St. Louis directory :
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Kendal, ] Solomon, rear 100 n.north 4th
Ricords, J. B., 115 Locust. (Seeadvt., p.628.)
Shoulder Braces and Suspenders.
Dr.E.W.Sherman, is the only manufac-
turer of the Patent Elastic Shoulder
Brace , 87 North Fourth st.
Silk, Dress and Fancy Goods.
(Marked thus * are Wholesale.)
Adriance, William, 122 n.north 4th, Verandah Row
Brown & Co. , 78 n.north Main
Bhownlee, Homer & Co. , 75 n.north Main. (See
advt., p. 68.)
Bryan, Hardcastle & Co. , 71 n.north Main. (See
advt., p. 68.)
Campbell Robert & Co. , 119 n.north Main. (See
advt., p. 80.)
Charleson A; McSorlev , 116 Verandah Row, 4th
Collius, Kellogg & Kirby , 137 n.north Main
Cooper, kJohnston, 4th ne.northeast c.corner> Locust
Crow, McCreery k Co. , 55 n.north Main
Danegan J.J. & Co. , 60 Market
Doan, King & Co. , 107 and 100 n.north Main
Fahnestock, George, 164 n.north Main
Harding & Bro. , 29 n.north Main. (See advt., p.
Havens J.C. & Co. , 72 n.north 4th
Hubbell, O. B., Jr., & Co. , 102 n.north 4th
Jacobs, Livingston, 212 Broadway
Katz, Charles, 214 Broadway
Lucas, Thompson & Co. , 99n. Main
McClelland, Scruggs k Co. , 4thsw.south west c.corner> St. Charles
McCreery A.J. k Co., 90 n.north Main
Pittman, Brothers & Co. , 83 n.north Main. (See
advt., p. 380.)
Pomeroy & Benton , 144and 146 n.north Main. (See
advt., p. 376.)
Porter, White & Co. , 4th nw.northwest e.east Olive. (See
advt., p. 368.)
Slevin B. & J. , 148 n.north Main
Slevin T. & C. , 17 n.north Main. (Seeadvt., p. 488.)
Tennent & Co. , 101 n.north Main. (See advt., p.
Ubsdell, Peirson k Co. , 4th ne.northeast c.corner> Vine. (See
advt., p. 531.)
Webb, Alexander F.W., 82 n.north Main
Weil J. & Brother. 32 and 34 n.north Main
Silver Platers.
Eaton, James, 53 Washington avavenue>
Jaccard E. k Co. , 75 n.north 4th. (See advt., p. 232.)
Milledge N., 75 n.north Sth. (See advt., p. 322.)
Miller, Augustus, 10s.south 4th
Moran, W., 33 n.north 3d
Thies, Peter, n. Sth b.between Locust and St. Charles
Silver Ware, Manufacturers and
Dealers in.
Beauvais, Reno, 93 n.north Main.
Chapelle, John P., 96 n.north 4th
Crane Ben.F. & Co. , 4th nw.northwest c.corner> Locust
Durgin k Burt , Market c.corner> Commercial
Filley E.A. k S. Il , 133 n.north Main
Forbes L. & Co. , 88 n.north Main
Friede, Meyer, 211 Broadway
Gardiner, J. A., 93 n.north 4th
Gay k Co. , 103 n.north 4th. (See advt., p. 182.)
Goldsoll, Mayer, 228 Broadway
Grunt, Hermann, s. 4th c.corner> Spruce
Hequembouig, Theodore, 25 n.north 5th
Jaccard E. k Co. , 75 n.north 4th. (Seeadvt., p. 232.)
Jett S.C. & J. 105 n.north 104 n.north 4th
Kortkamp, Edward H., 52 Franklin avavenue>
Locke, John J., 105 n.north 4th. (See advt., p. 258.)
Mead Edward 4 Co. , 50 n.north Main. (See adrt.
p. 286.)
Menkens A.H.ABro. , 62 n.north 4th
Monroe A Defriez , 59 n.north 4th
Noonan A Co. , 134 n.north Main
Prouhet A Witt , 132 n.north Main
Sullivan C.D. A Co. , 31 n.north 4th
Tooly J.W. A Co. , 53 n.north Main
Warne, Cheever A Co. , 25 n.north Main. (See advt,
P. 482.)
Slaughter Houses.
Couvois, Peter, ss. Sarah nr. Toney
Fisher, Frederick, ss. Chouteau av.avenue nr. Toney
Lipphardt, J. P., es. Wood b.between Columbus and River-
May, John, ss. Wood b.between Columbus and Short
Prigge, Joseph, es. 2nd b.between Mallinckrodt and Salisbury
White, John, ss. Park av.avenue nr. Jefferson avavenue>
Whittaker Francis A Co. , ns. Dock b.between Broadway and
Bellefontaine rd
Slave Dealers.
Lynch, Bernard M-, 100 Locust
Thompson, Corbin, 3s.south 6th
Smut Machines and Separators.
Dowdall J.T. A Co. , se.c.corner> 2nd and Morgan
Halteman, Albert K., al.alley b.between Jackson and Ca-
rondelet av.avenue nr. Carroll
Pococke, Henry C.21 Market
Snuff Manufacturers.
Crancer, Val.,39 Morgan. (Seeadvt., opp. title.)
Glaser, Ferdinand, 338s.south 2nd
Moerschel, Jacob, 279 Broadway
Panzer, John A., Jr., 207 b.between 4th
Rothenbucher, Jacob, 386 a. 2nd
Soap and Candle Makers.
Beckers, Brand, cs. Bellefontaine rd.road b.between Dock and
Braunin, Craig A Co. , se.c.corner> Kosciusco and 3arton;
office 102 n.north 2nd
Goodwin A Anderson , 71 Commercial, (Sec
advt., p. 190.)
Jones, Joseph, ss. Clark av.avenue b.between 12th and 13th
Redmond A O'Brien , ws. 12th b.between Spruce and Poplar
Ring, Edward, 21st b.between Morgan and Christy avavenue>
Schaeffer, Auheuser A Co. , 28 and 30 Locust
Schneider E. A Co. , 10s.south 2nd
Wanvalt, William, ns. Christy av.avenue nr. 23d
Soda-Water Manufacturers.
Abel, Charles, 203 Franklin avavenue>
Beck A Zeisler , ss. Barry bet.between Carondelet av.avenue and
Grone H. A Co. , ws. 11th b.between Market and Walnut
Hassinger A O'Brien , O'Fallon c.corner> 17th
Peterson, Frances, ss. Walnut b.between 15th and 16th
Shields, John, 278 n.north 6th
Schlieper, William, 144 n.north 8th
Sporting Apparatus.
Albright T.J. A Co. , 40 n.north Main. (See advt., p.
Anderson A Lamoureux , 24s.south Main
Beauvais, Renaud, 93 n.north Main
Chenot C. A F. , s. Main ne.northeast c.corner> Spruce. (See advt.,
p. 92.)
Dimick Horace E, & Co. , 38., Main. (See advt.,
p. 130.)
Shapleigh, Day A Co. , n. Main