St. Louis directory :
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Mooney, Louis, 84 n.north Levee
Moore, Davis.5thse.south east c.corner> St. Charles
Moore, William, 327 Broadway
Moran, James.95 n.north Levee
Marrison, James H, 35 n.north 4th
Morrison, John, 326, Broadway
Movlan, Thomas, 93 Chesnut
Muller, George C, Olive ne.northeast c.corner> 2d
Munzlegen, Jacob.34s.south Levee
Murphy, Dennis, 3 Wash
Morpby, Margaret, 7 Morgan
Murphy, Thomas, s. 3d ne.northeast c.corner> Almond
Murphy, William, 18 Morgan
Mossier, John P., 11 Olive
Myers, Peter P., 779 Broadway
Nay, William.111 n.north 3d
Nensham, Edwin, 246 n.north 5th
Nensham, Edward J., 32 Biddle
Nievergelder & Co. , 7 Chesnut
Nuernberger, P.15 n.north 3d
O'Connell, James, 97 n.north Levee
O'Connor, Michae], 98 n.north Levee
Ofenstein, Adam, 449 Morgan
Offner, Antoine, 333 n.north Main
Ostalholt, Anton, 363 Market
Oxpohd'S, Shades, Alfred Oxford, 2 n.north 6th
Parla, Andrew, 44 Morgan
Patton, William, 73 n.north 16th
Peckham, A. C, 198 n.north Main
Peitz., Frank A., Biddle c.corner> High
Pembridge, David, 597 and 599 Broadway
Perrier, Frederick A., 44 n.north Levee
Philips, Julius, 334 Broadway
Pickles, George, 228 4th and 219s.south 5th
Planters', House, n. 4th b.between Chesnut and Pine
Pole, A., 25 Pine
"Pratto, John, 42 Washington avavenue>
Premutta, Matthias.212s.south 2d
Prenzler, William, 80 Franklin avavenue>
Quilter, Catharine.27 Walnut
Racine, Toussaint, 176s.south 2d
Rawie, Bernhard, Levee nw.northwest c.corner> Mulberry and Main nr.
Ready, Patrick, 86 n.north Levee
Reinstadtie, Andrew, Gravois road bet.between Cherokee and
Keith, Henry, Market ne.northeast c.corner> 9th
Reynolds, Charles W., 81 n. Levees
Richard, William, 143 Walnut
Riedel, Robert, 711 Broadway
Rielly, John, 246 n.north 7th
Riely, John, 94 n.north Leeve
Rlssetto, John, 73 Olive
Roach, Thomas, 7 and 9 Washington avavenue>
Roberts, James, 335 Broadway
Rodriguez, Ramon, Washington av.avenue se.south east c.corner> 11th
Ruhlf, Frederick, 457 Broadway
Rohm, George, 90 Main
Rohr, Paul.Franklin av.avenue se.south east c.corner> Pratte avavenue>
Rosa, Nicholas, 159 Market
Rush, Robert Il, 46 and 48 Pine
Rotte, Joseph, se.c.corner> Geyer av.avenue and Menard
Russell, Thomas, 51 Almond
Sachsennu-ior, Bernard, Leveesw.south west c.corner> Plum
Sanguiuetti, Louis, Pinese.south east c.corner> 7th
Sbarboro, Bartholomew, 110 n. 6th
Schadt, Jacob, 108s.south Main
Schaefer & Bro. , 334s.south 5th
Schaeffer, Andrew, ss. Franklin av.avenue b.between 21st and 22d
Schaftler, Christian, 106 Locust
Scharf, Charles, 10 n.north 2d
Schindler, Frank, 7th near Hickory
Schirmer, Louis, agt.agent , Mozart Hall Theater. 5th
c. Biddle and 124 and 126 n.north 3d. (See advt.p.
Schmitt, Joseph, 7 Chesnut
ScbmiU, John, Geyer av.avenue se.south east c.corner> Buel
Schonhorst, John P., Franklin av.avenue se,c 24th
Schreincr, Joseph, 2d ne.northeast c.corner> Chesnut
Schuele, Jobn, 2dsw.south west c.corner> Chesnnt
Sohuette, Charles C, 353 n.north Main
SchulU, Benedict.16
Sharkey, Peter.49Levee ana 59 Qreen
Shultzc, John V., na.c Market and 3d
Sieg, John, 45 Fianklin avavenue>
Sileici, John, 11 n.north Levoe
Srmon, Francis.49 a. Main
Simon, John, 31 Spruce
Simon, Jobn G., 90 a. 2d
Smith, Christian, 147 Market
Smith, John C, 99 Locust
Snell, William, Ne Main
Soiari, Augustus.37 Chesnut
Solari Virgilio A Co. , 7s.south Levee
Sparry, Matthew, 91s.south 7th
Spiekerminn A Landiettel , 47s.south Levee
Stehle, Martin, as. Franklin av.avenue nr. 22d
Steiner, Philip, Levee b.between Cedar and Mulberry
Stephaui, Scraphino, 59 u. Levee
Stewart A Wheeler , 103 a. 3d
Strucbe, Louis, 32 Wash
Sudhoff, Gerhdrd H., Clark av.avenue c.corner> 9th
Thuyer, William P., 73 Cbesnut
Thome, Nicholas.180 8. 2d
Tobener, Henry, 298 Franklin avavenue>
Tobener A Co. , 31 n. I2th
Tobin, William, 286 Market
Trappiel, Charles, 45 Locust
Troll, Engelbert, 145s.south 2d
Troll, Henry, 302 n.north 2d
Unrig, Philip, Olivesw.south west c.corner> 3d
Vaster! ing Frederick A Co. , 370 a. 7th
Vauclair, John, 69s.south Main
Voden, Harrison, 304 Broadway
Wait, Charles H., 188 Broadway
Weinrich, Gottfried, ws. 14th or. Poplar
Welch, Luke, 88 n.north Levee
Wheeler, William 0., Chesnut b.between 3d and 4th
Whiethorn, William, ws. Lewis bet.between Ashley and
White, Job S., 67 and 69 Chesnut
Wiese, Francis, 76 Green
Wilkins, Henry A., 343 Broadway
Wilkinson, Heury, 6th nr. Gratiot
William, Frank, 2d ne.northeast c.corner> Almond
WiLshuson, Claus, 371 n.north Main
Wilshuaen, John J., 173 Christy avavenue>
Wintzen, John, 4s.south 3d
Witte, Frank Ii., 346 n.north 2d
Wittmer, Mary, Main b.between Lombard and Hazel
Wolf, Louis, 3s.south 2d
Wolfe A Stutzle , 356 Market
Zaccarini, Luigi, 50 Washington avavenue>
Zanoni, James L., 20 a. Levee
Zimmermann A Peters , Pine nw.northwest o. 3d
Salt Dealers.
Davis S.C. & Co. , 7 n.north Commercial. (See advt.,
p. 170.)
Fette, Henry A., 105 and 107s.south Main. (See
advt., p. 158.)
Hamill, S. J., 125 n.north 2d
Hamilton, Mark, 141 n.north 2d
Humphreys, Terry A Co. , 95 n.north 2d. (See
advt., p. 212.)
Jackson J. A Co. , 37 n.north Levee
January D.A. A Co. , 143 and 145 n.north 2d. (See
advt., 250.)
Mauntel, Bulte A Co. , 33 and 35 8. Main. (See
advt., p. 320.)
Shidy A Loomis , 235 n.north Main
Small A Co. , 119 n.north 2d. (See advt., p. 512.)
Thatcher G.W. A Co. , 121 n.north 2d. (See advt,
p. 478.)
Von, Phul, Waters A Co. , 127 n.north 2d. (See
advt., p. 492.)
Wahler, Gottlieb, 327 a. 2d
Wells, Brother* A Co. , 139 n.north 2d
Witte, John F., 200 Franklin avavenue>
Wittenbrook, William, 316 Franklin avavenue>