Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
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Soon To be Issued, in one Large Volume.

Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa
for the years 1864 and 1865.

The Work Will Contain
Historical and Descriptive Sketches
of All The
Throughout the above Named States.

Classified Lists of all Professions, Trades and Pursuits,
Arranged alphabetically for each Town, thus exhibiting at a glace, the full
address and particular business of every Merchant, Manufac-
turer and professional man in the states.

At the earnest solicitation of many of the principal merchants and business men in the cities of
St. Louis and Chicago, and in compliance with the generally expressed demand of the public at large
for such a work, the editor of the "Great West, and Her Commercial Metropolis," (in connection
with Mr. T. , M.Halpin, publisher of the Chicago City Directory .) has determined to undertake the
publication of a thorough, complete. and reliable Gazetteer and Business Drectory of the States of Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota and Dacotah. Possessing, As He Does,
unusual facilities for obtaining the necessary information, the work will be in every respect acompleto
and reliable one, well worthy the confidence and patronage of the public. It will be expressly adapted
to the wants of Farmers and Men of Business, and especially intended as a source of instrction and
guidance to the thousands of strangers, travelers and emigrants who are seeking new homes or business acquaintarce in the West, where the currents of Trade are yearly swelling in magnitude,
and where the rich soil knows no exhaustion. This work will contain a full description of the States
at large and by counties ; their agricultural and minerlogical resources ; their advantages as agri-
cultural and manufactuaring Sttes; their minerals defined and located ; their water courses, timber
land, soil and climate ; the various Railroid lines completed, being built, and those projected ; num-
ber of churches, shcools and benevolent scieties in each country ; number of merchants, mechanics
and manufacturing establishments, attorneys and physicians in each town in each town in each State ; information
for the emigrant as to the best location for his particular business ; a complete list of the Post Offices
in each State ; names and location of all newspaper and periodicals, etc. To contain also a complete
Trade List,
The advantages of which to merchants and business men generally. Will be immense. As A Medi-
um for Advertising. This book offers unequalled inducements, as it will be circulated in every
Town and Village throughout the above States, and will go directly to that class of consumers with
whom it is greatly to the interest of all advertisers to be known. Advertisements will be taken at
prices ranging from Five Dollars, upwaqrds, according to space and location, thus bringing the
valuable privilege within the reach of all. The work will be complied and arranged with great care,
and will be printed and bound in a very superior and substantial manner, it being the intention of the
publishers to make the work one of interest and real value.

All Communications should be addressed to
RichardEdwards, ,
No. 11 Olive Street, St. Louis, Mo.
or to T. M. Halpin & Co. ,
No. 73 Dearborn Street, Chicago, Ill