Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
68 Record—County Government.
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General Road Superintendent , John F.Long,
Office, Court House.
County Collector , Wm.William H.Maurice, . Office,
Court House.
Deputies , Stephen D.Axtell, and William F.
Hardy, .
Inspector of the Poor and Superintendent of the
Toll-gates , LewisDozier, , Office, Court House.
Superintendent and Architect of the Court
House , WilliamRumbold, . Office, room No. 11,
Court House.
Draughtsman , C. TheodoreUhlmann, .
Collector of Dram Shop Licenses , BernardMc-, . Office, Court House.
Jury Commissioner , JohnLewis, . Office, Court
Physician County Jail , GustavusFisher, .
Physician County Farm , GeorgeBernax, .
Superintendent County Farm , Campbell G.
Link, .
Matron Count Farm , Mrs. C. G.Link, .
Janitor Court House , JamesQuigley, .
Justices Of The Peace.
1st Ward , F. A. H.Schneider, , CharlesPicker, .
2d Ward , AugustKreuer, , LeviBlock, .
3d Ward , Julius F.Schneider, , Wm.WilliamKeating,
4th Ward , Thomas H.McVicker, , JohnJecko, .
5th Ward , John C. H.Cunningham, , John M.
Young, .
6th Ward , CharlesHequembourg, , WilliamBur-,
7th Ward , Jesse w.west Heath, , AlpheusSmith, .
8th Ward , JohnGrether, , F. w.west Engel.,
9th Ward , PhilipMcDonald, , John H.Niemey-,
10th Ward , PhilipStremmel, , ThomasDay, .
St. Louis Township, Herman H.Kahte, , A. w.west
Eberhard, .
St. Ferdinand Township, GolbenMusick, , Ber-Adams, , Nathaniel w.west Redfield, , Silas w.west Gar-, .
Town of Bridgton Central, David V.Baber, ,
JohnBray, , GilesBradford, , w.west H.Ayres, , Francis
Bonhomme , AlexanderMcElhinney, , Louis
Strothkamp, , William J.Smith, , John K.Hemp-,
Carondelet , JosephVierling, , AbramHerbel, ,
HenryGrate, , BernardPoepping.,
Meramec , John w.west Beale, , HermanSteines, , John
Hyde, , Henry e.east Bates, .
Supreme Court Of The United States.
The Supreme Court is held in the city of Wash-
ington, D. C., and has one session annually, com-
mencing on the first Monday in December.
Chief Justice , Roger b.between Taney, , of Maryland.
Associate Judges , David D.Davis, , of Illinois;
James M.Wayne, , of Georgia; JohnCatron, , of
Tennessee; Noah H.Swayne, of Ohio; Samuel F.
Miller, , of Iowa; SamuelNelson, , of New York;
Robert C.Grier, , of Pennsylvania; NathanClif-, , of Maine.
The United States is divided into nine Judicial
Districts, in each of which a Circuit Court is held
twice every year for each State within the Circuit,
and by the District Judge of the State or District
in which the Court sits.
The State of Missouri is attached to the Eighth
Circuit, and divided into two District, the East-
ern and Western. The Circuit Court and District
Court for the Eastern District are held in St. Lou-
is. The District Court for the Western District is
held in Jefferson City. There is but one Circuit
Court, embracing both Districts.
U. S. Circuit Court.
Hon. Robert F.Wells, , Hon. SamuelTreat, Hon.
Samuel F.Miller, , Judges . Benj F.Hickman, ,
Clerk . Terms, 1st Monday in April and October.
Place of holding Court, Custom House Building.
U. S. District Court.
Judge , Hon. SamuelTreat, ; Dist. Attorney . w.west
w.west Edwards, ; Clerk , Benj. F.Hickman, ; U. S.
Marshal , Daniel A.Rawlings., Terms, regular
stated, 3d Mondays in February, May and Novem-
ber. Place of holding Court, Custom House
Building. Admiralty Return Terms, 1st Monday
of each month. Place of holding Court, Custom
House Building.
Supreme Court Of The State Of Mis-
Judges , Hon. BartonBates, , of St. Charles, pre-
ding ; Hon. w.west V. N.Bay, , of St. Louis; Hon. J.
D. S.Dryden, , of Marion, associates. Clerk , A.
w.west Mead, , of St. Louis.Marshal , ThomasChad-, Terms at St. Louis, 3d Monday in March
and October. Terms at Jefferson City, 2d Monday
in January and 1st Monday in July. Assign-
ments of errors must be filed on or before the
first day on which causes from the same Circuit
are set for hearing. Joinders to be filed within
four days after the filing of assignments. Court
Room, No. 8 South Wing, second story. Clerk’s
office, No. 19 Main Building, second story.
Circuit Court.
Hon. James C.Moody, , Judge ; StephenRice, ,
Clerk ; JosiahThonrburgh, , JohnBoyle, and Rob-Brent, , Deputies . February 2: Court meets.
February 4: Default day on notes, personal ser-
vice, and last day for filing interrogatories. Feb-ruary 9: Default day on accounts and notes ser-
vice by copy. February 10: Last day for answer-
ing interrogatories. September 12: Last day for
issuing process to September term. September 28: Court meets September 30: Default day on
notes, personal service, and last day for filing in-
terrogatories. October 5: Default day on ac-
counts and notes, service by copy. October 6:
Last day for answering interrogatories. Court
Room, No. 6 East Wing, second story. Clerk’s
office, No. 5 East Wing, second story.
Court Of Common Pleas.
Hon. SamuelReber, , Judge ; Leon J.Papin, ,
Clerk ; JohnLewis, , Chief Deputy . February 7:
Last day for publication. March 21: Last day of
service of process. April 6: Court meets. April8: Default day on notes, personal service. April13: Default day on accounts and notes, service
by copy. September 19: Last day for publica-
tion. October 31: Last day of service of process.
November 16: Court meets. November 18: De-
fault day on notes, personal service. November 23: Default day on accounts and notes, service
by copy. Court Room, No. 17 West Wing, sec-
ond story. Clerk’s office, No. 18 Main Building.