St. Louis directory :
Secret And Benefit Societies. 89
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PeterFagan, , ThomasWilson, , MichaelQuigley, , Wil-Cahill, , JamesForbes, and EdwardBurke, , Direc-

Shamrock Benevolent Society,

Meets in Biddle Market Hail on the first Monday in
each month.

PatrickO'Neil, , President .

BryanFoley, , Viee President .

WilliamMoran, , Secretary .

Rev.JamesHenry, , Treasurer .

Western Mutual Benefit Association.

No. 39 Chesnut street. CalebRice, , President ; G.
W.Hungerford, , Secretary ; WilliamJohnson, M.D.,
Physician ; J. T.Rice, , Attorney .

CalebRice, FranklinWeston, , EdwardBoyle, , C.
Shaffler, , H. M.Woodward, , K.Hankinson, and G. W.
Hungerford, , Trustees .

Young Mens Christian Association.

Rooms southeast corner of Fifth and Pine streets.


James L.Sloss, , President .

Thomas S.Hayes, , ViCe President .

NathanielGunn, , ViCe President .

Charles H.Withington, , Recording Secretary .

George W.Wade, , Corresponding Secretary .

George L.Seaver, , Treasurer .


On Librart, Reading Room and Periodicals.

William R.Gordon, , NathanielGona, , AndrewTen-, and Wm. C.Brey, .

On Prison, Howe of Refotje and Hospital.

John P.Cole, , C. H.Withington, , Robert C.Sloss, ,
and T. W.Gilmer, .

On Relief. '

Thomas S.Hayes, , NathanielGtran, , George L.Bea-, , D. A.Biggers, , W. A.McBurnie, and Benjamin
Smith, .

On Boarding Houses.

Charles F.Vandcrford, , No. 15 North Levee. Wm.
A.Kingdon, . No. 31 Pine street. Henry T.Taylor, ,
No. 27 N, Third street. Georfre L.Seaver, , No. 133
N. Third street. Charles N.Welshans, , No. 186 N.
Second street.

Young Men'S Sodality.

Organized, 1849. Meet once a week, at Hall, cor.
Ninth and Green streets.


Cornelius S.Daly, , Prefect .

Richard P.Redmond, , First Assistant .

James L.Parrel, , Second Assistant .

Edmund P.Walsh, , Secretary .

AustinWalsh, , Treasurer .

Secret And Benefit Societies.
Ancient and Honorable
Order Of Free And Accepted Masons.
Giand Officers of the Grand Lodge of the State of

M.W.G.H., Samuel H.Saunders, ; R.W.D.
G.M., MarcusBoyd, ; R.W.S.G.W., John F.
Houston, ; R.WJ.G.W., JohnDecker, ; R.W.
G.S., A.O'Sullivan, ; R.W.G.T., John D.Dag-, ; W.S-G.D., Samuel JlHays, ; M.J.G.D.,
W. R.Penick, ; G. Lecturer , A.O'Sullivan, ; G.T.,
A.Stilie, .

The Grand Lodge meets in the city of St. Lonis at
Masonic Hall, on the fourth Monday in Jliy in every

Officers of the Grand Chapter of the State of Mis

M.E.G.H.P., MarcusBoyd, ; R.E.D.G.H.P.,
John F.Houston, . E. G.King, , D. T.Wainwrijrht, ; R.E. G.Scribe, , W. R,Peneck, ; R.E.G. Treasurer ,
John D.Daggett, ; R.E.G. Secretary , A.O'Sullivan, ;
G.Chaplain, , Rev.James E.Drake, ; G.C.H., Saim'l
M.Hays, ; G.R.A.C, N.Sutherland, ; G- Lecturer ,
A.O'Sullivan, ; G.Sentinel, , A.Stilie, .

The Grand Chapter meets annually on the Wed-
nesday preceding the fourth Monday iu May, at Ma-
sonic Hall in the city of St. Louis.

Subordinate Chapters In St. Louis.
Missouri Chapter No. 1,

Meets on the First and Third Monday in each
month, at Masonic Hall, n.e.east corner of Thud aud
Chesnut streets.

WilliamBurden, , H.P.

ClarenceBrooks, , King .

JacobBlattner, , Scribe .

St. Louis Chapter No. 8,

Meets on the First and Third Friday in each
month, at .Masonic Hall, n.e.east corner of Third and
Chesnnt streets.

A.O'Sullivan, . H.P.

J. W.Barry, , King .

J. W.Crane, , Scribe .

Bellefontaine Chapter No. 25,

Meets in north St. Louis on the Second and Fourth
Friday in each month.

JosephCrooks, , H.P.

E. C-Carrinfrton, , King .

A.Weigle, , Scribe .

Subordinate Lodges Meeting in Masonic Hall, cer-
Third and Chesnut streets.

Missouri Lodge No. 1,

Meets on the First and Third Thursdays in each

JohnGoodin, , W.M.

R. S.Voorhis, , S.W.

F. B.Turubull, , J.W.

George Washington Lodge No. 9,

Meets on the Second and Fourth Tuesdays in each

J. W.Crane, , W.M.

E.Fowler, , S.W.

C. W.Mann, , J.W.

St. Louis Lodge No. 20.

Meets on the First and Third Tuesdays in eaeh

A.Isaacs, , W.M.

MorrisMeyers, , S.W.

AdamWeekbach, , J.W.

Naphtali Lodge No. 25,

Meets on the Second and Fourth Thursdays in each

JohnDecker, , W.M.

J. A.Gillillan, , S.W.

Even B.Wood, J.W.

Polar Star Lodge, No. 79,

Meets on the second and fourth Wednesdays in
each month.

William C.Watts, , W.M.

A. J.Ham, , S.W.

William H.Waters, , J.W.