Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
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The Business and Business Men
of St. Louis.

Being the Second Volume of Edwards’ Great West adn her Commercial
Metropolis, a Complete Illustrated History of St. Louis, Embracing a
General Review of the Resources, Advantages and Business Facili-
ties of the most Prominent Firms, Together with Historical and Des-
criptives Sketches of the various Public and Private Institutions of
the City, etc., etc., Including a History of the Rise and Progress of the
Commercial and Manufacturing Interests fo the City of St. Louis,
from its settlement to the present time.

This is the second volume of a series of publications which the author and publisher has had
in progress for several years, and on which he has spent a vast amount of money and time. The
first volume, being the “Great West,” had the sanctio and recommendatino of the most distin-
guished citizens of Missouri, and the most complimentary notidces from the press, before and after
it was issued, with numerous letters, such as the following, from many of out most illustrious
countryment, and others.

From the Illustrious Patriot and Biographer of Washington, Jared Sparks.

Cambridge, Mass., January 28th, 1860.

Mr. RichardEdwards, ,

Dear Sir:- * * * * * I duly received the beautiful
volume of your “Great West,” which you had the kindness to send me, and for which I beg you
will accept my best thanks.

I have perused the work with great satisfaction. As a history of the remarkable growth of
the West, it brings to view many important facts, and possesses a very lively interest. The bio-
graphical sketches and portraits of prominent men, distinguished for their character, and the part
they have taken in the events of the time, add very much to its value. in short, the work will be
to eminent service, dot only as conveying information to readers to thepresent day, but as fu-
rnishing authentic and copious materials for future historians.

I am, dear sir, respectfully and trully yours,


From the great American Historian and Author, Geo. Bancroft.

Mr. RichardEdwards, , New York, June 27, 1860

My Dear Sir :- Accept my best thanks for your most instructive work on the Great
West. It is elaborate and thorough, and combines a mass of information to which it is important to
have access, and which, as far as I know, has never been brought so conveniently, or so fully within
reach of the public. I remain, dear Sir,

Very truly, your obliged,


From the distinguished Statesman and Scholar, Edward Everett.

Mr. RichardEdwards, , Boston, Mass., 1860

Dear Sir:-Your favor of the 15th, reached me yesterday, with the handsome volume
accompanying it. As far as I am able to judge from a hasty examination, it has been carefully
prepared, and contains a great amount of information, highly valuable. It will be read with interest
throughout the country, by all who wish to become throughly acquainted with the subject treatd.

I remain, dear Sir, respectfully yours,

EdwardEverett, .