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Great National Route!
Baltimore & Ohio

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Presents to the Publio a Direct and most Desirable Route from
the West and South-west to
Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York
And Boston,
And the only Route that can furnish a Through Ticket and Baggage Check to
Washington City.

The Holder Of A
Through Ticket to New York,
Can stop over in Baltimore and Philadelphia as long as desirable,
and resume his journey at pleasure.

The Washington City Railroad
Being an integral part of the Baltimore & Ohio R.R. and
connecting with it nine miles
from Baltimore, presents the only continuous Line of Rail to Washington City.
Passengers for Washington City have the privilege of visiting
Baltimore without Extra Charge.

Enquire For Tickets Via. Wheeling.

Baggage Checked Through to all Point East.

Three Daily Trains Leave Cincinnati
Sundays Excepted,
Via. Little Miami & Central Ohio Railroads.

☞ Paggengers by the 6.00 A.M. Train connects at Morrow with the Cincinnati, Wilmington and
Zanesville Railroad, arriving at Zanesville 12.20 M.. connecting with the Central Ohio
Trains for Eastern Cities.

☞ Through From Cincinnati, Via. Columbus, Tq Wheeling,
Without Change Of Car.

P. W.Strader, , Gen. Ticket Agent .

W. PrescottSmith, , Master Trans'n.
B. &. O.RR.

I. M.Cole, . Gen. Ticket Agent
B. &. O.R.R.

E. F.Fuller, , Gen.West.Art.
B. & O.R.R.