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Record—Medical and Scientific Associations. 89
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EnnoSander, Ph. D., Treasurer .
Ernest F.Baumgarten, M. D., Librarian .
Curators : b.between F.Shumard, , Prof. C. w.west Stevens, ,
M. D., G.Engelmam, , G. C.Broadhead.,
Janitor : L.Dinnler.,
German Institute.
For Science, Art and Mechanics. Founded,
February 1, 1856. Located at No. 69, South
Third street.
F.Coste, , President .
A.Olshausen, , Secretary .
w.west C.Lange, , Treasurer .
Homœopathic Medical College of
Located on Eighth street, n. w. corner of Tenth.
This institution was organized in the year 1859,
by the appointment of the following
Board of Trustees.
Dr. C. w.west Spaulding, , President .
F. P.Blair, , WashingtonKing, , Thos. r.residence Axtell, ,
John H.Helmuth, , Charles r.residence Anderson, , Henry
T.Tomlinson, and EdwardChase.,
Board of Censors.—Canada West.
w.west A.Greenleaf, M. D., Hamilton; Alexander
T.Bull, M. D., London ; JohnHall, M. D., To-
Professor StormRosa, , M. D., Painesville; Pro-
fessor Witherell., Ciucinnati ; Professor A. F.Bis-, , Toledo; Professor H. P.Gatchell, , Cincinnati.
Professor A. e.east Small, , M. D., Chicago ; George
e.east Shipman, M. D., Chicago ; LeonardPratt, M.
D., President Illinois Homœpathic Medical Asso-
ciation , Rock Creek ; D. s.south Smith, M. D., Wauke-
gan ; G. V.Sturley, M. D., Jacksonville ; e.east P.
Johnson, M. D., Alton.
Dr. Davis, , Natchez.
Wm.William H.Holcomb, M. D., Waterproof.
J. s.south Douglass, M. D., Milwankee.
s.south H.Guilbert, M. D., Dubuque.
John T.Temple, M. D., (St. Louis, Mo.,) Pro-
fessor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics .
r.residence E. W.Adams, M. D., (St. Louis, Mo.,) Pro-
fessor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine .
b.between L.Hill, M. D., (Cleveland, Ohio,) Professor
of the Institutes and Practice of Surgery .
J.Brainerd, M. D., (Cleveland, Ohio,) Professor
of Chemistry and Medical Botany .
A. r.residence Bartlett, M. D., (St. Louis, Mo.,) Profes-
sor of Physiology and General Pathology .
e.east A.Guilbert, M. D., (Dubuque, Iowa.) Profes-
sor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and
Children .
Wm.William TodHelmuth, M. D., (St. Louis, Mo.,)
Professor of Anatomy .
Officers of the Faculty.
John T.Temple, M. D., Dean, 78 North Ninth
street,—Box P. O., 3207.
r.residence E. W.Adams, , Registrar, 133 Olive street.
Humboldt Institute.
Incorporated, 1859. Located on the east side
of Ninth street, between Market and Walnut sts.
A.Hammer, , Principal .
Dr.G.Bernays, , Dr.D.Goebel, , Dr.A.Hammer, ,
Dr. T. C.Hilgard, , Dr.C.Roesch, and Dr. Slieven.,
St. Louis Medical College.
This institution was founded in the year 1842,
and occupies a large building on the corner of
Seventh and Myrtle streets.
Connected with the St. Louis Medical College
is the O’Fallon Clinic and Dispensary—founded in 1850, by the liberality of Col. John O’Fallon, of
this city. It is under the care of the Faculty of
the College. Here the poor are prescribed for
daily, and medicines furnished gratuitously. Some
4,000 patients are annually treated at this charity.
Besides this, there are, also, attached to the Col-
lege two large and extensive anatomical and pa-
thological museums, as well as the museum of the
Academy of Science of St. Louis, which are at all
times open to the inspection of the public.
St. Louis Medical Society.
Incorporated January 25, 1837. The regular
meetings of the Society are held at the Hall. cor-
ner of Locust and Fifth streets, every Saturday
M. M.Pallen, , President .
John T.Hodgen, , Vice President .
ThomasKennard, , Treasurer .
w.west L.Short, , Recording Secretary .
St. Louis Pharmaceutical Asso-
This Association was organized in the year
1853. Its aim being to unite the Educated and
reputable Pharmaceutists and Druggists in the
following objects:
1st. To improve and regulate the drug market,
by preventing the importation of inferior, adulter-
ated or deteriorated drugs, and by detecting and
exposing home adulteration.
2d. To establish the relations between drug-
gists, pharmaceutists, physicians and the people
at large, upon just principles, which shall pro-
mote the public welfare and tend to mutual
strength and advantage.
3d. To improve the science and art of pharma-
cy by diffusing scientific knowledge among apoth-
ecaries and druggists, fostering pharmaceutical
literature, developing talent, stimulating discov-
ery and invention, and encouraging home produc-
tion and manufacture in the several departments
of the drug business.
4th. To regulate the system of apprenticeship
and employment so as to prevent, as far as practi-
cable. The evils flowing from deficient training in
the responsible duties of preparing, dispensing
and selling medicines.
5. To suppress empyricism, and as much as
possible to restrict the dispensing and sale of
medicines to regularly educated druggists and
President : TheodoreKalb.,
1st Vice President : Edwin r.residence Swann.,
Recording Secretary : JamesMcBride.,
Corresponding Secretary : Eugene L.Massot.,
Treasurer : ThomasScott.,
Executive Committee.
EnnoSander, , ThomasTanton, , JosephMcCul-, , JamesMcBride, , Arthur T.Hollister.,
Committee on the Progress of Pharmacy.
AlexanderLeitch, , ThomasScott, , Hubert
Primm, , Edwin r.residence Swann, , Eugene L.Massot.,