St. Louis directory :
Str 617 Tai
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Lawrence, William A., 357 Franklin avavenue>
Lightner, John H.,83n. 2d. (See advt., p. 238.)
Locke, John J., 105 n.north 4th. (See advt., p. 258.)
McBride & Co. , 49 n.north Commercial
McDonnell, Michael, 180 Franklin avavenue>
McSherry A McCord , 203 n.north Main
Molilcr, John, 250 Broadway
Mattfeldt, August F-, 60s.south Main
Mueller Charles A Bro. , 218 Market
Mullijran, John, 6s.south Main
Nicdringhaus A Bro. , 162 Franklin avavenue>
Noel, Bernard, 221 n.north Main
Olicrt, Charles C, 1422 Uroadway
Reutlinirer, Daniel.147 Biddle
Rodgers, Daniel, 179 n.north Main
Rubel, Jacob, 727 Broadway
Russell, Charles E., 81 Market
Schicrick, Frederick, 83 Morgan
Snence, William T., 288 Broadway
Swenev A Schneider , 223 n.north Main. (See
advt., p. 380.)
Tirmenstein, Samuel M., 306s.south 5th
Vonfclde, Herman, Biddle c.corner> 13th
Walilecker, William, 135 Franklin avavenue>
Weite, Jacob, Franklin av.avenue b.between 21st and 22d
Wetzel, Charles.189s.south 2d
Whelan A Durand , 45s.south Main
Wickersham, Hawkins, 295 Broadway
Wiegand, George, 265 s 4th
Straw Goods, Wholesale.
Baldwin A Dodd , 98 n.north Main
Bradford A Bro. , 143 n.north Main
Dunham, Edward A., 38 n.north Main
Luddewig, John, 35 n Main
McNeil John A. A Co. , 82 n.north Main
Meyberg A Bro. , 1 n.north Main
Rosenheim A Collins , 73 n.north Main
Toomer A Kimbrough , 31 n.north Main
Tuttle, Elijjh G., 7½ n.north Main
Whittemorc H. & R.B. & Co. , 127 n.north Main
Abdominal, Supporters, Of Various
Styles, at Sherman's, 87 North Fourth
st. Sole agent for Dr.S.S. Fitch, New
Surgical Bandages.
Elastic Stockings. Knee Caps, An-
Kle Socks , Ac., ttt Sherman's, 87 North
Fourth st.
Surgical-Instrument Makers.
Blattner, J., 44 Market. (See advt., p. 42.)
Leslie A.M., 79 Market
Trumper, August.10 n.north 3d
Suspensory Bandages.
Dr.E.W. Sherman'S Improved has no
equal. Sold only at 87 North Fourth st.
Syrups, Manufacturersof.
(See, also, Cordial Manufacturers.)
Merrell, Jacob S., 27 and29 St, Charles
Foertner, Charles, 55s.south 2d
Westerreck A Freding , 65s.south 2d
Tailors and Drapers.
(See, alto, Clothier.)
Charles, Gergen,
Merchant Tailor,
And Dealer In Geat's. Furnishing Goods ,
No. 13 Locust st., b.between Main st. and Levee.
Constantly on hand a good assortment of
Ready-made Clothing.
Alexander, George W., 13 Olive
Allendoerfer, Charles, 152 Franklin avavenue>
An drees, Paul, 369 Market
Arendea, Frederick, 199 Carondelet avavenue>
Argust, Benjamin M.,63 Washington avavenue>
Argast, Sebsstian, Menard b.between Marion and Park avavenue>
Assman A Gutbrod , 21 Olive
Bickhaus, Charles A., 289s.south 4th
Baer, Isaac, 229 Carondelet avavenue>
Baumin, Stephen, 52 Morgan
Beer, Julius, 431 Market
Blakeslee, Abraham, 64 n.north 10th
Blin, Jacob, 46 Olive
Bormann, Charles, 71s.south 2d
Bourgoin, Michael, 31 n.north 2d
Broder, John, 338s.south 2d
Bruggemann, Henry, ss. Marion b.between 7th and Fulton
Bniggeman, Johu H., ns. Soulard nr. Decatur
Buresch A Muff , 219 Carondelet avavenue>
Burgdorf, Henry, 292s.south 5th
Baaman, S., 52 Morgan
Blood, John H.,21 n.north 3d
Bonifer, Martin, 255 Carondelet avavenue>
Braconnier, J. B., ss.Elmb.between 4th aud 5th
Brueggemann & Bro. , 333s.south 3d
Campe, A., 3 n.north 3d
Champlin, Warren, 14 Olive
Christmann, Jacob, 185 Franklin avavenue>
Chustte F. A Co. , 939 Broadway
Clarkson, William, 56 Morgan
Cohen, Gershon A Pyke , 20 Marketand 29 n.north 4th,
Conroy, James, 330 Broadway
Cook A Matthews , 52 and 54 Pine, and 45
Green. (See advt., p. 80.)
Cross, H. F., 50 n.north 3d
Cummins, Stephen, 45 Olive
Cummins, Stephen, 56 Pine
Detlerman, George, 723 Broadway
Diekroger F. A Bro. , 165 Franklin avavenue>
Eichler, George, 49 Elm
Fietleldey A Nermann , 64 Franklin avavenue>
Foltz, John F., 52 s, 2d
Frahm, Henry, 126 Market
Franz, Michael, 7 Locust
Fries, Stephen, 143s.south 2d
Frohard, Henry, 116 Franklin avavenue>
Gerdelmann, Rudolph, 282 Franklin avavenue>
Goergen, Charles, 13 Locust
Geschwend J.A. A Co. , 53 Market!
Glaesner, George, 467 Carondelet avavenue>
Goggin, John P., s. 9th c.corner> Walnut
Guerke, Robert, 7th b.between Lafayette and Soulard
Hauck, Ferdinand B., 36 Pine
Hanses, John, 191 Carondelet avavenue>
Happel, Hartmann, 363 Carondelet avavenue>
Harbart, John, 94 s, 2d
Harris A Moore , 164 Broadway
Heede, John, 64 Chesnut
Held, Justis, 47 Market
Henkel, Otto, 63 Walnut
Henze, Henry, 487 Broadway
Hildebrand, Xavier, ss. Franklin av.avenue nr. 24th
Hoock, Henry, 47s.south 2d
Johanning, Frederick W., 14 Franklin avavenue>
Julian A Koch , 4 n.north 6th
Karr, John, 110 n.north 11th
Kaufmann, George F., 60 Carondelet avavenue>
Ktagis, Henry, 454 u. Main
Klein, M., 174 n.north Maia and 176 Broadway
Knauber, Michael, 409 Carondelet avavenue>
Kohlhaus, Henry, 129 Carondelet avavenue>