Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
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Neumann, Charles, (J. Harpmann & Co.,) r.residence ws.
10th, b. Welnut and Market.
Neumann, Herman H., cabinetmaker John H.
Koppelmann, .
Neumeyer, August William, bds.boards Cass av.avenue , near
Neumister, Charles, porter , r.residence 43 Centre, b. Mar-
ket and Clerk av.avenue
Neumeister, Gottlieb, cabinetmaker , r.residence es.east side Con-
gress, b. Trudeau and Douchouquette.
Neumuller, Wolfgang, cooper , es.east side 12th, b. Wash
and Carr. r.residence same.
Neun, Conrad, dairyman , ws.west side 10th, b. Emmet and
Geyer av.avenue
Neun, Henry, street inspector , 293 Carondelet
av. r. 254 s.south 5th.
Neun, John, cerk Torlina & Co.
Neun, Philip, porter H. , H.Curtis, r.residence Winter, b.
10th and 11th.
Neunecke, Henry, (Miller, Schluter & Co.,) r.residence
c. 4th and Elm.
Neuner, Martin, soldier , ws.west side Columbus, b. Rut-
ger and Miller.
Neuner, George, carpenter , 1365 Broadway.
Neussel, William, capt. , r.residence 37 Madison.
Neusteadter, Henry, cigarmaker , 178 s.south 2d.
Neustadter, Frederic, cooper , ss. Ann av.avenue , bet.
8th and 9th.
Neustadter, John A., clerk , se.south east c. 8th and Soul-
Nevill, Margaret, wid.widow Cullen, , r.residence ss.south side O’Fallon, b.
15th and 16th.
New England Mutual Life Insurance Company,
of Boston, Godfrey & Bro. , agts. , 33 Pine.
New, Jacob, clerk quartermaster’s dep’t , r.residence Ben-
ton, b. 16th and 17th.
New York Life Insurance and Trust Company,
of New York , George K.McGunnegle, , agt.agent ,
70 n.north Main.
New York Life Insurance Company ,
e.eastMorison, , local agent , I. , P.Wood, spec-
cial agent , office 21 Locust.
Newark, Samuel, shoes , r.residence 78 n.north 9th.
Newberry, James T., engineer , r.residence 10th, b. Cass
av.avenue and Mullanphy.
Newberry, Joel, clerk Schulein, Sulzbacher &
Co. r.residence 110 Pine.
Newcomb, Conrad, boot and shoe maker , 14
Olive, r.residence same.
Newcomb, John, butcher , new City Market , r.residence
Summit av.avenue , b. Clark av.avenue and Spruce.
Newcomb, Lucius s.south , foreman , r.residence ns.north side Thomas, b.
Webster av.avenue and St. Charles rock road.
Newcombe, Jacob, tailor , 203 s.south Main.
Newcum, John, (Newcum & Bro.,) r.residence 106 n.north 4th.
Newcum, Samuel, (Newcum & Bro.,) r.residence Biddle,
b. 7th and 8th.
Newcum, William H., carpenter , 84 Green,
bds.boards 106 n.north 4th. (See adv.)
Newcum & Bro. , (JohnNewcum, and SamuelNewcum, ,)
produce , 213 Broadway.
Newdecker, George, tobacco factory , r.residence 618
Newdecker, John, tobacconist , r.residence 618 Broadway.
Newdecker, Leonard, tobacconist , r.residence 618 Broad-
Newell, b.between H.hidedealer , bds.boards Everett House.
Newell, James, policeman , r.residence 77 Orange.
Newell, George, carpenter , 276 n.north 7th.
Newell, Lawrence, lab.laborer , Moore, , b. Market and
and Clark av.avenue
Newell, William n.north , steamboat agent , r.residence es.east side 12th.,
nr.near Clark av.avenue
Newhaus, John w.west , r.residence Magazine, c. Fillmore av.avenue
Newham, Joseph, lab.laborer , r.residence Bates, b. Lewis and
Newhouse, George, pilot , r.residence 548 Morgan.
Newhouse, John, salesman Wolfe & Honper , r.residence
ns.north side Clark av.avenue , nr.near 13th.
Newhouse, William, auditor O. & M. R. R. , r.residence
232 Olive.
Newlinol, Charles, driver FerieBergesch, .
Newkirk, Jesse H., engineer , r.residence 31 Beaton.
Newkirk, Thomas A., engineer , r.residence 9 n.north Market, nr.near
Newland, John, riverman , r.residence 28 Benton.
Newland, Joseph w.west , r.residence 822 Broadway.
Newland, Peter, r.residence 28 Benton.
Newman, Adam, roller Liggett & Dansman.
Newman, Adam, tobacconist , 118 n.north 9th.
Newman, Arthur, grocer , r.residence 161 Morgan.
Newman, August r.residence , blacksmith , Broadway, se.
c. Dock.
Newman, Edward, mixer , J.Garnean, .
Newman, Harris, clothing , 718 Broadway, r.residence same.
Newman, Hiram H., clerk W. L. Hahn & Co. , r.residence
Wash c. 8th.
Newman, Isaac, sutler , r.residence 142 n.north 7th.
Newman, Jacob, dyer and scourer , 242 Mar-
ket, r.residence same. (See adv.)
Newman, Jacob, roller Liggett & Dausman.
Newman, Joseph, lab.laborer r.residence Bates, bet.between Lewis and
Newman, Marshallproduce , 313 Broadway, r.residence 208
n.north 6th.
Newman, Simeon H., clerk Lewis & Bro’s , r.residence 29
n.north 13th.
Newman, Socrates, office 30 Olive, r.residence Carondelet
Newman, Thomas, lab.laborer , 11th, b. Angelrodt and
Newman, Thomas, machinist Washington Foun-
Newman, Thomas, stationer , 215 Market, r.
Newman, William A., quartermaster’s agt.agent , r.residence
Benton, b. 16th and 17th.
Newman, Simeon T., physician , r.residence 29 n.north 13th.
Newman, William F., blacksmith , r.residence Broadway,
se.south east c. Dock.
Newman’s Marble Building , Olive, b. 2d and 3d.
Newmark, Abraham, r.residence 27 n.north 13th.
Newmarks, M., boot and shoemkrs , 30 Morgan, r.
87 n.north 9th.
Newner, John, shoemkr , ss. Biddle, b. 12th and
13th, r.residence 162 Biddle.
Newman, John, baker , r. al. b. 13th and 14th.
Franklin av.avenue and Wash.
Newport, Henry, fireman , r.residence 104 s.south 6th.
Newport, Lawrence, lab.laborer , r.residence Corolina, b. Corre
and Park av.avenue
Newscham, William, shipcarpenter , Terry, b. 2d
and Broadway.
Newsham, James, 1st sergean U. S. A. , bds
Planters’ House.
Newsom, Samuel r.residence , salesman R. P. Ober & Co. ,
bds.boards Barnum’s Hotel.
Newton, Agens, wid.widow , r.residence 150 Wash.
Newton, Charles, printer , bds.boards 148 n.north 6th.
Newton, Henry, machinist , r.residence es.east side DeKalb, b. Bar-
ton and Victor.
Newton, Job, (S. Thorp & Co.,) r.residence Beliefontain
Newton, Joseph, printer , bds.boards 148 n.north 6th.
Newton, Samuel, clerk S. Thorp & Co.
Newton, Samuel e.east , physician , r.residence ns.north side Biddle, nr.near
Newton, Samuel J., student Jones’ Commer-
cial College , 3d, c. Washington av.avenue
Nevels, Charles, artist , r.residence 293 Carr.
Nevill, Cornelius, riverman , Carr, se.south east c. 10th.
Neyer, Barbara, wid.widow Joseph, , r.residence Orchard, b. 10th
and 11th.
Neyer, Herman, cigarmkr , 129 n.north 9th.
Neyer, George T., porter , 251 Wash.
Neylan, Anna, wid.widow , r.residence Labadie, b. 5th and 6th.
Nibelung, Charles H., homœpathic physician , 170
n.north 5th, r.residence same.
Nicholas, Jacob, lab.laborer r.residence ws.west side 18th, b. Cass av.avenue and
Nicholas, John, plumber , r.residence ws.west side 12th, b. O’Fallon
and Cass av.avenue
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