poplar and Spruce
Gee, Erastus., 50 and 51s.south Levee
Gibson J.B. & Co. , Locust ne.northeast c.corner> 12th
Gurley & Kingman , n. Market c.corner> 2d
Hewitt & Williams , Cass av.avenue sw.south west c.corner> 9th
Holmes R. & Co. , ne.c.corner> 5th and Elm
Hyman & Hollister , 6s.south Commercial
Jennings & Meyer , 8th c.corner> Cass avavenue>
Judd & Leeds , Broadway nw.northwest c.corner> Mullanphy
Kelly & Oppenlander , Leave c.corner> Wash
Kelsey & Smith , 24 Commercial
Ladd, Patrick & Co. , n. Mainse.south east c.corner> Smith
Leisse, August, 213 s, 4th
Leonard, James D., se.c.corner> 12th and Washington avavenue>
Livermore, Allen & Co. , 9th b.between Market and Chesnut
Luther James & Co. , 317 Market
Lynch, Henry C., at Lami street depot
McCormick & Smith , sw.c.corner> n.north Market and 2d
Matlock George & Sons , Franklin av.avenue c.corner> 15th
Mincke J.H. & Brother , P.R.R.c.corner> 17th
Morris, David, sw.c.corner> Levee and Biddle
Morrison, William, ss. Market b.between llth and 12th
Parks & Andrews , aw.c.corner> 12th and Locust
Patrick Wm. & Co. , Biddle ne.northeast c.corner> n.north Main
Perine, W. W., nw.c.corner> Broadway and Buchanan
Reis, Michael, 7th c.corner> Carroll
Reis Valentine & Son , Carondelet av,nw.northwest c.corner> Carroll
Bioe, B., w.c.corner> Kycttiiiorj auds.south 3d, aud be.c.corner> a. 3d
and Hazel
Riddle, Alexander, Broadway sc.c Biddle
Rippey M. & Co. , Market c.corner> 7th
Rogers James A. & Son , 472 Broadway
Roe, M., Broadway b.between Salisbury and Bremen av
Rourke M. & Co. , Broadwaysw.south west c.corner> Cass avavenue>
Rowe, Joseph, es. Broadway b.between O'Fallon and Florida
Saler, Francis, 386s.south 2d
Schulenburg & Bocckeler , Mullanphy c.corner> 9th
Klothuwer, John, 7th c.corner> Broadway
Viele, John B., se.o. Broadway and Destrehan
West, Thomas H., Cass av.avenue se.south east c.corner> 9th
West, Washington, Cass av.avenue sw.south west c.corner> 7th
White, Joseph H., O' Fallonse.south east c.corner> 6th
Whitehill John & Co. , 214 n.north 5th
Wilson & Smith , Cass av.avenue nw.northwest c.corner> 7th
Wright D.T. & Co. , ne.c.corner> 12th and Market
Machinery Depots.
Garnett John & Co. , 68 n.north 2d
Moies & Co. , 16 n.north Main. (See advt., p. 268.)
Woodward, Henry M., 13s.south Main
Baumann & Son , 157 n.north 2d
Bright, Gustavus V , 169 n.north 6th
Burridge, Thomas H., 233 n.north 2d
Cuddy, Carpenter & Co. , Carr b.between Collins and
Broadway. (See advt., p. 122.)
Dickinson, E. D., Shark alb.between Mals and 2d sv.
Olive. (See advt., p. 132.
Doyle & Corby , sw.c.corner> Main and Cherry
Dowdall J.T. & Co. , se.c.corner> 2d and Morgan
Felber, Jacob, Mulberry b.between Main and Levee
Gage James D. & Co. , ne.e.east Palm and 24
Garlichs, Brek & Fisher , Levee c.corner> Plum
Gaty, McCune & Co. , 228n. Main. (See advt.
p. 176.)
Gaty McCune & Co. , 228 n.north Main. (See advt.,
p. 176.
Gilfort, Frederick, al.alley b.between Main and 2d ar. Spruce
Hardesty, Carter & Ranson , 3 Ashley
Holland, John, ns. Madison b.between Broadway and 2d
Haish, Waiter H., ns. Ashley nr. Broadway
Jones, Penberthy & Zakrzewsky , 268s.south
Main. (See advt., p. 494)
King, Angell & Co. , Lamise.south east c.corner> DeKalth
Lawrence James G. & Co. , 320 and 322s.south 2d
Lockwood, W. A., ws. Step b.between Douchouquette and
McCords & Co. , Levee c.corner> Myrtie
Ray, Amos H., 90 Locust
Reed & Mann , ns. Carr b.between Main and 2d
Stupp, J., ws. Carondelst av.avenue b.between Ann av.avenue and Russell
Timmermann, Gerhard H., 23 and 27 Myrtie.
(See advt., p. 474.)
Van Wormer & Reid , Russell av.avenue se.south east c.corner> 7th
Voorhies & Totten , n. Main c.corner> Florida and
Mullanphy. (See advt., p. 24.)
Wiechman, Ferdinand, ns. Chouteau av.avenue nr. 21st
Magazines and Periodicals.
(See Appendix, p. 31.)
(See, also, Brewers.)
Base, Edward, 185s.south 5th
Dhamer, Julius, ns. Destrehan b.between Broadway and 24
Evans, David H., 191 and 193 n.north Main
Fritz & Wainwright , Stoddard av.avenue b.between Chouteau av.avenue
and Hickory
Rheydt, Ferdinand.224s.south 2d
Schnaider Joseph & Co. , 135s.south 2d
Schnerr, Constantinesw.c.corner> Rosatti and Park avavenue>
Thompson, John.1s.south 12th
Tinker, Bros. & Co. , 165 and 167s.south 3d, and 72 Plum
Mantilla and Cloak Makers.
(See Cloaks and Mantillas; also, Dre-Makers.)
Maps and Charts, Publishers of.
Hart. Mapother & Co. , 36 n.north Main. (See advt.,
p. 529.)
Hutawa, Julius, 49n.north 2d. (See advt., p. 212.)
Kenney R.V. & Co. , Chesnut nw.northwest c.corner> 3d
McLean, Alex., 15 Chesnut. (See advt., p. 308.)
Schaerff & Bro. , 46 n.north 3d
Schrader, Th., 7 Cheanut. (See advt., p. 426)
Marble, Workers and Sealers in.
Rosebrough R.L. & Son,
Marble Monuments, Tombs, Mantels, & c.corner> ,
w.s.south Broadway, b, Cass av.avenue and
O'Fallon street.
Fuller, Lucien H.,33n. 2d
Mucller, William, 365 Frauklin avavenue>
Nordman, George, 877 Broadway
Park & McClintock , 102 n.north 5th
Quinian, James S., 451 Market
Raab, Andrew, 201s.south 3d
Rosebrouoh R.L. & Son , we. Broadway b.between Cass
av.avenue and O'Fallon