St. Louis directory :
Sas 613 Sch
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Sash, Door and Blind Makers.
Stone, Genthner & Co. ,
Sash, Door and Blinds,
300 North Main.
Barnett A Weber , 88 Locust
Bent, Joseph K., Locust b.between 3d and 4th and ns.north side Spruce col. 12th
Boswell, Charles, 39 Walnut
Bramseh C. Wm. A Bro. , 450 Broadway
Brolaski A Beckett , ws. 5th c.corner> Gratiot
Bryan & Bro. , O'Fallon nwc.corner> Broadway
Curr & Kenett , 338 Broadway
Culbertson J. & Co. , 465 Market
Garnett & Withington , Mullanphy o. 7th.
(See advt., p. 150.)
Hendry, Ellieu E., d 15 Locust
Hervcy, William D, 34 Commercial
Ladd, Patrick & Co. , r.residence Mainse.south east c, Smith
Ladd, August,-213s.south 4th
Liventore, Ad1en A Co. , ss. Allen av,b.between 7th & Fulton
Low A Eagleson , n. 14th ab.above Chesnut
MeCormick & Baker , 15 Walnut
Melcher, Lendal L., 335 Broadway
Patrick Wm. A Co. , Biddle ne.northeast o.n.north Main
Philiberc A Branconier , Market b.between 15th and
10th. (See advt., p. 476.)
pipe, John, Levee b.between Carr and Biddle
Rogers James A. & Son , 372 Broadway
Roupke M. A Co. , Broadwaysw.south west c.corner> Cass avavenue>
Rowe, Joseph, es. Broadway b.between O'Fallon and Florida
Saler, Francis, 386s.south 2d
Sawyer, Clarkson A Co. , 9th c.corner> Chesnut
Sehalfer, William, Madison ne.northeast c.corner> 15th
Schulenburg A Boeckeler , Mullanphy c.corner> 9th
Stone, Genthner A Co. , 300 n.north Main
Wade, William, O'Fallon c.corner> High
White, Joseph W., O'Fallonse.south east c.corner> 6th
Wilson A Smith , Cass av.avenue nw.northwest c.corner> 7th
Sausage-Machine Makers.
Bright, Gustavus V., 169 n.north 6th
Hessler, John, ns. Convent nr.s.south 2d
Sausage Makers.
Altenbernd, Christopher, 290s.south 5th
Baker, John, 364s.south 2d
Bausamcourt, Michael, Menard bet.between Lafayette, ay, and
Caspari, Christian, ss. Victor nr. Columbus
Diell, Daniel, 171s.south 2d
Elberts, Jacob, 182 Carondelet avavenue>
Gardner, Francis P., ss. Barry nr. Carondelet avavenue>
Geibel, George, ss. Franklin av.b, 22d and 23
Goodyear, Charles, ws. Jackson b.between Soulard A Carroll
Harndisch, Henry. 367 Carondelet avavenue>
Hertling, William, 232s.south 2d
Hoffer, Charles, 66s.south 2d
Jacoby, Margaret, 87s.south 2d
Jacquenrin, Joseph A., 170 Carondelet avavenue>
Kiel, Leonard, 213 Carondelet avavenue>
Krepelt, Matthias, rear 222 n.north 12th
Kuhule, John C, 367s.south 7th
Muto, Carl, Miami nr. Jefferson av.avenue
Neef, Frederick, 62 Wash
Schrode, Michael, al.alley b.between Jackson and Columbus near
Seibel, Charles, 213 Franiiin avavenue>
Seufcrt, John, ss. Park av.avenue nr. Menard
Swatz, Adam, 347 Carcndplet avt
Ulrich, John, ws. JacKson nr. Miller
Weikbiod, Philip, ss- Lami b.between Jackson and Columbus
Zeller, Ignatz, ws. 3d nr Convent
Savings Associations.
oatmens', 2d ne.northeast c.corner> Pine
First, Ward.284 Carondelet av.avenue
Franklin, , Merchants '' Ex. bldg. (See adv. t p.
Germans', , 1s.south Main. (See advt., p. 176.)
Missouri, Mutual, 19 Market
North St."Lows Citizens' Mutual , 35 n.north Market
People'S , Carondelet c.corner> Park. (See advt., p. 364.),
Real, Estate, 72 n.north 3d. (See advt., p. 404.)
St. Louis Building and Saving , 49 n.north 2d
St Louis Donniel , 19 Market
State, Savings, Matinse.south east c.corner> Vine. (See advt., p.
United, States, Market ne.northeast c.corner> 2d. (See advt.,
front fly leaf.)
Saw manufacturers.
Branch, Crooks A Co. , 947 Broadway and 18
Vine. (Sw advt., p. 66.)
Curtis & Hiles , 29 n.north Main. (See advt., p. 114)
Huish, Walter H., ns. Ashley near Broadway
Waite, Thomas, 750 Broadway
Saw Mills.
Anderson, Charles R., 2d no.c.corner> Salisbury
Brolaskie A Beckett , s.,5th c.corner> Gratiot
Brotherton & Sturgeon , se.c.corner> 2d and Jefferson
Clark W.G. & Co. , es. 2d b.between Benton and Warnel
Gage James D. & Co. , ne.c.corner> Palm and 2d
Letzig, Sehroge A Liebke , ca. 2d nr. Buchanan
Martin, W. 2d near Buchanan
Mitchell L.W. & Co. , Broadway near, Bramanian
Overstolz, Wagner & Co. , Wright ne.northeast c.corner> 2d
Parker, Ludlow A Co. , es. 2d b.between ,Spring aud Wright
Patterson A Ferguson , es. Main near Chambers
Spering A Dryden , se.c.corner> Main and Madison
Saw-mill Manufactures.
Allen, Gernard B., se.c.corner> 2d and Carr
Clark, Richardson A Co. , Main w.west c.corner> Biddle.
(See advt., p. 192.)
Cuddy, Carpenter & Co. , es. Carr b.between Broad-
way and Collins. (See advt., p.122)
Gaty, McCune & Co. , Main and 2d b.between Cherry and
Morgan. (See, advt.., p. 176)
Huish, Walter H., ns. Ashley near Broadway
Kingslands & Ferguson , c. 2d and Cherry
Lockwood, Wm.A., ws. Step, near Douchouquette
Reed A Mann , ns. Carr b.between Main and 2d
Renfrew, , Crozier A Pomeroy , Manx, near Carr
Timmermann, Gerhard H, 25" and 27 Myrtle.
(See advt., P. 474.)
Scales and Ballances.
Baumann & Son , 157 n.north 2d
Beard A Bro. , 15 n.north Main
Fairbanks', (Clark A Co., agts.) s. Main c.corner> Walnut
Heitz, George, 31 and 33s.south 2d. (See advt., p. 488.)
Heitz'S, , (Herman T. Hesse, agt.) 51 n.north 2d
Kupferle, John, 157 and 159 n.north 2d
Mqies & Co. , 16n. Main. (See advt., p. 268.)
Muennighaus & Co. , 247 and 249 n.north 2d
Otto, A, G., 36 Olive
Reed & Markham , 23 n, Levee
Stearns A Marvin , 29 n.north Main. (See advt., p.
Warne, Cheever A Co. , 25 a. Main. (See advt.,
Schools and Seminarie Private.
(See, also, Appendix, p. 42.)
Abbott, Caleb J., Rev. , Pine ne.northeast c.corner> 17th
Brooks A Little , 49 n.north 6th
Carter, William W., 7th. b.between Carr and Franklin avavenue>
Cornwall, Almira M., 2s.south 6th