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Beh 135 Bel
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Behnke, Rudolph, carpenter , r.residence ss.south side Ann bet.between Eas-
ton and Jackson.
Behr, Gustave, cooper , r.residence 159 Wash.
Behr, Peter, clerk Goodwin & Anderson , ns.north side Clark
av. bet. High and Naomi.
Behre, George, tailor , r.residence ws.west side Columbus, b. Rutger
and Miller.
Behrens, Charles, carpenter , r.residence 14th, bet.between Randolph
and Poplar.
Behrens, Charles, clerk , r.residence 112 n.north 16th.
Behrens, Chas. w.west , r.residence 112 n.north 16th.
Bherens, Clause, cigar mkr , bds.boards 65 o’Fallon.
Behrens, Conrad, clerk , r.residence Biddle, bet.between 17th and
Beherns, Frederick, porter Hillman & Co. , r.residence 386
Beherns, Frederick s.south , (F. s. Behrens & Co.) r.residence 47
Beherns, Frank, bricklayer , ws.west side 14th, b. park av.avenue
and Carroll.
Beherns, Gustav, blacksmith , St. Joseph, b. Hick-
ory and Rutger.
Beherns, Henry, grocer , 14th and Penrose av.avenue
Beherns, John H., tailor , es.east side 11th, bet.between Park av.avenue
and Marion.
Beherns, Peter, teamster , r.residence 17th, bet.between Cass av.avenue and
Beherns F. s. & Co. , (Frederick s.south Beherns,
and ChristianBrandes, ,) prod. dealers , 6 s.
Behernz, William, solider , Mallinckrodt, bet.between 11th
and 12th.
Behrmann, Frederick, porter , 208 n.north 11th.
Behse, Henry, lab.laborer Geyer av. bet. 2d and 7th.
Beiber, Frank, boot mkr , 14 Green, r.residence same.
Beier, George, lab.laborer , r.residence 343 s.south 3d.
Beier, Thomas, butcher , Jackson, sw.south west c. Miller.
Beier, Willam, lithographer , r.residence 134 Walnut.
Beigel, Joseph, stone cutter , bds.boards A. J. Wring.
Beighel, Julius, printer , r.residence 17 s.south 3d.
Beigot, Nicholas, prod. store , 76 Spruce.
Beikmeter, Willam, lab.laborer , r.residence 128 n.north 9th.
Beil, Anton, carpenter , al.alley bet.between 2d and 7th, Soul-
ard and Lafayette.
Beiland, August, tailor , r.residence rear 226 n.north 12th.
Beilar, Jack, (col’d), tarmer , r.residence Spruce, bet.between 7th
and 8th.
Beilstein, Frederick, porter Tennent & Walker.
Belistein, George, clerk, r.residence St. Joseph, bet.between Hickory
and Rutger.
Beimdiek, Herman, wagonmaker Lous Espen-
Beimdiek, Stephen, clerk H. H.Freese, , bds.boards 146
Franklin av.avenue
Beimdiek, Stephen H., student Jones’ Com-
mercial College , 3d, c. Washington av.avenue
Beimes, Frederick, musician , r.residence 160 n.north 12th.
Beindes, Hermann, saloon , 191 s.south 7th, r.residence same.
Beinker, John F., dry goods , 440 n.north 9th, r.residence same.
Beinker, William, lab.laborer , r.residence 216 n.north 15th.
Beinmohr, John, carpenter , r.residence ns.north side Easton, bet.
Glasgow and Garrison av.avenue
Beinstein, Augustus P., r.residence Market, bet.between 17th and
Beiring, J. Anton, (Salmering & Beiring,) r.residence 169
s.south 3d.
Beischlag, Carl, prof. of languages at Glaeser’s ,
r.residence ws.west side Jackson, bet.between Marion and Carroll.
Beissel, Peter, riverman , es.east side Jackson, bet.between Miller
and Barry.
Beisemann, Heinrich, teamster , r.residence ws.west side 7th, bet.
Martha and victor.
Beisheir, Simeon, butcher , Lucas Market, r.residence ss.
Glamble av.avenue , nr.near Pratte av.avenue
Beissner, , wid.widow , r.residence ss.south side Victor, bet.between Carondelet and
Beith, Robert, tinsmith , r. al. bet. 8th and 9th,
O’Fallon and Cass av.avenue
Beitzer, William, lab.laborer , r.residence 96 Biddle.
Bek, Sylvester, (Dahlmann & Bek,) r.residence 87 Market.
Bekmann, Robert, shoemaker , es.east side 7th, bet.between Biddle
and O’Fallon.
Belcher, Charles, manager sugar refinery , r.residence 222
Belcher, Louisa, (col’d), wid.widow , ns.north side Soulard, bet.
12th and 13th
Belcher’s Sugar Refining Company ,
office, Lewis, sw.south west c. O’Fallon.
Belde, Frederick, Rehm & Davis , r.residence 11th and Cass
Beldsmeier, Henry w.west , (H. W. Beldsmeter & Co. ,)
r.residence Howard, bet.between 13th and 14th.
Beldsmeier H. W. & Co. , (Henry w.west Beldsmeier,
and CharlesNaber, ,) lumber dealers , 11th, se.
c. Cass av.avenue
Beldsmeer, Yost H., painter , 14th and Wash, r.
17th and Cass av.avenue
Bele, Carlotte, wid.widow , Bellefontaine, , bet.between Harrison
and Dock.
Beler, Mrs. Julia, wid.widow , r.residence 151 St Charles.
Belger, Epperson H., (col’d), farmer , r.residence Cozzens,
bet.between High and Pratte av.avenue
Belger, Fred, tailor , r.residence 68 s.south Main.
Belgo, , r.residence 11 Myrtle.
Belhartz, Constantine, upholsterer , Carr, se.south east c.
Belin, Albert, cooper , ws.west side 10th, bet.between Lafayette
and Emmet.
Belkardt, Robert, cook Planters House.
Bell, , lawyer , 164 Market, room 6.
Bell, , conductor , bds.boards 65 Walnut.
Bell, Benjamin s.south bookerseller . 90 n.north 4th, r.residence Beau-
mont, bet.between Locust and Christy av.avenue
Bell, Charles H., (C. H. Bell & Co. ,) Lafayette
av.avenue , nr.near Compton Hill.
Bell, Casper, (col’d), r. al. bet. Wash and Carr,
6th and 7th.
Bell, Daniel w.west , (Henry Bell & Son ,) r.residence 187 Ches-
Bell, Edward, printer , bds.boards 16 St. Charles.
Bell, Edward s.south printer Eve. News , r.residence Locust,
bet.between 3d and 4th.
Bel, Ezekeil, carpenter , r.residence 50 n.north 8th.
Bell, Fanny, student Rohrer’s Commerical
College , 55 and 57 n.north 4th.
Bell, Frank, salesman e.east K.Woodward, , bds.boards 16 St.
Bell, Francis, porter Crow, McCreery & Co.
Bell, George w.west , bookkeeper G. F.Filley, , r.residence 194
n.north 5th.
Bell, H. C., clerk P. O.post office , r.residence 52 n.north 8th.
Bell, H. C., Student Jones’ Commercial Col-
lege , 3d, c. Washington av.avenue
Bell, Hamilton, painter , r.residence 250 Morgan.
Bell, Hannah, wid.widow Simon, , seamstress , r.residence 62 Frank-
lin av.avenue
Bell, Henry, (Henry Bell & Son ,) r.residence Lexington, Ky.
Bell, Herbert, (Bell & Rogers ,) r.residence ns.north side Clark, av.avenue bet.
15th and 16th.
Bell, J. s.south , salesman Ubsdell, Barr, Duncan & Co. ,
165 Collins.
Bell, James, clerk Excelsior stove workd , r.residence 5th,
bet Wash and Carr.
Bell, James r.residence , bookkeeper Bast & Pollock , bds.
5th, c. Olive.
Bell, James s.south , clerk , r.residence 161 Collins.
Bell, James w.west , salesman G. F.Filley, , r.residence 55 Carr.
Bell, John, (col’d), lab.laborer , r. al. bet. 14th and 15th,
Franklin av.avenue and Wash.
Bell, John, maltster , r.residence 7th, bet.between Cerre and Gratiot.
Bell, John, (col’d), wood sawer , r. al. bet. Carr
and Wash, 6th and 7th
Bell, John F., tinner , r.residence 253 Pine.
Bell, Montgomery, carpenter , r.residence ns.north side Franklin av.avenue ,
bet.between 22d and 23d.
Bell, n.north M., collector , Ubsdell, Barr, Duncan & Co. ,
r.residence 4 Pratt av.avenue
Bell, Nicholas M., student Jones’ Commercial
College , 3rd, c. Washington av.avenue
Bell, Patrick G., r.residence 402 Market.
Hats, Caps, &c., Wholesale and Retail, bu our Hatter, Keevil, 271 Broadway.