Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
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Knacht, Johanna M., wid.widow Peter.r.residence Market, nr.near
Knaebel, Matthias, engineer , r.residence 24th, bet.between carr and
Knabs, Henry, lab.laborer , r.residence 24 Labeaume.
Knape, Henry, tailor , 165 Franklin av.avenue
Knapmeyer, William, grocer , r.residence ss.south side Benton, bet.
12th and 13th.
Knapp, Charles, machinist , bds.boards Biddle, se.cor.
Knapp, Frank, blacksmith , bds.boards 322n. 2d.
Knapp, George, (George Knapp & Co.,) r.residence ss.south side
Gratiot, bet.between 8th and Catalpha.
Knapp, George, student Jones’ Commercial
College , 3d, c. Washington av.avenue
Knapp, John, (George Knapp & Co.,) r.residence Pine, se.
cor.corner Leffigwell av.avenue
Knapp, Rudolph w.west , tinner , r.residence Davis, bet.between 22d and
Knapp, Vernon, student Jones Commercial
College , 3d, c. Washington av.avenue
Knapp George & Co. , (GeorgeKnapp, , Na-Paschall, and JohnKnapp, ,) proproi-
etors Missouri Republican , 9 and 11 Chesnut.
Knapper, Henry, lab.laborer , r.residence 131 n.north 18th.
knappmeyer, William, (Paust & Co.,) r.residence Benton,
bet.between 12th and 13th.
Knappstadt, r.residence, physician , 196 n.north 14th, r.same.
Knauer, John, tableharp player , r.residence es.east side Columbus,
bet.between Emmet and Lesperance.
Knauff, Jacob, shoemkr , bds.boards 371 n.north Main.
Knaut, Antoine, blacksmith TheodoreSalorgne.,
Kneal, Joseph, porter Wood’s Hotel.
Kneal, Joseph T., waiter Planters’ House.
Kneckmaier, Charles, wagonmaker Hackman &
knecht, Francis, cigarmaker , ws.west side 14th, bet.between Park
av.avenue and carroll.
Knecht, Joseph, milkman , r.residence ns.north side Anna, b.Easton
and Jackson.
Knecht, Robert, bookkeeper Horton & Holtzinger ,
r.residence Market, nr.near 20th.
Kneib, William, peddler , r.residence ns.north side Douchouquette, b.
Carondelet and Congress.
Kneifenker, William, lab.laborer , r.residence ss.south side Madison, b. 14th
and 15th.
Knell, Henry C., clerk , r.residence ns.north side Randolph, b. Ulrici
and Mercer.
Knell, Valentine, tanner , r.residence 401 Carondelet, near
Knemoeller, Hermann, carpenter , r.residence 201 o’Fallon.
Knepp, Gottiried, lab.laborer , r.residence Lesperance, sw.south west c. Kos-
Knepper, Edward, policeman , r.residence rear 218 High.
Knepper, J. H., grocer , Biddle, ne.north east c. 17th, r.residence 139
n.north 17th.
Knichel, Freperick w.west , butcher , r.residence Toney, r.residence Elizabeth.
Knickmeyer, Christoph, clerk Niedringhaus &
Knickmeyer, John F., cooper , r.residence ns.north side Jefferson, bet.
13th and 14th.
Knickmeyer, William jr., cooper , r.residence ns.north side Jefferson, bet.
13th and 14th.
Knickmeyer, William, cooper , r.residence ns.north side Jefferson, b.
13th and 14th.
Knidel, Albert, lab.laborer , r.residence rear 252n. 12th.
Kniemeyer, Henry w.west , lab.laborer , Buchanan, b. Broad-
waY and 9th.
Knieriem, Frederick, cigarmkr , Morrill & Grume ,
r.residence 4th, b. Almound and Spruce.
Knieriem, John, mill r, r.residence 7 Jackson.
Knight, , tinsmith , bds.boards 140 Market.
Knight, Augustus, (Fiske, Knight & Co.,) r.residence Pine,
b. 16th and 17th.
Knight, Charles, clerk Giles F.Filley, , r.residence 751 Mor-
Knight, George, lab.laborer , bds.boards 18 Biddle.
Knight, George, lab.laborer , bds.boards 18 Biddle.
Knight, George A., cutter Dubuque & McNichol ,
r.residence Ohio av.avenue ,nr. Keokuk.
Knight, James K., lawyer , 38 Olive, c. 3d, r.residence
Pine, se.south east c. 7th.
Knight, John, marblecutter Kleinfelter & Fran-
Knight, John A., wood and coal yard , c. 4th
and Spruce, bds.boards New York House.
Knight, Joseph.foreman , bds. ws. 15th, b. O’Fal-
lon and Cass av.avenue
Knight, Robert, (col’d), barber , r.residence 4th, b. Market
and Walnut.
Knight, Thomas, r.residence 62 Washington av.avenue
Knight, William, furniture cardriver , r.residence es.east side 15th,
b. O’Fallon and Cass av.avenue
Knipe, John, lab.laborer , 313 s.south 7th.
Knight, John, mail clerk Republican.
Knippel, Mary, wid.widow , r.residence Hickory. c. Paul.
Knippel, William, marblecutter , r.residence 13th, cor.
Knipper, Charles.clerk cigarstore Evertt House ,
r.residence 8th and Hickory.
Knippers, Gustavus.student Rohher’s Com-
mercial College , 55 and 57n. 4th.
Knobb, Alexander, painter , es.east side 13th, b. Park av.avenue
and Carroll.
Knobe, Albert, tailor , 222 Market.
Knobel, Edward, treasurer Emigrant Savings In-
stitution , r.residence ss.south side Picotte, bet.between Carondelet and Step.
Knobel, Frank F., bookkeeper Nolan & Caffrey , r.residence
Rasndolph, b. 12th and 13th.
Knobel, Joseph, boots and shoes , 501 Morgan, r.
Knoblauch, Charles, 13 Marion.
Knoblauch, Charles, blacksmith , 83 Soulard.
Knoblauch, Charles, blacksmith , s.south 7th, bet.between Geyer
and Allen av.avenue
Knoblauch, Charles, (Niese & Knoblauch,) r.residence 8 s.
Knoblauch, Ida, teacher , 13 Marion.
Knoch, Gustavus, barber , 41 Wash, r.residence Same.
Knoch, Philip, carpenter , r.residence rear 49 Carondelet av.avenue
Knocke, Miss Caroline, r. cor. 14th and Franklin
Knoche, George, r.residence 18th, b. Austin and Gratiot.
knoderer, Charles, carpentershop , r.residence es. 14 bet. n.
Market and Monroe.
Knoepp, Adam, lab.laborer , es.east side DeKalb, bet.between Barton and
Knoess, Ann M., midwife , 130 Carondelet av.avenue
Knoess, John, cooper , 130 Carondelet av.avenue
Knefloch, Eilliam, lab.laborer , Marine, near Carondelet
Knogge, Frederick, lab.laborer , r.residence 16th, c. O’Fallon.
Knolhoff, William, 193 s.south 4th.
Knoll, Anna, wid.widow Frank, , Kossuth av.avenue , near Bent
Knoll, Conrad, cooper , r. al. b. 11th and 12th, nr.near
Knolle, Henry, 1387 Broadway.
Knollenberg, Deitrich, carpenter , r.residence ns. Monroe, b.
13th and 14th.
Knollenberg, Erust, clerk MartinPender, , r.residence ns.north side
Benton. bet.between 13th and 14th.
Knolmann, Henry, lab.laborer , r.residence Biddle, sw.south west c. 11th.
Knolmann, Henry, porter Meyer & Meister , r.residence 15th,
bet.between O’Fallon and Cass av.avenue
Knolmann, John F., porter , r.residence ws.west side 15th, b. O’Fal-
lon and Cass av.avenue
Knoob, Lambert, lkab. , r.residence 7th, bet.between Russell and Ann
Knoph, Alexander, foreman R. & W. A. Thorn-
burgh , r.residence Hartramek, nr.near Carroll.
knopf, Lorenz, painter , es.east side 11th, b. Park av.avenue and
Knopf, Nicolas, lab.laborer , r. es. al. bet. Jackson and
Columbus, Barry and Marion.
Knopp, William, cigarmaker , r.residence 80 Biddle.
Knorpp, John, grocer , 261 Broadway, r.residence same.
Look for Keevil’s Great National Hat, 271 Broadway. Fashion’s Temple!