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Banks In St. Louis.
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Banks In St. Louis.

According to the charter issued in December, 1856,
the State banks are required to be incorporated with
a capital of at least $1,000,000—they are not to issue
bills of a less denomination than $5, nor to deal in
notes of banks of other States, (or currency), and
each of them are required to publish, in two of the
city papers, quarterly statements of—

The amount of iti capital stock actually paid in.

The amount of real estate held by the bank aud

The amount of gold and silver coin and bullion on

The amount of notes of other banks.

The amount due from all other sources.

The amount of undivided profits, and the amount
of State bonds on hand.

The amount of its notes and bills in circulation.

The amount due by the bank to all other banks.

The amount due to depositors.

The total amount of debts and liabilities of every

The amount on hand of bills discounted, exchange
matnring, and the amount of suspended debts.

The aggregate amount of liabilities of all direc-
tors, as principals and endorsers. Every bank loca-
ted in the city of St. Louis shall publish, in at least
one newspaper published in that city, a weekly state-
ment of the coin on hand, bills maturing, and the
amount of its circulation.

They have to invest 10 per cent, of their paid up
capital in 8tate bonds, and to set apart two percent.
of their nett earnings as a contingent fund, to be
also invested in State bonds; and in consideration of
the privileges allowed them, they have also to pay
the State annually one per cent, of the capital stock
paid in by the stockholders. Seven per cent, is their
limit of interest to be exacted on paper, and semi-
annual dividends can be declared, but not to impair
the capital stock. At present $2,50 of paper can be
issued for every dollar of their paid up coin capital;
after two years $3 to $1 may be issued; but as yet,
dollar for dollar has not been issued by the city
banks, though some of the branches have issued all
they are entitled to.

Discount Days—The private banks and a number
of the Savings institutions discount every day. The
banks of issue, and some of the Savings banks, have
the following days set apart for this :

Mondays and Thursdays—-The State, Southern
Bank of St. Louis, Exchange Bank, and People's
and United States Savings Institutions.

Tuesdays and Fridays—the Merchants', and Me-
chanics' banks and First Ward Savings Institutions.

In addition to the requirements of all the State
banks, the following are peculiar to the Bank of the
State of Missouri: The bills or notes of said bank
shall be receivable in all payments due to the State;
and the public moneys of the State, as well, as those
of any public corporation for public purposes, and in
which the State may be a part owner, shall be kept
on deposit in said bank or its branhees, whenever
lying inactive. Said bank shall, also, act as the fis-
cal agent of the State, negotiate all loans for the
State, either in Europe or America, transfer the
funds of the State from one part of the State to
another, and from one portion of the United States to
another, charging only the actual expense. Special
deposits of the State in the said bank, for a period of
twelve months or longer, shall be entitled to draw
interest at the rate of six per cent, per annum.

We are indebted to the Daily Democrat of this
City, for the above article on the State bankB, ex-
tracted from an interesting account of the banking
institntions of this city, recently published in that

Bank Of The Tate Of Missouri—Office No.125
n. Main st. Organized 1837. Reincorporated under
the new banking law, 1856. It has the privilege of
a capital of $3,500,000. Amount paid in, $2,500,000.
Circulation, $2,723,310, including thesis branches.
Par value of shares, $100.

Officers—James M.Hughes, , President ; A. S.
Robinson, , Cashier ; James M.Hughes, , William T.
Christy, , W. W.Barnard, , John C.Ivory, , J.McNeil, ,
Charles L.Rodgers, , HenryOverstolz, , T. L.Stur-, , T. E.Tutt, , EdwardWalsh, , and R.Barnes, ,
Directors .

Discount Days—Mondays and Thursdays.

Branches at Palmyra, Fayette, Springfleld, Chilli-
cothe, Cape Girardeau, aud Louisiana.

Bank Of St. Louis—Located on Third street, n.north e.east
corner of Olive. Incorporated 1857. Authorized
capital, $1,000,000. $300,000 subscribed. Par value
of shares, $100.

Officers—John J.Anderson, , President John
Brown, , Cashier ; John J.Anderson, , A. P.Ladew, ,
N.Schaeffer, , StephenHaskell, , James L.Waters, ,
JamesFerguson, . MadisonMiller, , Duncan S.Carter, ,
Jos.Widen, , R. P.Hanenkamp, , CharlesTodd, , John
G.Priest, , and TaylorBlow, , Directors .

Discount Days—Mondays and Thursdays.

Branch at Boonville, Missouri—I. M.Brown, ,
President ; W. E.Burr, , Cashier .

Merchants' Bank Of St. Louis—Office, Main,
corner of Locust street. Incorporated 1857. Capital,
$2,000,000. Circulation, $1,000,000. Par value of
shares, $100.

Officers—John A.Brownlee, , President ; Richard
F.Barry, , Cashier ; D. A.January, , B. M.Runyan, , W.
L.Ewing, , E. C.Sloan, , L.Levering, , G. L.Stans-, , Wm. M.Morrison, , James E.Yeatman, , John
W.Luke, , Thomas D.Day, , Robert K.Woods, and J.
A.Brownlee, , Directors .

Discount Days—Tuesdays and Fridays.

Branches at Brunswick. Mo , A.Johnston, , Presi-
dent ; and at Oseola, WilliamVaughan, , President .

The Exchange Bank Of St. Louis—Office, corner
of Third street and Washington avenue. Incorpo-
rated .—Authorized capital $1,000,000. Amount paid
in, $305,000. Par value of shares, $100.

Officers—John D.Perry, , President ; Robert E.
Carr, , Cashier ; John D.Perry, , John T.Douglas, ,
WilliamPoulterer, , George R.Robinson, , S. M.Ed-, , WilliamHubbard, , John E.Schuetze, , Lewis
Dorshcimer, , T. B.Edgar, , M. W.Warne, , Ferdinand
Rozier, Jr., R. H.Barclay, , and George D.Hall, ,
Directors .

Discount Days—Mondays and Thursdays.

Branch at Glasgow. Mo., Daboey C.Garth, , Prew-
dent . It is also entitled to a branch at Columbia,
not yet in operation.

The Mechanics' Bank—Office,s.south w.west corner of
Chesnut and 'i'hird streets. Commenced banking
August 10, 1857. Incorporated 1853. Authorized
capital, $1,500,000 ; amount paid in $534,950.

Officers—JosephCharless, , President ; George
H.Loker, . Vice President ; J. W.Wills, , Cashier ;
JosephCharless, , R. M.Parks, , JohnEvill, , J. C,
Evens, , C. H.Peck, , O. A.Hart, , T. A.Buckland, ,
FerdinandMeyer, , FrederickDings, , SamuelKirk-, , BernardBryan, , George H.Loker, , D. K.Fergu-, , Directors .

Discount Days—Tuesdays and Fridays.

Branches at Weston, Mo., ThomasBeaumont, ,
President , George T.Hulse, , Cashier ; at Warsaw,
Mo., JamesAtkisson, , President , JamesDunn, Jr.,
Cashier .

The Southern Bank Of St. Louis—Office No.
4, Pine street. Incorporated March, 1867. Capital