Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
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Collet, John A., Lucas Market , 12th and Ol-
Convions, Edward, 1 North Market Hall.
Cranlin, George, Bowery Market , Broadway, nr.near
Crump, Frank, 14 North Market Hall.
Crusins, J., 24 South Market.
Deal, Conrad.Lucas Market , c. 12th and Olive.
Deibel, H., Biddle Market.
Deny, James, Broadway, nr.near Wash.
Denny, James J., Lucas Market , c. 12th and Ol-
Denny, John H., Lucas Market.
Dickey, Robert, Lucas Market , c. 12th and Olive.
Dillon, John, Locust, nr.near Garrison av.avenue
Dillon, John s.south , Lucas Market.
Dillon, Michael, Broadway, b. Biddle and O’Fal-
Dillon, Stephen T., Broadway, bet.between Biddle and
Dillon & Crump , Broadway. nr.near Wash.
Draude, Charles, New City Market.
Duerbuch, William, Biddle Market.
Dunn, Patrick, Broadway, nr.near Wash.
Dunn, Thomas, Broadway, nr.near Biddle.
Egan, Patrick, New City Market.
Eichschlag, H., Biddle Market.
Farber, Henry G., Lucas Market , nr.near 12th.
Feder, Jacob, 34 South Market.
Fees, Henry, New City Market.
Ferard, John, 20 North Market Hall.
Floyd, William T., 18 North Market Hall.
Forstel, Anton.Sidney and Barsaloux.
Franzel, Andrew, 5 North Market Hall.
Freise, Philip, Biddle Market.
Freivogel, Daniel.28 North Market Hall.
Fritsch, George, 303 Geyer av.avenue
Fritz, Gottlieb, 30 North Market Hall.
Gardner, William, 317 Geyer av.avenue
Gasser, Martin, 2 North Market Hall.
Gaubatz, Frederick, Lucas Market.
Geimer, M., Soulard Market.
Gelsheuser, Andrew, 2 South Market.>
Gerber, Lawrence, New City Market.
Gerhard, Peter, 9th and Lynch.
Goebel, Louis, 5 North Market Hall.
Gottschammer, e.east, Biddle Market.
Grady, Michael, Lucas Market.
Grant, William D., Lucas Market , 12th and Olive.
Gropp, George M., New City Market.
Gruner, August, 25 North Market Hall.
Gruner, Philip, 7 North Market Hall.
Guhl, Andrew, New City Market.
Hasenpflag, William, Dewals, nr.near McNain av.avenue
Heizerberg, e.east, Biddle Market.
Heitzerberg, Theodore, Biddle Market.
Held, H., 5 south Market.
Hepper, Joseph16 Sturgeon Market.
Hertling, w.west, 37 Central Market.
Heyl, William.No. 11 n.north North Market Hall.
Hutzler, A., 19 Central Market.
Hildebrand, Adolph, Lucas Market , 12th and Olive.
Hochdoerfer, A., 30 Central Market.
Hochmuth, Andreas, Gravois r’d, c. Jefferson av.avenue
Hoffer, Charles, 66 s.south 2d.
Hohenschild, w.west, 2 Central Market.
Horche, F., 1 s.south Market.
Hoster, Charles, 14 South Market.
Karch, Adam.4 North Market Hall.
Kaltmeyer, Christian.19 n.north Market Hall.
Keily, Thomas, 10 North Market Hall.
Keller, John, 5 North Market Hall.
Keppler, C., 28 central Market.
Kleisner, William, ns.north side Dewals. near Gravois rd.road
Koehler, Conard, 12 North Market Hall.
Kossmann, L., s.south Market.
Kraft, Frederick, 18 Sturgeon Market.
Kroeger, Henry, Carr Market.
Kroeker, Thomas, 29 North Market Hall.
Kroenlein, Frederick, 8 North Market Hall.
Krohner, Joseph, 4 North Market Hall.
Kruy, John T., 24 North Market Hall.
Lake, Patrick, Broadway. b. Franklin av.avenue and Wash.
Lannert, C., 7 Soulard Market.
Lanterfeld, J., 42 Central Market.
Lanx, J., 21 Soulard Market.
Lehmann & Co. , 9 North Market Hall.
Lehr, David.es.east side Elizabeth. near Pratte av.avenue
Lipphardt, H., 25 Central Market.
Lobstein, August.299 Geyer av.avenue
Lohrmann, William, ns.north side Gravois road, nr.near McNair.
Lynch, Michael, Bowery Market.
McCarthy C. & J. , 17 North Market Hall.
McNamara, John, New City Market.
McNamara, Timothy, Broadway, near Wash.
Mack, Abraham.Carr Market.
Maturin, Thomas, 21 North Market Hall.
Maurer, Xavier, c. Marquette and Buena Vista.
May, G., 17 Central Market.
Meany, J., Biddle Market.
Meier, Joseph, 15 North Market Hall.
Meyer, Charles319 Geyer av.avenue
Meyer, John b.between , Lucas Market , c. 12th and Olive.
Miller, Philip, New City Market.
Monton, Louis, 26 North Market Hall.
Mueller, s.south33 Central Market.
Mulhall, William, 35 North Market Hall.
Myer, Louis, Bowery Market , Broadway.
Neef, Fridalin, 149 n.north 8th.
Neenhaus, John, Biddle Market.
Newcomb, John, New City Market.
O’Connor, John, Carr Market.
O’Connor, M., Broadway, b. Biddle and O’Fallon.
O’Connor, Matthew, Broadway, nr.near Wash.
O’Connor, Thomas, 11 n.north Market Hall.
Oberfoell, William, 3 North Market Hall.
Okel, C., 41 Central Market.
Ott, J. M., 14 Central Market.
Pacey, Daniel.New City Market.
Pelletier, J. P., 18 s.south Market.
Pfarren, George, Bowery Market.
Pfiefer, George F., Lucas Market.
Pliefer, Henry, Lucas Market , 12th and Olive.
Phebus, Anton, Dewals, nr.near McNear av.avenue
Pollak, Matthias, Barsaloux, nr.near Sidney.
Pollak, Wenzel, c. Barsalouxx and Sidney.
Prendible, Morris, 16 North Market Hall.
Puller, John J., Lucas Market , 12th and Olive.
Quann, James, 13 North Market Hall.
Quinlan, James, Broadway, nr.near Biddle.
Rabb, Frederick, 12 n.north 3d.
Rapp, F., 3 Soulard Market.
Reifeiss, Frederich, Arrow, ne.north east c. 11th.
Reiner, F., 38 Central Market.
Reith, J., 38 South Market.
Riley, Edmund, 32 North Market Hall.
Riley, John, 16 North Market Hall.
Riley, Michael, 12 North Market Hall.
Riley, Walter, 9 North Market Hall.
Riley, William, 15 North Market Hall.
Riley, William, New city Market, Broadway.
Ring, Thomas, Lucas Market , 12th and Olive.
Riske, Charles, Biddle Market.
Ritter, John, Lucas Market , 12th and Olive.
Roeder, John, New City Market.
Rose, Conrad, Lucas Market , 12th and Olive.
Ross, Morris, 126 Lucas Market.
Roth, Matthew, Lucas Market , 12th and Olive.
Ruff, William, 1 Sturgeon Market.
Ruppeleonhard, , 14 n.north Market Hall.
Sauer, Henry, 36 North Market Hall.
Schaaf, P., 43 South Market.
Scaling, Samuel, 34 North Market Hall.
Scherges, H.23 South Market.
Schneider, Charles, 31 n.north Market Hall.
Schnurr, Alexander, 6 North Market Hall.
Schnurr, Conrad, New City Market.
Schoenthaler, Gottlieb, 16 South Market.
Scholl, John, 15 Sturgeon Market.
Schollmeller, L., 46 Central Market.
Schnuckkmann, John, 592 Morgan.
Schnader, G., 15 Soulard Market.
The People have Endorsed Bryant, Stratton & Wheeler’s Com’l College , cor.corner Fifth and Olive.