Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
Record—County Officers. 69
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Land Court.
Hon. Charles b.between Lord, , Judge ; RobertWhite.,
Clerk ; CharlesLevy, and Edmund P.Waish, , De-
puty Clerks. Court Room, No. 15 West Wing,
frist story. Clerk’s office, No. 16 West Wings, frist
story. February 21. Last day for issuing pro-
cess to March term. March 9: Court meets for
the March term. March 16: Default day. Au-gust 15: Last day for orders of publication to Oc-
tober term. September 26: Last day for issuing
process to October term. October 12: Court
meets. October 19: Default day.
Law Commissioner’s Court.
Hon. r.residence e.east Rombauer, , Judge ; w.west C.Huffman.,
Clerk ; C. LesterHamm, , Deputy. February 2:
Court meets. February 4: Default day on notes.
February 7: Default day on accounts. March 28:
Last day of issuing to April term. April 6:
Court meets. April 8: Default day on notes.
April 11: Default day on accounts. May 23:
Last day of issuing to June term. June 1: Court
meets. June 3: Default day on notes. June 6:
Default day on accounts. July 25: Last day for
issuing to August term. August 3: Court meets.
August 5: Default day on notes. August 8: De-
fault day on accounts. September 26: Last day
of issuing to October term. October 5: Court
meets. October 7: Default day on notes. Octo-ber 10: Default day on accounts. November 28:
Last day of issuing to December term. December 7: Court meets December 9: Default day on
notes. December 12: Default day on accounts.
Court Room, No. 12 West Wing, first floor. Clerk’s
Office, No. 13 West Wing, first floor.
Probate Court.
Hon. Wm.William F.Ferguson, , Judge ; Peter A.Feld-, , Clerk . March 2: Court meets. February 19: Last day for service of notice. March 5, 12, and 19: Docket called. May 21: Last day for
serving notices for June term. June 1: Court
meets. June 4, 11 and 18: Docket called. Au-gust 20: Last day for serving notices for Sep-
tember term. September 7: Court meets. Sep-tember 10, 17 and 24: Docket called. Novem-ber 19: Last day for serving notices for Decem-
ber term. December 7: Court meets. December 10, 17 and 24: Docket called. Court Room, No.
4 East Wing, first story. Clerk’s office, No. 3
East Wing, first story.
Criminal Court.
Hon. WilsonPrimm, , Judge ; SeymourVoullaire, ,
Esq., Circuit Attorney ; office. 82 Chesnut St.;
Joseph P.Vastine., asst.assistant Circuit Attorney ; Fred.
Kretschmar, , Clerk ; MalcomKretschmar, and M.
K.McGrath, , Deputies. Court meets January 6:
March 2: May 4: July 6: September 7: November 2. A Grand Jury, consisting of from fifteen to
eighteen citizens, is sworn at each term. Ap-
peals from Justices of the Peace and from the
City Recorder must be filed on or before the first
day of the term to insure docketing for trial at
such term. Application for naturalization of for-
eigners must be made immediately upon the open-
ing of the Court—that is, at 9 o’clock A. M.
Court Room. South Wing, east side. Clerk’s of-
fice, South Wing, east side.