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Edwards’ St. Louis Railroad Director.

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Vicinity of St. Louis, Showing the Railroads diverging from the City.

The following will show the rsponsible officer connected with the Various Railroad Companies in St. Louis.
We publish this list for the convenience of travelers, shippers of freight, and those having business with Rail-
roads; persons losing their baggage sustaining damages by delay of freight, or other inconveniences by neglect of
sub-agents or other employee of the Roads, will apply by letter or otherwise to any of these gentlemen, and
satisfaction will promptly be given.

We solicit from merchants and travelers such information as may come to their knowledge, of the neglect
of Rail Road Managers or Agents, to recify all mistakes; the delay of freight, over charges. &c.,; condition of
things along the Road. or neglect of conductors or others, to study the interest and comfort of travelers

Please send to "EditorEdwards, ’ Western Route Book. Box 1714, St. Louis, Mo.; or, Box 6222, Chicago, Ill.

No. 1-Missouri River.-Navigable for 2575 miles.

No. 2-North Missouri Railroad.- for St Joseph,
Kansas, Nebraska, &c., &c.-Isaac H.Sturgeon, .
President : I. , H.Gamble, Superintendent ; J. H.Con-, . Ticket Agent. Distance to Hudson. 169
miles; St. Joseph, 304 miles. Ticket Office, n.north 4th st

No. 3-Mississippi River.-Navigable for 2037 miles

No. 4-Illinois River.-Navigable for 206 miles.

No. 5-St. Louis & Chicago Rail Road.-For
Springfield, Peoria, Jacksonville, Chicago, &c., &c;
JamesRobb, , President ; C. , H.Allen, Superintendent.
JosephPrice, Treasurer , Chicago: John P.Tansey,
Freight Agent , St. Louis. Distance from Chicago to
East St Louis, 281 miles.

No. 6 and 10-St. Louis, Alton & Terre Haute
R. R.-For Terre Haute, Indianapolis. and all parts
of the Eastern States-w.west , D.Griswold, President
and General Superindent ; J. , b.between Ralston, Auditor ;
F. , M.Colburn, Ticker Agent , Office. 32 North Fourth
Street. Distance to Terre Haute 189 miles, to Indian-
apolis 262 miles

No. 6.-St. Louis, Indianapolis & Cincinnati,
New Line.-Distance from St. Louis to Clincinnati
362 miles. H. , C.Lord, President , r.residenceMeek, , Super-
intendent : w.west H. L.Noble, General Ticket Agent ,
Indanapolis; Ticker Office, 32 North Fourthn Street.

No. 7 & 8.-Illinois Central Railroad.-For Chi-
cago Northern Illinois. Iowa, Cairo and the South.
w.west , H.Osborn. President. w.west , r.residence Arthur. Superinten-
dent . w.west , P.Johnson. Ticket Agent , RobertForsyth, ,
General Freight Agent . Chicago: n.northStephens, . Agent
St. Louis; Ticket Office 32. North Fourth Street, St.
Louis. Distance to Cairo. 177 miles.

No. 9-Ohio & Missisippi Rail Road-For Cin-
cinnati. Cairo and Eastern cities. w.west , J.McAlpine,
President ; A. H.Levis, . Superintendent : e.east , F.Fuller,
Ticker Agent , Eastern Division, Cincinnati Samuel
Gaty, , Vice President. H. , D.Bacon, Superintendent ,
G. , r.residence Blanchaard. Freight Agent . r.residence , H.How. Ticket
Agent , Western Division. Ticket Office, 29 Fourth
Street, St. Louis. Distance from St. Louis to Cincin-
natti. 340 miles.

No. 11-St. Louis & Iron Mountain Rail Road.
for Carondelet Iron Mountain, Pilot Knob and South.
s.south , D.Barlow. President ; J. , A.Phelps. St. Louis.
Distance from St. Louis to Pilot knob. 87 miles.

No. 12 & 13-Pacific Missouri Rail Road-For
Southwest Missouri, Jefferson City. Kansas City, Leav-
enworth, St. Joseph, &c., &c. Geo. r.residence Taylor, . Pres-
ident , T.McKissock, , Superintendent , e.east , w.west Wallace,
General Ticket Agent. Distance From St Louis to
Kansas City, 282 miles, connecting at Franklin With
the S. W. Branch. Distance Franklin to Rolla, 76 miles.

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On the following page will be found the authorized Advertisements of Railroad and Steamboat
Companies, With the names of their Local Agents at St. Louis.
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